Adam killian hiv

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Adam killian hiv

Jizz Orgy. To make your dreams come true, sometimes youve got to sell a. Naked Sword. Write a comment about porn star "Adam Killian". Comment Comments are moderated and generally will be posted if they are on-topic and not abusive. Minimum 5 symbols. Available symbols: "a-zA-Z Comments I hope that it isn't inappropriate to say that a man has curves.

Believe me, I mean this to be the utmost compliment. Adam Killian, although extremely muscular in his amazing physique, has lovely, sexy curves. His beautiful body turns me on instantly. That ass of his just won't quit. It gives me tremendous pleasurable ecstasy to see him bending over or having his ass eaten or breeded in his sex scenes.

I can never get enough of seeing this beautiful, sexy man. He is one of my favorite adult film performers. Gorgeous bod, sexy and curvaceous ass, just makes me wanna bite it, lick it, and stick it!! I am a long time fan and it seems like he just keeps getting better looking and more sexy with time! And I always keep thinking that he can't possibly get any better looking- somehow he keeps proving me wrong!! Tige Kennedy Weaver. I still think that Adam Killian is the coolest guy in the gay porn industry. He is quite possibly the most attractive person I have ever seen.

It very would be great to see him more often making cameo appearances in every type of adult production. He seems to have a way with bringing good fortune to all the projects he appears in! What would be my ultimate fantasy world be to see Adam Killian getting very fucked by a cock so huge that he very nearly can't take it! Everything I have ever seen him in, he is do cool and laid back that absolutely nothing challenges him sexually. Come to think of it, I have never seen him grimace while being penetrated ever! I guess it would give him more human quality to see him be slightly challenged once in a while as he connects with various sex partners.

I want to see really well endowed guys run a train on that perfectly beautiful asshole of his. It would be humanizing very to hear Adam moan or cry out in ecstasy as a big dick stretches him beyond his comfort zone. What a treat it would be to see something like that! There's absolutely no Adam killian hiv possible for you to not know just how fucking hot you are! Hell, I get so freaking horny just looking at you, that it almost scares me! Adam Killian has a fantastically sculptured ass that just looks like an instant fine arts masterpiece! I know straight guys who want to get up in that ass!

Needless to say, I am a long time Adam killian hiv of the infamous Adam Killian. Please don't take this the wrong way, because it isn't intended to be a disrespect nor a putting you on blast to prove a point. It's merely a fantasy that I have had bottled up for a long ass time, and I have never revealed it to anyone ever! I get so hot and bothered when I see you performing as a bottom. It's like kryptonite for me! You just don't know how badly I have wanted to see that. It's been to the point that I have felt like I was about to loose my mind wanting to see you so intensely engaged in something so completely invasive such as that.

In fact, it is my ultimate fantasy.

Adam killian hiv

The ultimate fantasy is what I call it, because that is exactly what it means to me! This would mean that people like Barrett Long, XL, Texas Bull, Sam Swift, and other big dick gods would have the ultimate pleasure of being deep inside of finest ass of any man or woman on the planet! I would consider this a dying wish on Adam killian hiv part. I have never wanted anything else more than I want this. Mt Adam Killian, I cannot express just what this would mean to me if you pulled this off. Even if it were a pay per view type thing, I would pay top dollar just to get a gander of this.

I would forever be indebted to you if you make this wish come true. Please consider it. Many, many thanks! Adam Killian is the subject matter in nearly all of my favorite skin flicks. One of my very favorites is when he co-stars with Zeb Atlas as a camera man for Zeb's upcoming wedding. Adam barges into the bathroom filming while Zeb is Adam killian hiv the shower. Zeb pulls Adam into the shower with him clothes and all, but Adam's clothes aren't on him very long.

Zeb just rips off Adam's clothes and fucks Adam right there in the shower and more later on in the jacuzzi garden tub. To this day, that remains as some of the best sex I have ever seen between two guys. I get so aroused hearing Adam's passionate cries and erotic moans of pleasure while Zeb was deep inside of him.

Oh my God, it still affects me talking about it. I never recalled Adam making such sounds while being seeded! That is so special to me. Please tell me that you and Zeb will get together again for future video recordings of the sensual type!

Adam killian hiv

You two are absolutely wonderful together. Adam is very comfortable yielding aggressive dominance to his partner rather than his usual role of being in the driver's seat. That is beautiful to me. I Adam killian hiv that you should get with Ebony god, Scott Alexander for a fuck flick video we all would love to watch.

Adam should assume the role of Scott's masseuse and start giving Scott a body massage. After massaging Scott's great looking muscle bubble butt, Adam starts Adam killian hiv get aroused as he notices how vulnerable, weakand, horny Scott has become as Adam stroked and rubbed those glutes. Adam is drawn to play with Scott's ass for a while and Scott gets increasingly more horny. Adam is in the driver's seat.

He fucks Scott hard and aggressively making Scott his bitch! Adam Killian never does any kink that renders him vulnerable and helpless. I think that it is past the time that he surprises the public! It would be great to see video that puts Adam Killian with Zeb Atlas once again since they were so fabulous together before when Adam was a photographer who crashed in on Zeb taking a shower. That was hot! Only this time around Adam is walking around all alone exploring a tropical paradise.

Adam comes across a lush, beautiful swimming hole complete with a tranquil waterfall. Adam wants to take a dip to cool off because he has hiked a great distance, Zeb has been following him in a creepy way that Adam is totally unaware of. Adam strips down to his birthday suit to swim and Zeb gets a boner watching him.

Zeb finally creeps up on Adam, captures him like a savage and uses a sleeper hold to put him under. Zeb carries Adam to a cave that appears to be hidden. Here, inside the cave, Adam is imprisoned, bound and gagged totally helpless. Zeb eats Adams tattooed phat ass and fucks him mercilessly. Adam is forced to suck dick till he chokes, then Zeb fucks him again.

Adam begs and ple through being gagged and ungagged so he could suck dick. He ple but Zeb just continues to have his way with Adam, forcing him to have multiple orgasms until he is depleated and exhausted. Dude, Adam, I must have you. Sleep with me, I just gotta have you. Man, if you sleep with me, ER won't do much "sleeping" however, you would make me the happiest man on the planet.

Killian, I am a long time fan of yours, yet it has just been brought to my attention that you don't breed Black guys, nor do you allow them to breed you. I never before really paid attention to that, because when I am horny and I know I have to settle for porn, I just see hot and sexy before I pay attention to race. It has even been suggested to me that you don't like Black guys and don't even have them on the sets of the videos you produce. If that is true, I find that very disappointing and heartbreaking.

I have always thought of you as the hottest, sexiest dude on this planet! It would be refreshing and enlightening to see you make that video with Scott Alexander. It would be completely awesome to see you fucking the hell out of Scott until you pumped all of the cum.

Please tell the world you are not racist and get busy with Scott Alexander. His beautiful ass would yearn for your cock to drill in long and deep! What a pleasure that would be to watch! I am a Adam killian hiv auditor for a major hotel, so I always work overnight and I sleep during the day.

Adam killian hiv

I usually get 2days off in the week and during those days I try to get some flow of mainstream normalcy in my life. I am a gay single male with no really active sex life except fantasizing and internet porn. I am totally in awesome lust for Adam Killian. I would drink his bath water and lick between his toes when his feet are the sweatiest they could get!

That must sound really gross, but Adam moves me that way. I don't know what I would do if ever I met him! Well, about 3 weeks ago, on one of my off days from work, I was doing my laundry and because I am a night owl, I have found an all night laundromat where like to do my thing.

Adam killian hiv

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