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If you're a fan of NCISyou're probably familiar with the character Ziva David, a Mossad liaison officer from Israel who spoke more than five languages. But what about the actress who played this beloved character? Let's just say, Cote de Pablo has her own impressive.

She has ly described herself as an old-soul, Latina hippie who loves hanging out with her mom. With a description like that, who wouldn't want to get to know the woman behind this character? According to Latinos Postwhen de Pablo and her family moved from Chile to Miami, Florida, many of the Cote de pablo beach at her school couldn't pronounce her name.

She changed it to "Cote," which de Pablo said is a common nickname in Chile. When de Pablo moved to America from Chile at 10 years old, she did not know much English. Learning a whole new language at a young age would be very hard to experience, but de Pablo had one teacher who helped her find her path. And the only thing I knew really was 'run. And so he put me into the track and field, and so he got me starting to run and all that stuff, and before I knew it, I was a little track and field star. And I remember, he would say in the middle of a competition, he would scream and get very red and scream, 'Cote, run!

Now it's hard to picture de Pablo in any other field aside from acting, but she had her heart set on a different life when she was younger. I had clips all over and markers, and you know, the old-fashioned typewriters I like to follow direction And it wasn't just the name that de Pablo had to overcome as she adjusted to a new country.

She told Prevention that she didn't start learning English until she moved to Miami. The persistent de Pablo worked hard to learn English, and eventually found her place when she went to a performing arts high school. She described that experience saying, "I had always been interested in the arts, but performing became even more important because it was a way to communicate with people in my new country My friend had the perfect saying for it: 'You found your tribe.

Cote de pablo beach

We're actors. Not only did de Pablo go to a performing arts high school, but studied musical theater at Carnegie Mellon University. After graduating, she continued on the theater path, appearing on the New York City Public Theater stage for a Shakespeare production. Describing her chance on Broadway, she said, "It's something still pending that I want to do. Though she played a former Israeli special forces veteran on NCISde Pablo couldn't be further from that tough-as-nails persona in real life.

In fact, she revealed during an interview on Good Morning America that not only had she never fired a gun before suiting up for the Cote de pablo beach police procedural, but she was also terrified of them. When asked whether she was nervous to handle a hand cannon, de Pablo said, "That's an understatement.

So I held that gun, and I remember holding the gun and just trembling. But speaking with Yahoo TVde Pablo said that she "wanted to stay for more episodes, but had no choice in that matter. Granted, that all must be placed in the proper context, which is that there seems to be absolutely no bad blood between de Pablo and the show, as she also said that she has "no second thoughts" about the way she left. She even feels like the door may be open for her to someday return, having hinted, "I think the fact that they never killed the character off is very telling.

When de Pablo decided it was time to step away from her role on NCISshe did not know how fans would react. She had been a cast member for eight years and in more than episodes. The response from fans was, as de Pablo called it, "humbling. According to International Business Timesfans spoke up on social media and said they would not watch the show again until de Pablo returned. During an interview with TVLine. So it was really delicious to feel that kind of love and I'm always grateful for that.

Her musical talents did not go to waste. Originally, de Pablo didn't want her character to sing in the show, even though the NCIS team Cote de pablo beach toyed with the idea. She told People that after two years, she caved. Though de Pablo was raised in a "conservative and Catholic environment" in her home town of Villa Maria, Chile, she has said that it wasn't until she was 21 years old that her faith in God was solidified.

Speaking with Preventionde Pablo told the sad story of how her plea for the end of her grandmother's suffering from cancer led to a sort of spiritual awakening. This is not the person I loved,'" de Pablo told the health magazine, adding, "She couldn't say anything, she was so consumed with cancer.

Cote de pablo beach

I left the room and went into a stairwell where the sun was coming in. I remember looking up and being so angry at God. I said, 'If you exist, you will take my grandmother within twenty minutes. If you don't, I'll never believe in you again. That's why I say to everybody, 'God's there.

