District 9 sex scene

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District 9 sex scene

Sci-fi is pretty weird in general, and that's part of its appeal. So when we tell you about the weirdest sex scenes in sci-fi history, you know you're in for some freaky stuff.

District 9 sex scene

Sci-fi is certainly not afraid of exploring areas of the human mind others would shy away from. Between the infamous and incestuous Star Wars kiss between Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, and multiple movies that dabble in human-alien intimacy, there are a lot of candidates for a list of weirdest sex scenes in sci-fi history. For the purposes of this list, we've narrowed it down to ten. Everyone likes a sexual pool scene, right? Well, uh, maybe, maybe not.

In this case, the sex scene really isn't sexy, it's just odd. Because one of the beings in this scene is an alien incapable of physical, human intercourse, it has to make the experience a psychic one. Actually, several sci-fi sex scenes rely on this method. This weird sex scene shows what mental sexual gratification looks like with an alien.

And yes, it glows, because why not. Remember how Lady Gaga said she could orgasm with her mind? That's basically what happens in the James Cameron movie Avatar during the sex scene between Jake Sully and Neytiri. The way District 9 sex scene experience sexual pleasure is through the connection of their braids, which is an extension of their nervous system.

So they're having sex with their brains via their hair.

District 9 sex scene

In context, it can be taken as a beautiful love scene, but it's still one of the weirdest sex scenes in sci-fi history. Many women use sex toys and vibrators to pleasure themselves, but no one does it quite like Jane Fonda does in Barbarella. This movie has tons of sex-related scenes to choose from, but the one that is the weirdest has to be when she breaks an entire sex machine.

That's right, she pushes this giant, orgasm-inducing sex machine to its limit. Even the ultimate orgasm-inducer is no match for her, apparently. Human-alien sex is common in sci-fi movies yeah, ewbut what about salamander sex? It's a whole new level of weird sex that even the characters on Star Trek don't know how to deal with. When they are eventually located by members of their crew, it is discovered that the two have mated and made salamander babies.

District 9 sex scene

Chakotay takes the words out of our mouths when he says, "I don't know how I'm going to enter this into the log. If for some reason you're looking for one of the most twisted scenes in science fiction, look no further than Starman. The flick pushes all kinds of physical and moral boundaries. The female lead's husband dies and is then cloned by an alien who now looks just like him. The familiar-looking alien romances the man's widow, even though she is entirely aware of the circumstances, and ends up impregnating her. So not only do we have alien sex here, we have alien necrophilia. Again, twisted, twisted, twisted.

Please be advised that this is not only one of the weirdest sex scenes in sci-fi history, but also one of the most twisted scenes in science fiction. In this scene, a genetically engineered monster rapes one of the human characters, making all sorts of revolting sounds and expressions as it does so.

District 9 sex scene

It is scary, savage, and disturbing, and should only be watched by those who feel they can handle viewing it. The milking scene in Star Wars: The Last Jedi may not be a sex scene per se, but it is definitely sexual—and unnerving. In this scene, Luke Skywalker drinks from the teat of a thala-siren, consuming its green milk for sustenance. While this is clearly an act of survival, District 9 sex scene doesn't make it any less weird or disturbing, especially since the thala-siren and its, uh, parts, look pretty damn realistic.

In an age where interspecies interaction is unavoidable and yet also taboo, character Wikus Van De Merwe finds himself in a When he goes to a fast food restaurant to order a meal, his picture suddenly comes on the television screen for a breaking news announcement. It's not your average mug shot, though. Rather, it's a photo of him having sex with an alien, doggy style, as the newscaster announces that Van De Merwe has been exposed to an alien STD and should be in quarantine.

It's so ridiculous and crude that it just has to be one of the weirdest sex scenes in sci-fi history. The movie Evil Aliens shows a of disturbing scenes involving sex and nudity. It truly is the definition of freaky. Not only does this movie show a female alien deflowering a geeky guy, but it also shows a pretty graphic scene wherein a bunch of aliens surgically impregnate a strapped down, naked woman.

Again, this is a movie to watch only if you can stomach it. When Kim Basinger's character in My Stepmother Is an Alien has to quickly learn what sex is before she does ither pocket alien companion is forced to give her numerous hilarious examples, like the US Army clip that explains, "Your penis is a weapon, just like your rifle. When she finally comes to a basic understanding of the concept, she enters the bedroom in true 80s fashion—slow-motion, with an inexplicable wind blowing through her hair.

During the very awkward act, fireworks start going off above the bed. This incredibly strange, wacky scene is definitely one of the weirdest sex scenes in sci-fi history. Is a practicing Wiccan who applies her spiritualism to real life situations and advice, but also dabbles in dark fantasy. She lives in Oregon and spends most of her time casting spells in the woods. Seriously, this actually happened to me. As you may have already heard. Believe it or not, I actually did beat Jesus at tournament darts!

Oh, what a night that was! It was one of the most perfectly clear skies that Montana had ever experienced. There were flames and swirls of gold, red and yellow colours everywhere. But there was also one tiny problem. One of the moonbeams was missing! A baby moonbeam had gone off course in his travels. This had never happened before. For you see, every moonbeam is magically counted. If, for example, one million moonbeams were to set off from the moon District 9 sex scene head for planet earth, but out of the one million, one was missing, that would never do!

As president of Marvel Studios and Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment, he is the mastermind behind the creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the most successful film franchise in history. At eighteen James loved to build things, whether mechanical, electrical or a combination of both. He set up an area in his basement next to the furnace so that he had a place to do all of his experimenting. One of his projects was something he had planned to do for some time. He purchased very small wireless cameras and wanted to test them a test to see how far their als would travel.

His idea was to attach them to fair-sized birds in a way that would not hinder them as they were flying. His best friend Tommy kept a pigeons in cages and had agreed to allow James the use of two of them as long as they were not harmed. James was excited about the possibility of seeing where the birds normally travel to. Minor spoilers ahead, for those that have not yet read any of The High Republic material. Cocoon Everyone likes a sexual pool scene, right? Evelyn Starr Is a practicing Wiccan who applies her spiritualism to real life situations and advice, but also dabbles in dark fantasy.

District 9 sex scene

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District 9 sex scene

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District 9 sex scene

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