Cve charlotte nc

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My wife really loves the attention she gets there. We would love to go there and meet another couple,seems like it would be fun.

Cve charlotte nc

Hi - we are new to the area. Any tips or advise reg when to attend the theater? Just looking for any particular days where more cpls attend? My wife will not be interested if its just single guys As you might imagine, weekend nights are best. One of the advantages to CVE is Cve charlotte nc couples theater and the rental rooms. Singles are not allowed in the couples theater, which is very large and comfortable.

So if you want space - or privacy - you can always get it there. On the other hand, if you like the idea of an audience but don't want them TOO close, you can use rent one of the rooms off the theaters,and leave the blinds open. Many couples move back and forth between the regular theater and the couples room as the whim hits them. What if your a single guy but don't want to just run up and say have sex with me. And so if your single you can't go in the Theater?

Cve charlotte nc

Hi - we are totally new to the Charlotte area. Is this theater open all days or specific days. Also any particular days that draws couples? See my earlier reply Theater is open every day. They used to let couples in the general theaters for free on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Not sure if that policy is still in effect or not. Thanks Ray. Good to hear there is a couples theater were singles are not allowed. Hopefully that is enforced. Was not sure if the place was still open and we guess it is still open and in business. Hopefully we will make it one day. Went this past weekend Cve charlotte nc the first time. There is no couples room that we could find. It was still there a couple of weeks ago when I was last in the place.

Did you ask about it? It's not back with the other theaters. It's directly off the sales floor up front. If any any of you happen to go please check if the couples theater still exits - much appreciated!

Cve charlotte nc

We really dnt want single men looking at us all the time. Yes, the couples room is still there. Actually, they have changed the room. It is much larger and nicer than before. There may be a dozen couches or so, with a much better screen than before.

Cve charlotte nc

A couple of weeks ago it was standing room only on a Saturday night. Thats great to hear. We have never been there and was planning on going sometime in near future. Time depends on what you are hoping to find. Saturday night is probably the best crowd, though Friday nights are good, too. If you are looking for a lot of people, I would suggest that you go after 9. By 12 or 1 AM things usually begin to dwindle off. If you are hoping for a smaller group, I have had good luck on Sunday afternoons and early evenings.

It's quieter and some ladies seem to prefer a little less "pressure. Most are middle aged, though you will see older couples and younger couples. You will even see the occasional older guy with a younger girl and vice versa.

Cve charlotte nc

Have fun. What is the legality of this place? Can you get naked and have sex as a couple in there without being hauled off for indecent exposure or public sex, if there happened to be an undercover cop in there? I am not a lawyer, of course, so take my response with that understanding. I have known about CVE since it has opened. The only legal trouble they ever had was a zoning issue several years ago.

Cve charlotte nc

Dozens of couples are now attending every weekend without incident. Phones are not allowed in the facility. Additionally, it is too dark for anyone to take any decent video or photos without being obvious in some way. In the event that you were too No one wants to do anything to encourage Cve charlotte nc couple to leave and not return. David - A fair amount of patience is usually required. With time, you will learn how to improve your odds, but nothing is a sure thing. Looking to bring my wife on tuesday evening around 9pm.

Never been to anything like this but love to watch her play. Nust wondering how things work and what should we expect. On a weekday night, things should be pretty relaxed, I would think. I will be there with my boyfriend tomorrow morning. I would love an audience. My wife and i go to the theater often.

Cve charlotte nc

Im not a blouse and skirt girl but I've always wanted more than one man. I'm in a relationship with another woman but I want to be descrete if I do. Want to know a good time to go play. I don't get a man often. Only experience was a guy on guy day. I might Cve charlotte nc a weekday, and perhaps earlier in the day.

Weekends are very busy and the crowd might feel a little overwhelming. Things are more relaxed during the week. Dropping in during the afternoon would probably give you a couple of good "candidates" without feeling like you have to defend yourself from a mob. Of course, if you're looking for an escort I would really love to check this place out. I would love to watch and be watched!

Love taking my wife here to warm up, too many gawkers and standovers to get full action, just an audience and maybe light play, then, we leave and head 5 miles up the road to Lauras, line of swinging dicks. Go to our locked room for privacy, watch movie and see what we feel like doing with what comes out of the wall, did i mention, since were a couple, its free?

Fun 2 place fun night plan for any couple. I'm a female with some kinky girl on girl fantasies. We just had our first cve experience and it looks like this will not be the place I'm down. Post a Comment. January 28, If you are new to the world of porn theater sex, there are a of rules and guidelines that you should be aware of.

Of course, there are exceptions to all the rules and couples that don't always follow the generally-accepted guidelines. Let's take the matter of dress, for instance. I am referring to the way that women dress, of course. Nobody cares about what the guys wear. It is a generally accepted principle that women who come into a porn theater wearing micro-mini skirts, see-through blouses or tank tops with the Cve charlotte nc "Slut" across the front are ready to start - and finish - the party. Conversely, a woman in comfortable jeans and a sweatshirt is probably just there to watch the movie.

As I said. There are exceptions to every rule. I don't get to CVE that often anymore. Frankly, there isn't that much to go for anymore since things have changed so much over the past year. But I found myself in the area and figured I would give it a shot. The crowd was fairly small, all male and most seemed to be more interested in one another than the potential of a female showing up. Another well-dressed babe having fun in a porn theater.

Cve charlotte nc

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