Cinemax life on top episodes

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As Sophie comes to terms with Bella's secret lifestyle, she must also deal with her growing interest in her handsome boss. Meanwhile, Maya struggles in her new job as a barista, but gets help from an attractive stranger. Things heat up between Sophie and Avi when they team up on a special project. Maya is jealous when she finds out D is involved with a "cougar" client at the gym. Bella, Cassia and Andre take their threesome to the next level.

Cinemax life on top episodes

Sophie explores her newfound sexual confidence. Bella accompanies Vincent on a shoot, but spends time behind the camera instead of in front of it. Maya continues to try to forget about D with mixed. Cassia wants to branch out on her own. Sophie's date with Tai ends with a surprising twist. After breaking up with D, Maya goes on the rebound.

Bella develops a new interest. Bella and Andre's relationship takes an unexpected turn. Maya has her first kick boxing match. Sophie finally says yes to college bad boy, Tai. Bella and Cassia make up after a rough patch. Bella and Andre have a sexy afternoon rendezvous. Sophie sees the wild side of her temperamental office mate, Regina, when they go out for drinks.

Someone at Les Delices reveals their secret crush on Cassia.

Cinemax life on top episodes

D is falling for Maya. Sophie, who's wrapped up business school, experiences an unexpectedly eventful graduation dinner, when she turns down her long-term boyfriend's wedding proposal in front of her whole family. When Sophie accepts a job in NYC and moves in with her sister, Bella, she stumbles upon Cinemax life on top episodes shocking secret that threatens to tear them apart.

Meanwhile, Sophie's roommate from college, Maya, who's moved to NYC as well, goes on the job hunt, and meets an attractive trainer at her new gym. Sophie can't stop thinking about her night with Avi and wants more. Andre and Bella grow closer which leaves Cassia out in the cold. Maya and D get into some intense training. Sophie receives an unusual proposition from Avi and looks to the girls for advice. When the girls go shoe shopping, Bella ends up doing some "personal shopping" with two hot salesmen.

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Cinemax life on top episodes

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Cinemax life on top episodes

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