He's there. Expanding on her spiritual views, de Pablo also told Prevention that she doesn't prefer to label herself as far as any specific religion goes. She said that be believes in "a very big God out there," that she sees in "the majestic beauty in nature and the overwhelming perfection of it. After de Pablo made a passing reference to "the next lifetime," Prevention asked whether she believed in reincarnation, to which she replied, "Yes, I do.

But it's not so much 'Let's talk about our past lives. I just know that I'm going to be here again. One lifetime is too short to purify my soul. It's going to take a couple of tries. Acting, learning new languages One time, de Pablo Cote de pablo beach to Preventionshe had to do a simple stunt, but wasn't able to rehearse it Cote de pablo beach filming. Now four to five days a week, de Pablo does open-flow Vinyasa at home.

A star who doesn't have a desire to draw attention to herself, de Pablo has never been one to showcase her life via her social media s. As she described to Latina"I'm not on Facebook. I'm not on Twitter. I know a lot of celebrities who go around complaining how little privacy they have.

And then my question to that is always, well, how much of yourself are you putting out there? If you are everywhere, then you've sacrificed the very thing that you are complaining about, which is your own privacy. Clearly de Pablo is a natural beauty, so asking her about whether she would consider plastic surgery seems silly, except apparently the pressure to remain "young and wonderful" as Caras phrased it, is even more intense on Chilean celebrities. In response to that claim, de Pablo said in an interview with Caraswhich was translated by a fan-run de Pablo Facebook"In issues of physical alterations, surgery is very important for women to learn to say no to.

We have the power to change the perception toward us. And if there is no age on TV, it would be a crime, because TV must reflect a world that is more diverse than women between 25 and As far as whether she would consider any nips or tucks? She then went in hard on how the international community needs to take a out of the U. Not seeing them does not mean they cease to exist. And those in charge of programs and soap operas should have this strong female presence because we are living longer, getting better and more magnificent.

If we are aware of this and we make a decision, we can transform public consciences and generate great changes. In that same interview with Carastranslated on de Pablo's fan Facebookthe NCIS alum says that her home country became a refuge from her grueling TV schedule, which consumed her life for "twelve to seventeen hours a day, Monday through Friday. It is different when an American says this than someone from Santiago. Speaking to TV. Hint: It's not easy. When de Pablo auditioned for the role, the character was described as European. But plans changed.

And then within 48 hours of that I had to shoot. And then they gave me a huge monologue that I had to learn in Hebrew. She told TV. This star has never been afraid to go on her own path — in both her career and personal life. In an interview with Latina inde Pablo spoke to her thoughts on starting a family and where she felt she was at in her life, saying, "The last time I was home visiting Chile, I was grilled about having kids and about whether I would baptize when I have one. Our lives are just very different.

I'm not sure if they agree, but I'm not giving up my opinion.

Cote de pablo beach

When it comes to television that de Pablo watches when she's not in front of the camera, she has some popular picks. Especially if they have sexy scenes with lovely men that have beards. After her parents separated, de Pablo's mom moved back to Chile, but distance doesn't keep them apart.

Speaking with Preventionde Pablo shared that her mom will come to visit for two to three weeks at a time. Then, de Pablo will also make the time and go to South America as well.

Cote de pablo beach

What's their favorite thing to do together? She told RogerEbert. The film followed the real-life event of a gold and copper mine collapse, trapping 33 miners underground. Being Chilean, de Pablo said, "it really hit close to home. She continues to act and stressed that she doesn't try to think of the outcome of success for a project when she begins. Getty Images. Her real name isn't Cote Getty Images. She was a star runner as .

Cote de pablo beach

She didn't always want to be an actress. Performing arts became her home Getty Images. She gave up Broadway Getty Images. She was terrified of guns YouTube. Fans petitioned to keep her in the show Getty Images.

The dark reason she believes in God Getty Images. She also believes in reincarnation Getty Images. She does her own stunts Getty Images. She is happy to stay away from social media Getty Images. She is adamantly against plastic surgery Getty Images. She's a quick study Getty Images.

She follows her own path Getty Images. Her favorite kind of show Getty Images. How she picks her next role Getty Images.

Cote de pablo beach Cote de pablo beach

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