Darrin dewitt henson gay

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. ed Jan 30, Messages 10, Reactions 67, 1, Alleybux 25, I could have sworn he was gay and that he had admitted to being gay. So why is some other site promoting an interview with him where he talks about his perfect woman????

Darrin dewitt henson gay

Does anyone know the real deal about this guy? I know he's done several gay roles in movies, more than the average "straight" actor, so I'm really confrused yeah, I said confrused. ed Jan 28, Messages 8, Reactions 36, 15 9 Alleybux 31, Click to expand ed Jul 18, Messages 44, ReactionsAlleybux 55, Dayana M.

ed Jul 20, Messages 13, Reactions 23, 38 Alleybux 60, I loved his ass on Soul Food This man is so not gay And yes, I do remember him in a discussion about being gay in H'wood, I would almost put money on it, it was on BET or TV1 or one of those cable channels. Maybe someone else remembers it!

Darrin dewitt henson gay

ed Jul 3, Messages 1, Reactions 2, 27 28 Alleybux 52, I don't know if he is or isn't, but when soul food was still on the air this site talked about him being gay all the time. ed Dec 23, Messages Reactions 1, 1 Alleybux 85, That man is not gay. Ah, I found an old thread about it, sorry I didn't see that first.

Still the same rumors though. He's gorgeous anyway, it just threw me Darrin dewitt henson gay see that interview cuz I always accepted that he was gay and just left it at that, lol. If not gay, it looks like the consensus is that he's a dog! ed May 31, Messages 1, Reactions 5, 1 Alleybux 30, Diva Star said:. When God made the Black Man He was just showing off! ed Sep 12, Messages 2, Reactions 5, 2 Alleybux 48, The Beauty.

ed Jul 11, Messages 1, Reactions 4, 1 Alleybux 49, Crimson Viper said:. Is he still married? Pics of them all up on IMDB. Pretty Wings. ed Mar 22, Messages 2, Reactions 15, 11 2 Alleybux 14, Loved him in Soul Food. ed Aug 29, Messages 1, Reactions 8, 2 1 Alleybux 18, Darren is not Darrin dewitt henson gay SMH he's corny yes but not gay He has been married for years but still gets it in with the ladies like many other industry cats. Overall he's a very nice guy, real down to earth. He Choreographed for some of the artist i've danced for so that's how I got to know him but I never got the "gay vibe" from him.

ed Aug 26, Messages 15, Reactions 28, Alleybux 16, I don't get that vibe from him. He's sweet but not that kinda sweet. ed Sep 9, Messages 4, Reactions 15, 6 6 Alleybux 35, ed Sep 29, Messages 4 Reactions 8 Alleybux He is a sick bastard. He was in trinidad and tobago like a week or 2 ago for a beenie man concert and he saw one of my girls and approached her and they started talking.

ed Mar 14, Messages 5, Reactions 7, 1 2 Alleybux 23, Darrin and his dad could be twins! ed Sep 7, Messages 3, Reactions 6, 3 2 Alleybux 5, Asshole, yes! Gay, no. ed Dec 30, Messages 8, Reactions 12, 10 Alleybux 91, That's all I got LOL. ed Jul 18, Messages Reactions 2, 1 Alleybux 97, I knew a girl he was messing with. This was during his time on Lincoln Heights.

They sexed a few times. He was always out of town working supposedly. She told me how one time he had called her over his apartment and after they fucked, he told her he was someone and they couldn't see each other anymore. ed Mar 22, Messages 73 Reactions 2 Alleybux 6, Darrin Henson is bipolar.

When he's on his "highs' and meets a woman he comes across as very charming and then when he's on his " lows" he trips out and s her and threatens to ruin her. I'm not sure if he is married, his lastest book out he thanks his friend Evelyn V and Evelyn is the mother of his 3 kids, his eldest child who is 17 years old with someone else and his smallest child with another woman.

Darrin dewitt henson gay

It is a pity that most seach engines go not put this information out on himso woman can at least look for red flags before they date him beacuse he is charming at first. And yes I do believe other people on this site that says he brings on that marriage talk on at least the second date.

Also he has a horrible temper and I'm just putting this out there in the event he hurts someone. I don't know if he is gay, he didn't come across that way at all. I hope this helps a woman in someway. He really needs a lot of help and can be dangerous. ed Mar 14, Messages 47, Reactions6, 2, Alleybux 53, He is gay.

My friend met him in a club years ago and he told her straight out. I think they hung out a few times. But it's like he's a different person when he is rejected. ed Mar 14, Messages 69 Reactions 5 6 Alleybux 37, I remember when he danced for Janet Jackson.

Darrin dewitt henson gay

I didn't know his grew that much. ed Dec 23, Messages 5, Reactions 6, 13 19 Alleybux 15, What exactly is this man's problem with women? Is he a woman hater or something along those lines? ed Nov 28, Messages 4, Reactions 5, 18 11 Alleybux 56, OMG these stories!!!!

ed Aug 9, Messages 1 Alleybux You must log in or register to reply here. Similar thre. Darrin Henson is now a married man. May 9, A. Locked Darrin Hensen? Anonymous Dec 5, 14 Replies Views. Dec 7, NaughtiLiterati. Jul 17, Pressley. Marlon12 Feb 2, 28 Replies 3K Views.

Darrin dewitt henson gay

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