Canadian sex moves

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HIMYM episode 4x18 Images 6. Robin admits she once went home with a celebrity who made an unusual sex request. Future Ted describes his work in the spring of on the new Goliath National Bank headquarters. While he Canadian sex moves inspired when he started the project, including naturalistic features like wood beams and natural sunlight, Ted feels restricted by the executive supervising the project, Bilson.

Eventually, a new task force is put together to supervise Ted, and he feels engaged again. But, after an awkward pick-up attempt in the elevator, he is told the building was scrapped a month ago. The gang is at MacLaren 's, drinking and talking, when Robin brings up the fact that she was once invited over to a Canadian celebrity's house to see his collection, but, after being offered a profane Canadian sex act, she left. Lily is desperate for the specifics, and starts hyperventilating until she gets the hiccups.

Robin says she will tell them the details if they guess all three things correctly the celebrity, Canadian sex moves sex act, and the nature of the collection. Barney quickly brings up www. Ted walks in, bewildered by the cancellation of his project and fearing for his job security. After a brief exchange, Barney and Marshall admit they lied to Ted, and reveal the elaborate nature of their ruse.

Bilson had told them to fire Ted after the corporation decide to cut back on new expenditures he complains about having to cut back on their bi-quarterly St. Croix retreats. The company was still contracted to pay Ted for the next two months, so after Marshall blurted out a lie about Ted's success, the two GNB employees decided to fool Ted. They hired, Roy one of the office's janitorsLouisa the cafeteria worker who can only speak SpanishArthur a crazy street musician who follows advice of Reginald, his pet chipmunkand interns to pose as the new task force for reviewing the headquarters plans.

Ted is furious, insisting that he would never lie to make his friends feel better. Barney refutes this, citing the time Ted encouraged Marshall's unfunny standup set basically a list of fishes' names. A montage of close circuit TV footage shows angry employees lashing out at Barney after being fired in the room.

Though he is asked to simply duplicate the room, Ted decides to add his own flair, recreating the ETR as a "rebirth canal. The next night, back at the bar, Ted says he quit to start his own firm. After a bit of prodding, he quickly admits he was fired, and smacked Bilson over the head with a chair.

Ted still wants to start his own work without the noose of corporate thinking. Throughout the story, Lily and the gang use the pauses in conversation to guess Robin's celebrity encounter ex. After 3 days, they give up, and Robin gives Canadian sex moves and tells them, but the items are all unrecognizable to the gang, so she has to explain.

She met "The Frozen Snowshoe" a famous Canadian wrestlerhe showed her his collection of Harvey's Trays simple orange plastic trays from a fast-food chainand offered her an "Old King Clancy " apparently, a "Sacramento Turtleneck," but with maple syrup. The gang is disappointed at the absolute obscurity of Robin's story.

In a flashback known only to the audienceRobin's celebrity meeting is portrayed, but we find out that it was Robin that offered the Snowshoe the Old King Clancy pulling a small bottle of maple syrup out of her purseand it was he who rejected her, not the other way around. Where Were We? Do I Know You? Ring Up P. Barney's Blog User Blogs.

Current projects Site news. Blogs Barney's Blog User Blogs. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ? Old King Clancy. History Talk 0. Do you like this video? Play Sound. Ted is disappointed working with Bilson. Robin proposes the Old King Clancy. Ted getting fired from Bilson. Ted is about to find out how Marshall and Barney lied to him. Marshall and Barney's new invented Task Force. Ted : What is an E. Barney : It's an Employee Transition Room. Ted : What does that mean? Barney : Well, it's a space where a supervisor and an employee engage in a knowledge transfer about an impending vocational paradigm shift.

Marshall : People get fired Canadian sex moves. Lily : How do you know all these? Barney : Canadiansexacts. It's bookmarked on the top right. Marshall : Dot org? Barney : Yeah, it's not for profit. They really just want to get the information out there. Marshall : Louisa, I need your help with something, but you can't tell anybody. I don't speak English. Marshall : Exactly. This is a big secret.

How do you say "secret" in Spanish? Marshall : Ah. Hey, can I have a couple of meatballs, please? Ted : Now when I go in there, I'm probably going to be fired. Best case scenario, my boss is going to ream me out in front of everybody. It's on here. Ted : I have to think of ways to put my wood into Bilson's dark atrium.

Barney : If I could nail any celebrity, it would have to be Scarlett Johansson. She's hot, she's talented, and any woman who does that many Woody Allen movies has to have major daddy issues. Ted : I don't believe it. I just got screwed by my two best friends, and I didn't even know it. Lily : In Canada, that's called a Sneaky Snowplow.

Canadian sex moves

Marshall : If I could nail any celebrity, it would be Lily, because she's the star of my heart. Lily : Aw! Mine would be Hugh Jackman. Barney : Canada, you did it again! You even managed to ruin this! Why do we even let you be a country? Season 4 Episodes Articles to be rewritten. Universal Conquest Wiki. First aired: March 23, Director: Pamela Fryman. Writer: Jamie Rhonheimer.

Barney's Blog. Ted :. Barney :. Well, it's a space where a supervisor and an employee engage in a knowledge transfer about an impending vocational paradigm shift. Marshall :. Lily :. Louisa :.

Canadian sex moves

Now when I go in there, I'm probably going to be fired. Robin :. If I could nail any celebrity, it would have to be Scarlett Johansson. Canada, you did it again!

Canadian sex moves

Old King Clancy all episodes.

Canadian sex moves

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