Ann coulter transexual

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She's embracing the classic "style over substance" philosophy and reversing it on her enemies. In short, she wants her opponents to panic so she can take 'em down easier on the facts. You never wonder why she's so calm on TV? She's won before they even get out of the makeup chair. She certainly has the upper hand as long as she can distract her opponents with style and subjectivism.

I really think I have her figured out with this. I've read two of her books, most of her columns, and a recent NYT article about this very same thing appears to back me up. Maybe someday it'll get it's own name Coulterizing, or something.

Like her or not, she's taken media Ann coulter transexual and "weaponizing words" to a new; innovative level. No, you're really, really wrong here. If it this is her intent, it's probably the most foolish tactic I've ever seen. In order to take them down easier on the facts, you have to get people to listen to you.

Ann coulter transexual

If you lead them to believe you're hateful, vicious and mentally ill, they're not even going to listen. She doesn't come out looking like the winner. The liberal doesn't HAVE to debate her. Just sit back, let her talk, and she destroys her own position. Either that, or she's not TRYING to win, just to be controversial and sell books, in which case she's succeeded brilliantly. Since there seems to be an astonishingly large of sites claiming Coulter is a transsexual run a search anywhere - you'll immediately see what I meanI felt a sub-section should be added at least mentioning this possibility.

I tried my hardest to stress that most of these speculations are Internet-based and that there was no evidence to support their claims. I feel the section should be included, however I do not want the reader going away thinking Coulter is a transsexual, only that there are a large of rumors suggesting this.

I maintain that this section should remain in the article, if only because there are a relatively large of sites mentioning this possibility in regards to Ms. Coulter compared to other celebrities - however, if there are any NPOV issues with Ann coulter transexual wording or anything else in this section, or if someone feels it can be cleaned up, please feel free to do so; however I ask that the section be kept no matter what changes are made.

By the way, I see absolutely nothing wrong with Ann coulter transexual reasment surgery, in case anyone wondered. Considering Coulter likes to make outrageous statements I believe this entire section should be included. Let her take her medecine. Besides, has anyone looked at her jaw line? Could someone change the main photo to something more appropriate? Using the image from the cover of her Slander book looks ridiculous and unprofessional.

Ann coulter transexual

That photo belongs in the section dedicated to the book, not in the main Ann Coulter. How about a simple picture of Ann and Ann alone? Sloopydrew7 June UTC [ ]. She's known far less for her writing than she is for her varied comments made on different television programs, during speeches, and as a talking head.

Only a small subset of people known her first and foremost as a writer. Regardless, the entry is for Ann Coulter, not Slander and should reflect as much. She's had four books on the NYT bestseller list. Many of her TV appearances are in the context of book promotion.

Removed this descriptive term. There is no such thing officially recognized as a "constitutional lawyer. Wjbean7 June UTC [ ]. Got rid of the controversial statement stating her books were false just because of a citation. For some reason we're awash in anon vandalism. I can't even do a compare, by the time I'm done figuring out what I need to fix more vandalism has been added.

There Ann coulter transexual half a dozen different anons vandalizing at once. Kasreyn7 June UTC [ ].

Ann coulter transexual

Hey look it's the crew of dumbshits. Show respect for women motherfucker. Notable information had been removed such as the fact that she is a bestselling authorsummary information about her nature as a polemecist was blanked, and POV attacks were missed by other editors. I'm going by the admonition to be bold on this one. I added NPOV to this article. Why is it that FOX News seems to be a target of choice? Is the word cunt POV? Do you have any further NPOV issues with this article, Kasreyn10 June UTC [ ]. Conservatives do not seem to be able to handle the fact that Colmes called her the devil on Hannity and Colmes.

I think Ann migh really be a liberal. What self-respecing conservative would go so far out of their way to be that hated by Replulicans and Democrats alike? Maybe she is trying to drum up sympathy for liberals. They play dirty! Latest News The Clinton comment is a very serious charge against the former president and should be recorded as an unsubstatiated remark unless someone has a citation to a rape indictment.

