Animated cats mating

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HouseBroken follows an anthropomorphic therapy dog named Honey, who explores human dysfunctions and neurosis by applying her knowledge of psychiatry through leading a group of other anthropomorphic neighborhood animals in group therapy sessions. The show's early working title was Therapy Dog. HouseBroken premiered on May 31,on Fox. The website's critics consensus re, " Housebroken boasts an insanely talented voice cast—if only its basic writing would learn some new narrative tricks.

American adult animated sitcom. Animated sitcom Comedy. Animation Magazine.

Animated cats mating

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Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. Ryan Wick Adam Redding. Fox Entertainment. May 31, — present present. Official website. May 31, Honey makes a bad decision when she chooses to immediately replace a deceased member of her pet therapy group, despite protests from the other members. Meanwhile, Shel finally finds love after 15 years of searching - his new partner being a croc he names Lindsay. June 7, When Honey gets an ugly haircut at the groomers, she refuses to leave the house, but ends up taking a dump on the kitchen floor because she didn't go out to use the bathroom.

Chico is delighted when the Gray One strikes up a friendship with him, but soon suspects it's just for his food, while Diablo causes uproar within the group when he bites the infant son of his female owner's new boyfriend. June 14, Honey feels the group is bored with their usual routine and invites a raccoon in to help spice things up, but he causes havoc with his devotion to his wild nature that lands the Gray One in the animal shelter.

Elsewhere, Tabitha is upset when her owners start feeding her senior cat food, and her attempt to show them she still has some youth left in her ends up getting her stuck in a tree. June 21, Honey and Chief are boarded while Jill goes on vacation; Diablo is sent there too as a punishment for biting his owners' baby in "Who Did This? Meanwhile, Elsa takes over the group in Honey's absence and deals with the others' problems: Chico's stomach cramps turn out to be the result of a pregnancy he failed to notice, The Grey One gets a new girlfriend, and Tabitha runs away from home after feeling ignored by her owners.

June 28, On the 4th of July, which the dogs mistake for "Boomsday" and have a fear of, Honey and Chief are taken to the beach; Honey becomes friends with a traveling dog who resembles the late Big Cookie, while Chief gets lost and is worshipped by a cult of sea lions. Meanwhile, Elsa begins to question her abilities as a service dog when her vest is outed as a fake, and the cats fight off a gang of seagulls in order to access a dumpster behind a seafood restaurant.

July 12, Honey reluctantly agrees to officiate the wedding between Shel and Lindsay, while also hosting the latter's bachelorette party with the girls and Diablo. Meanwhile, the guys have a much wilder bachelor party by licking a toad. While stoned, Shel comes to a realization that maybe his marriage isn't the right thing to do, but once sober, he nearly marries Lindsay anyway. However, his long-lost lover Darla suddenly Animated cats mating, leaving him confused.

Animated cats mating

July 19, Chief is brought to the vet after eating Jill's vibrator. During the visit, Honey tries to persuade him to her group, but he refuses, only to change his mind when he begins to bond with several other pets, forming his own therapy group. This upsets Honey, who was hoping he would hers instead.

Meanwhile, Max attempts to "kill" Lindsay so Shel and Darla can rekindle their love, though when she somehow comes back, they agree to go polyamorous. Tabitha reluctantly agrees to move into The Gray One's residence, but learns that she has to partake in the cats' musical s in order to fit in. And after having a nightmare about The Gray One and his friends as zombie cats exampling what would happen if she doesn't Animated cats mating, she accepts the invitation.

August 9, Diablo is taken in by his "father", who allows him to behave as he pleases.

Animated cats mating

Honey becomes jealous of this lifestyle, especially after Coyote whom she now names Armando invites her to run away with his pack. Nibbles tries to free a mouse from a snake, who happens to be one of Shel's housemates.

Animated cats mating

Max discovers he is just a replacement for George Clooney's late original pig, while The Grey One teaches Tabitha to be more empathetic. August 16, Jill's mother pays a visit alongside her pet bird, Nathan, who does not like Honey. During a brief power outage, a tree branch barricades everyone inside the house, while Nathan's cage is tipped over and he is pd dead.

Animated cats mating

All the animals try to figure out who is responsible for it, all the while resolving the drama amongst themselves and trying to avoid being discovered by the humans. Eventually, Honey lies about having killed Nathan, who reveals himself to be alive, having faked his own death in order to prove how incompetent the other pets are.

Raccoon confronts Honey about taking the blame for a murder she didn't commit, and when she confesses that she's still crushing on Armando, he agrees to keep her secret, on the condition that he gets to live in the shed year-round. August 23, Jill buys a puppy for Big Cookie's owners, which they name "Li'l Cookie" in her honor, and Honey and Chief try to bond with her, but Honey ends up as a third wheel.

George Clooney moves to London and Max is sent to live with a different celebrity, while Diablo ruins Elsa's chance to grab the attention of another dog she has a crush on. The Gray One notices Tabitha is upset and fears it is because he accidentally called her ugly, but it turns out to be because she is homesick, while Shel's human Xavier returns from college and Lindsay is discovered Animated cats mating belong to him.

Animated cats mating

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