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Divine arms blog

Siggy Fighting Gold! About ViperV. Greeting s, curious one! Before you proceed, be informed that this campaign is only for adults. So if you are 18 years old and above, carry on! I am kReig, a flash game developer for almost a decade now. ViperV is the handle for games catering to adult content.

With news of Divine Divine arms blog posted above, we retracted to develop something else first. Once sufficient funds are gathered to go full independent, Divine Arms will continue doing its original vision for its lore and scenes. For now, we present Forbidden Arms: Bloodlust. It is in the same universe but offers a different approach to gameplay.

You can follow and like us in Facebook - Twitter Forbidden Arms: Bloodlust tells the story of a mysterious woman named Mayumi. She possesses a powerful relic sword that seem to have a special affinity with blood, including hers. To counter the vampiric curse of the sword, she sleeps every 50 years. She woke up, and overslept to years later, the Earth is no more.

Divine arms blog

A catastrophic event took place and the world is now overrun by monsters and demons. Mahalai yes, her have made a safe haven for the last remaining humans on Earth and promises Mayumi a data Glimpsewhich is basically a copy of Earth before it got devastated.

Mayumi now needs to defeat a handful of demons that disrupts Mahalai's "Research" on Earth. The very said research which can empower and the powerful celestial relic Glimpse Forbidden Arms: Bloodlust is a spiritual successor and is an indirect sequel to Forbidden Arms screenshots at the very bottom of the campaign - Both main characters seem to have a powerful relic turned into a vampiric sword.

It is assumed to have been forged by Muramasa from an ore given to him by Sigurd. Forbidden Arms: Bloodlust is a hack and slash side scroller that features unlimited combo systems and humongous boss battles. Slay endless hordes of Divine arms blog Mugen Kage Demon clan. Unfortunately, Patreon's creator is still bad so I could not properly add gifs or a webm, so here's a link to the vlog for the video gameplay instead:. Now, for some examples of very old and recent works.

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Divine arms blog

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Divine arms blog

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