Nope, didn't think so. The way to include her remarks and keep it NPOV is to call them unsubstantiated which is what they are. There is no charges, no indictment, no grand jury investigation. I did not call them made up which is what they likely are I called them unsubstantiated which is completely neutral and factual. Until and unless legal action is taken, these remarks are unsubstaintiated. If not then I should be quoted as calling her the whore of babylon.

I have much more substance to those claims than she has to this rape accusation. This section is overly long. I don't feel it's notable enough to warrant the level of detail it's been given. Perhaps a trim back to simply the main two or three lines of the quote regarding "enjoying their husbands' deaths" etc. The entire article should not be turned into a "look what Coulter's done now" noticeboard every time she says something astonishingly foul.

We can't afford to, because she does so practically every day. New comments must be kept in proportion to the old. Admins, we need sprotect now! Kasreyn8 June UTC [ ]. I have changed the name given to the ladies from the "Jersey Girls" that did not have a citation to the name Ann gave them: "The Witches of New Brunswick", which has a citation. I used the same article from CNN as the Clinton quote later in the section. The two footnotes are 11 and I'm not sure how but is there any way to combine the two footnotes, as they are the same? The section already covers the relevant quotation from the book, and I'm not thrilled with including the second quotation in that section either.

This article is already too big - if we stopped to include every outrageous remark that Coulter has made, we'd break the web. Coulter's remarks are an important insight into her thought process. BTW how does Clinton criticism appear here. This is about Coulter and her ridiculous comments. She is an outrage and a bully. She is a chickenhawk who has never been held able for anything she has said or done. Support of her shows you condone her behavior. Here's my writeup with up to date information. I guess some of it could be merged with the information:. In February it is claimed by a poll worker that she illegally cast a vote after being told that she was in the wrong voting district.

She became belligerent and still cast her vote. She also Ann coulter transexual to live in New York City but records from New Canaan, CT show she was registered there and cast an absentee ballot in the same time. If she's a conservative, why does she dress so skankily? Also, does her being a blonde explain why she has no idea what's what in our country? It used to be in the article as a matter of fact but someone claimed use of term "short" as in "short skirt" was POV. Justforasecond9 June UTC [ ].

An interesting comment. Perhaps a little projection going on. Bill Clinton should be impeached for a blow job but Dan Burton who fathered in an extra-marital affair is the picture perfect conservative congressman with "real" family values. Then has the audacity to call Clinton a scumbag for his affair, Come on.

Further, he does Ann coulter transexual freaky experiment with a. Republican nut cases gone wild. The Republicans claim to be God's prophets. Why can't they handle criticisms of their hypocrisy? Has anybody seen the trash that is worn at most media awards shows?

Compared to what I see Hollywood celebrities wearing to movie premieres or the Oscar ceremonies, what Ann wear is rather mild. Why not stop with the attacks Ann coulter transexual sticking to things that matter, like facts and not opinion.

Ann coulter transexual

Mushrom9 June UTC [ ]. I have yet to see any award recipients claiming to be disciples of God claiming their writings are inspired by Jesus. When one make such a claim one is open to crticisms of their attire which does not represent the writings they claim to prophesy. I disagree completely. Anne Coulter is not about facts and opinions - conservative or otherwise - she is an entertainment character in the media spotlight who makes outrageous statements and waits for the fallout.

As such, discussion about her "uniform" appearance the short skirts, all-day-cocktail-dress, etc is not POV but rather description of her outward persona, a la Dame Edna. I actually find Ms. Coulter attractive. I enjoy it when she wears skimpy clothing.

Maybe she's doing it for me. Lawyer2b11 June UTC [ ]. I can't seem to get past the horns, but maybe thats Ann coulter transexual me. Anyways, I don't think that her attire, being relatively common, is important enough to mention in a biography.

This article is rife with weasel words, "some say", "critics say", etc She wrote one article that began, "Here at the Spawn of Satan convention in Boston", and referred to some unspecified female attendees as "corn-fed, no make-up, natural fiber, no-bra needing, sandal-wearing, hirsute, somewhat fragrant hippie chick pie wagons. There, these need to be fixed, either unsourced, biased or both. Judgesurreal9 June UTC [ ]. Whoever decides to remove pictures without explaining those changes on the talkplease stop. Puckmv9 June UTC [ ].

Ann coulter transexual

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