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in Get started. Here, my friend Bruce and I will just be talking about any and every thing anime-related. Listen on. Where to listen. Apple Podcasts. Google Play Music. Don't you just love my funny little titles? Take a screenshot and tag me on IG if you end up staying until the end of my ramblings! I'll be covering how sweet yet unrealistic Boku girl episode 1 story is, giving a short rant about how much I love chicken thighs, and sharing my thoughts about some questionable characters on this show.

Hope y'all enjoy it! If you're already a fan of Food Wars and you're looking for some cool merchandise to get, check out Animated Apparel! I can't believe how clever Isayama is sometimes It really makes you think. It's a shame he had to end the manga in such a rush. Give this podcast a like if you enjoyed this week's episode!! Check out my other content here Shop at Animated Apparel! I describe my highlights and concerns for this season while also getting into the characters psychology a little bit in this episode.

Who do you guys side with? Do y'all agree with what I said about Soma and Megumi? What about Erina's English dub voice? I go over some of my personal Boku girl episode 1 from this first half of the season and give a little life insights that I felt like could've helped with someone else The Problem with Fanservice in Anime short rant. I looked back at a topic that I had written in my notebook that said "The Problem with Fanservice" and I thought it was a good opportunity to try to freestyle a bit on my thoughts about it.

Fanservice definitely isn't horrible but it does have it's moments where it's excessive I don't have anything against ecchi anime sometimes it's a little much. Certain things were just unnecessary to see I'm gonna stick around for the food though. My heart aches for Phos right now Phos vs. Adamant Land of the Lustrous Chapter 94 Review. Not sure if I completely understand what's going on anymore but here we are Everyone on this show is so deceiving Check out my other content here!

Judging by the title you can probably tell my initial reaction to these last two episodes Land of the Lustrous Chapter 92 Review. I try my best to describe the bout between Cinnabar and this new Phos as I cry over their relationship Check out my other content here! King Bam! Tower of God Episode 4 Review. I describe Episode 4 and give my theories and assumptions about Anaak and Rachel. Check out my other content here : the "It's Anime Time!! I do a quick rant about last month's chapter and cry over the constant angst. In this episode I recap on what had happened in these last two episodes as I also complain about the amount of fanservice shown in this anime.

I think it kind of depends. At first glance, I thought this was an anime for the furries. As I watched ahead I was pulled in by the characters personalities, who were not only living in a world where image is everything but were also dealing with their own inner emotional conflicts as they try to figure out their own place in the world of Cherryton High School.

Have you ever looked at someone and wondered, "What is going on inside their head? This was the first livestream I've ever done while simultaneously recording a podcast episode, so I was a little nervous. I mainly rant about Maria while also describing how the episode went. And don't worry, I already hate Rachel For an entire 36 minutes I make fun of the logic and physics of these last two episodes.

Tower of God Episode 1 Review. I do not encourage that kind of behavior at all. Gridman Episode 1 Review. Just me, Josmarie! Since it's just the one episode, this podcast ep will be ificantly shorter than our episodes. But at least it won't take too long to listen! My Top Ten Anime! Land of the Lustrous Chapter 84 Discussion.

Land of the Lustrous Chapter 82 Discussion? Sort of review?? I don't know if I'll be talking about the further chapters but things are getting pretty crazy, so who knows! Interview with Keanu. It's like Asobi Asobase but better. Land of the Lustrous Anime vs.

Boku girl episode 1

Manga Comparison. I really enjoyed making this episode! If you guys liked it or want me to do more of these please let me know.

Boku girl episode 1

So this was just an episode Bruce and I decided to do on a whim. We hope you enjoy it! I said I would review this anime in some way, so here it is! Gridman Episode 12 Review. Gridman Episode 11 Review. Also, huge shoutout to the Animated Apparel Company for always hooking me up with their awesome anime t-shirts!

Gridman Episode 10 Review.

Boku girl episode 1

This episode left me saying "WTF?? Spring Watch List. Not the best, but I'm still glad I got it out of the way! What are you watching this season? Gridman Episode 9 Review. Rikka: "She's my friend. Never watching again. Gridman Episode 7 Review. Gridman Episode 6 Review. Gridman Episode 5 Review. Gridman Episode 4 Review. Akane better keep that attitude under control! Gridman Episode 3 Review. I don't like Akane anymore Here's why. Gridman Episode 2 Review. This was the best character introduction ever.

I'm not a huge fan of harems, but I guess I'll let it pass since the plot is pretty engaging. Things got really serious this last half!! According to Bruce everyone has a "Cork"and Deku's rival is named Boku girl episode 1. This wasn't New school, new Oz, new mom. You've got just about everything in this season. This time we have a full volume review! We just finished the second half! We have a legit Neko Girl in this anime. It's not fair that there's only 12 episodes!! Hey, everyone!! There wasn't very much coming from my end, but I hope you guys like this episode!

We just watched the FMA live action, and we have some Here's Episode 2! It's An Anime Thing Introduction. Welcome to the first episode of the "It's An Anime Thing" podcast! March 5,

Boku girl episode 1

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