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Songkick to track Chelsea Wolfe and get concert alerts when they play near you. Be Chelsea wolfe sexy first to know when they tour near Helsinki, Finland. That she is a first class live singer I wished for. And she was - casually to the hype. She brought a band. Well skip the opening act "Dead Forest" or take the last 3 songs to get into the concert feeling, but its not that important I would say.

Chelsea said they were experiencing technical difficulties between her first 3 songs So, really, thanks for that techy-problems! You know, its like going to a concert and hoping that the sound is not below normal and than it is so fullfilling that you feel the bass in your lungs a bit repelling, and the noise is mixed so well that you are so comforting the pleasure of extra loudness of the bass drum in your guts.

So later on repeating this process between some old hits and mainly the new pieces, because her bass-player was especially there for, you notice that it is so good having a live drummer and I wish I could speak out anything more for that supportive woman on the Keys.

But you know there was Chelsea on the stage and I give her the rest of my compliments.

Chelsea wolfe sexy

Yes she is a queen in what she is doing. Report as inappropriate. The Chelsea Wolfe show was nothing short of amazing. Her voice is as on point as it is on record, if not better. The show was heavy as Hell, and she has clearly succeeded with what she said was the purpose of her latest record, Abyss, to make heavier songs for better live show fodder. Of course, this wasn't the only or even primary purpose of Abyss, but I digress. She played a lot of Abyss stuff, some of my favorite songs from Abyss, but also some of my favorite songs from Pain Is Beauty.

As I recall, she played only one song from her proper debut, Apokalypsis.

Chelsea wolfe sexy

Despite some technical difficulties in the middle of the show, Chelsea and her band really gave it their all here. There was very little stage banter, as Chelsea and her band prefer to set a moody atmosphere with ambient intervals, which were unfortunately ruined at times by obnoxious crowd members.

And after leaving the stage, Chelsea and her band got back on and performed a magnificent encore. Considering how obnoxious certain audience members were, I'm not even sure we deserved one, but she was generous enough to give us one anyway. It made me think she was going to come to my dorm later to give a me a personal encore performance with an acoustic guitar. All in all, a fantastic show, probably in my top 3 shows, along with Iceage and Death Grips. For those who yearn for the theatrics in music which are so often dismissed in live shows today, Chelsea Wolfe is the artist for you.

Her music is described as doom folk, inspired by the somber state of the world and the connectivity we all share, she animates her depressed discography onstage and the are mesmerising and chilling all at once. The gloom is set as the lights are kept incredibly low and the stage is covered in smoke which settles like a morning fog, Chelsea and her band amble onto stage, not acknowledging the crowd but retreating into their musical zone before the moody chords of 'Movie Screen' begins.

This new album 'Pain Is Beauty' sees a move in territory to the indie rock and it works really well onstage, the haunting productions translate really well and the almost hammer horror like style is incredibly exciting to watch. The Natasha Khan style wailings on 'We Hit A Wall' resonate around the room and it feels like Chelsea is summoning dark spirits onstage, leaving the atmosphere pensive but electric. There's something about the band that can put the whole audience on edge in a similar way to if you were watching a horror film, you don't want to look yet you cannot look away.

I discovered Chelsea Wolfe thanks to a friend on Facebook. I'm saying this because it seems that Chelsea Wolfe has mainly a metal fans following but she's so much more than this. And which personality! This Lady is totally magnetic on stage, strong presence, strong awesome feminity without any sexy tricks, she is captivating the audience and the concert was like a black mass! Her melancholic texts melts perfectly in her dark drone loud sound, ball like Iron Moon or We hit a Wall gave me this freezing in the back that make you know you are into it!

This is a powerful tour for Chelsea Wolfe to cover her latest album Abyss and it shows on stage Chelsea wolfe sexy a more straightforward performance and LOUD! Chelsea is taking her band to another leap in their progression to add to the abilities already known. Didn't take notes was absorbed by the performance but here and there you could hear that some of the songs has been tweaked a bit to work in this 'tour da force' and one of Chelsea wolfe sexy earlier tracks, I think it was House of Metal that's been given a bigger remoddeling which was awesome The future looks bright for Chelsea Wolfe!

Chelsea wolfe sexy

This will be the third or fourth time Chelsea wolfe sexy seen MS Wolfe and every experience increases my desire to see her again. Her stagecraft is amazing, her skill unquestionable and her ability to cast a spell over her fans is intoxicating.

Not to say flamboyant, as she barely whispers when not singing and appears genuinely shy and humble among the adoration. It's cliche but she has an ethereal way about her, not just with her sad-angel voice I love seeing Chelsea Wolfe live. This was my fourth time. It's almost like she puts me into a trance with her voice. I hate to say this, but I was slightly less captivated by her performance at this show, as she only played two older songs. I enjoy the newer albums, but she usually plays a really good mix of songs and changes up the tempos and moods of each song throughout the show.

I don't want to make that a big deal because overall, I still love her so much!! Absolutely incredible and mesmerizing. Lights and sound were fantastic. Perfect kid of heavy doom and bass with lighter melodies and her more ambient passages.

Largely the new songs. Some older goodies thrown in. Her encore was great in and of itself. Very good note to end on. Not much speaking to the audience, if that is a point of interest. Flawless as always!!! Band are so tight!! Will see Chelsea Wolfe again and again.

Such effort is put into every show ive been too, from sound effects and lighting. This was such an amazing show! I saw her down in Pasadena with The Cure and she blew my mind then even with only 6 songsbut her performance last night was so achingly beautiful!

I could listen to Chelsea for hours now. Thank you so much for coming to Portland - cannot wait for your return! Absolutely loved it! See all videos 5. See all photos See all posters View all past concerts. Want to see Chelsea Wolfe in concert? Chelsea Wolfe is not due to play near your location currently - but they are scheduled to play 9 concerts across 3 countries in View all concerts. Get your tour dates seen by one billion fans: up as an artist. Live streams Helsinki Your artists Popular artists. Chelsea Wolfe On tour: yes Chelsea Wolfe is not playing Chelsea wolfe sexy you.

Chelsea wolfe sexy

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Chelsea wolfe sexy

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Chelsea wolfe sexy

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Chelsea wolfe sexy

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Chelsea wolfe sexy

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