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While Saiyan and human males plus asexual Namekians compose most of the fighters throughout the Dragon Ball universe, plenty of women have left their impact on the series. From Bulma's inventions to Android 18's combat prowess, girls have gradually taken a bigger role in the series, showing the action isn't just for us boys.

But with dozens of iconic gals introduced throughout several different anime the original, Z, GT, Kai, and now Superwhich ladies reign supreme? These are the ten best female characters ever seen in Dragon Ball! Spoilers ahead. After decades of wondering who Goku's mother was many fans suspected it was Bardock's comrade FashaGine was finally unveiled. Atypical of most Saiyans, she's surprisingly kind-hearted, showing compassion for both her young sons, and forms a genuine relationship with Goku's father.

Gine took a long time coming, but she proved that Saiyans carried the capacity to love and weren't just vicious conquerors. Newer fans may not know Launch, but she was a huge character in the original Dragon Ball anime and made infrequent appearances throughout Z. Launch carries a strange disorder that shifts her personality and appearance whenever she sneezes; her dark-haired form is kind and docile while her blond self is irritable and trigger-happy.

Was this some clever foreshadowing on the ruthlessness of blond Super Saiyans versus their comparative tranquility in their base states or Super Saiyan Blue? Maybe, maybe not, but either way, Launch played a sizable role in the original show, and even though her prominence has ebbed, she's still thought of as a potential romance for Tien. Chi Chi and Goku have an odd relationship, with some fans believing they don't really mesh, while others think they just have a unique take on love.

While Chi Chi is loud and abrasive, at the end of the day, she does the lion's share of parenting for Gohan and Goten, and she's been shown to genuinely worry when Goku is in danger. But according to Goku in Dragon Ball Superdespite being married and having two kids, they've never kissed. Yea, definitely a unique take on love. Most of the series occurs in Universe 7, but Goku and friends eventually learn about alternative galaxies, and in Universe 6, the Saiyans live on as a generally peace-loving group. In this world, Kale is a surprisingly meek Saiyan, but her timid demeanor belies a fierce secret: she's the Legendary Super Saiyan of that world, bearing a ferocious transformation similar to Broly from Universe 7.

By the time Kale masters her upgrade, Goku has already reached Super Saiyan Blue and can handle her, but given a few more years of training, Kale could potentially become the strongest Saiyan ever. She also gains control over her form, something even Broly never achieved.

Mai has an interesting history, first appearing as an adult in the original Dragon Ball and later serving as Future Trunks's love interest despite their massive age gap. Well, she used the Dragon Balls to wish for for youth sometime around the Cell saga, so she at least looks young enough for him. But reverse-Twilight issues aside, Mai is an intelligent and caring person, and despite not having any ki powers, is able to hold off Goku Black with tear gas, allowing her and Yajirobe to save their Saiyan allies.

Despite the pair's oddities, she and Trunks share one of the best relationship in the franchise, becoming infatuated in both Dbz hot girls regular and future timelines. While nowhere near the level of her Saiyan companions, Videl is one of the strongest humans alive, being the daughter of Hercule and wife of Gohan, both renowned martial artists. Videl an anagram of the word "devil", continuing the pun of Hercules's alternative name Mr. Satan is feisty yet compassionate and intelligent, and while she doesn't the cast until later in the series, she and Gohan quickly become a power couple.

Videl is like a more-understanding Chi Chi, Dbz hot girls she's spunky yet less irritable and more in tune with her husband's feelings. Her pregnancy with Pan even proves crucial to Goku's transformation into a Super Saiyan God, as it required a total of six Saiyans—apparently counting ones still in the womb. Like Kale, Caulifla stems from Universe 6. She only wields regular Super Saiyan transformations, but there's something about her confidence that you can't help but admire. Unlike Kale and Gine, Caulifla finally highlights a female Saiyan who enjoys battle, but isn't as bloodthirsty as the old Saiyans of Universe 7.

Her base powers aren't enough to match Goku and Vegeta in the Tournament of Power, but when she fuses with Kale into Kefla, the two manage to overwhelm even Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken Goku, though he eventually triumphs after regaining his Ultra Instinct form.

Who is the strongest girl in Dragon Ball? Definitely Universe 6's Vados. She's the elder sister of Whis, and is at least as strong as him, and perhaps more so. Remember, Whis himself is more powerful than even Goku and Beerus, meaning Vados is Dbz hot girls one of the strongest warriors ever introduced.

Dbz hot girls

She also possesses a cool yet polite demeanor, offering a welcome break from the general spunk of Dragon Ball women. Just as Whis serves as the attendant to Beerus the God of Destruction in Universe 7Vados oversees Champa in Universe 6, reigning in the deity whenever his antics cross a line. Until Super, 18 long reigned as the strongest gal in Dragon Balland she still remains a fierce warrior who manages to keep up with the Saiyans despite their constant transformations. Her bout against Vegeta remains one of the best in the series, and to this day, most fans choose her when asked which female character they'd like to date.

Bulma's been with us since the beginning, and despite her lack of combat skills, her intelligence has helped Goku and friends save the galaxy more than once. Whether she's hunting the Dragon Dbz hot girls with her custom radar, helping her husband Vegeta achieve Super Saiyan 4, or sending Trunks to the past with a time machine, her brains and finances continuously protect the world.

Dbz hot girls

Similar to Videl, Bulma is determined without being as abrasive as Chi Chi, and her trademark blue hair makes her one of the most recognizable characters in the series. Whether you're a veteran Dragon Ball fan or just caught on with Super, Bulma's always there Dbz hot girls lend a supporting hand to her Saiyan allies.

While the Dragon Ball cast is predominately male, don't overlook the importance of women in this combat-heavy universe. In addition to today's roster, girls like Pan Gohan and Videl's daughter and Bulla Vegeta and Bulma's offer some much-needed gender diversity and provide female fans with role models.

Custom characters in Dragon Ball video games afford more potential for female warriors, but for now, as we eagerly await Toriyama's next batch of iconic women, vote for your favorite character and I'll see you at our next Dragon Ball countdown! Animated Shows. Animated Films. Animation Studios. Film Industry.

Dbz hot girls

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Dbz hot girls Dbz hot girls

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