Drink bleach anime

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Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Corona Column 3 Use these free activities to help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and take action. Parent reviews for Bleach. Common Sense says Mature anime series is spooky and violent.

Based on our expert review. Based on 42 reviews. Based on reviews. Add your rating. Parents say 42 Kids say Adult Written by shinmegamitenseig October 6, Wow, what a bunch of idiots! Not to bad really. I wouldn't say it's too violent, it doesn't have bad messages or good ones, the swearing isn't even swearing, no sexual content but there are a few shallow sexual jokes.

Bleach is not a bad anime for kids, compared to most other things I've seen such as AOT, it's not at all bad. This review Helped me decide. Had useful details. Read my mind 4. Report this review. Adult Written by 2happy2na February 14, Gotta be kidding Fourteen and plus? Are they crazy? The show ain't that violent. In fact, later on in the series there's hardly any blood. This title contains: Language. Read my mind 3. You commonsense people see it wrong Ichigo and his father love one another, his father starts fights with him to test Ichigo's strength. And it adds humor to their fights.

So in fact it is not difficult at all to see these two fight. Its just a test of strength Helped me decide 1. Read my mind 2. Adult Written by RettCosmos June 15, Too much sexual content and partial nudity I've watched the Drink bleach anime uncensored episodes.

Drink bleach anime

The storyline was excellent and gripping! It was hard to let go of it. I finally got the strength to stop watching the series, and here's why: 1. One girl in particular seems to be the focus of these comments throughout the series. Two women in particular are shown throughout the series at different times to be either always clothed with lots of cleavage exposed, or even naked with all private areas of the body hidden or covered. There are other female characters that come up during different story arcs who are immodest in appearance as well.

One male character demonstrates Drink bleach anime perverted lust for women throughout the series. There are curse words like the long b word and the d word frequently used. Yes, there is blood spilt in battles when characters drive their sword through their opponents. If you really want to watch this, maybe try the censored versions, if you can find them.

Drink bleach anime

Don't watch the uncensored episodes. The part that bothered me the most was all the sexual material. That can harm viewers' perspectives of people, and begin a hunger for sexual things that can lead to pornography addiction. This is more serious than some people realize. This title contains: Positive role models. Read my mind 1. Not nearly as bad as most people think This anime is perfectly fine for adolescents. While fighting is one of the major Drink bleach anime of the series, as it is a shonen one, it is not glorified. The main character would rather not fight, but will if it means protecting his loved ones and there are many other characters throughout the series that hold similar convictions.

Hidden in all the action are some really good messages and role models for children to learn, such as standing up for what you think is right and asking for help when you need it. While there is some harsh language, it never exceeds bitch and that is only used twice in the entire length of the show. The most consistent "swear" words are "dammit" and "hell", which are tame and can be missed because of the battles.

Some characters, namely Nel in her transformation and Halibel have revealing outfits, but full-blown is never shown.

Drink bleach anime

There are several large-breasted protagonists but again, there are all clothed and nudity is not an issue. While talking about the female characters, many of them are strong with convictions of their own and are fantastic role models for young women, namely Rukia Kuchiki. Even Orihime, who is used as your standard damsel in distress, fights and shows her strength. Finally, the anime has been toned down ificantly from the original manga in terms of violence and other elements.

So, the anime is fine for adolescents but if they are interested in reading the manga, I would suggest caution and knowing your child, specifically for the later arcs, starting with the Arrancar arc starts at volume 22which contain imagery that could be disturbing to younger children along with much more graphic depictions of violence, including dismemberment and mutilation.

But as always, it comes down to how mature your child is and how they handle subjects like this. This title contains: Positive Messages. Positive role models. Read my mind. Parent of an infant, 2, and 9-year-old Written by Gemma R. November 20, Great but scary for sensitive kids I love Bleach and I did allow my oldest to watch the series rated as a However, she ended up in h nightmares because of the Hollows. We also had some issues as she really admired Rwngiku and started trying to dress in a similar manner low cut tops etc, my daughter doesn't have anything to show but still I do think Bleach has some good role models but there are some sceres which are quite sexually charged female masturbationsome swear words and lots of scary "monsters" and violence.

My daughter loved what she saw but the nightmares returned when we gave her the benefit of he dobut and allowed her to start watching again. who is less sensitive to being scared may be fine although I'd still be a little concerned about the female characters lack of clothing and sexual scenes. Adult Written by Zir Deli August 15, Kinda good It's a good anime.

Story is exciting but sexual content makes it impossible to watch for kids and younger Drink bleach anime. Adult Written by Benamat June 7, Treating pedophilia like a joke is unforgivable I wish I could say this was really good. The preserverance of the main character is admirable. There are some themes of teamwork as well. However, there are some subtle references to molestation that are treated as jokes.

It's in very bad taste. I wish I could write the producers in protest or start some political movement preventing such references in anime. Kids are really into these characters and their avatars in video games. It's written in a way that makes you want to keep watching, but sexualizing the relationship between the main character's sisters and his dad is creepy. His sisters refuse his advances, but it's just not cool. One example: The father says, "I know you missed your dear old dad," as he rips his shirt off. Another example: The dad Drink bleach anime his daughters to play truth or dare.

There is also an inappropriate amount of attention given to a young lady's chest.

Drink bleach anime

Which is sad because, I appreciate the main character's resilience getting over his mother's death and fighting to save his family members as well as strangers. Adult Written by funny November 4, I'm going to see how many reviews I can write for this show. The review I'm writing is for the subsitute, AKA season one. I don't see there being a huge shock on the violence if your kid s have seen things like the hunger games. Note: a girl's brother comes back as a hollow to kill her. If your kids are sensitive to that don't show this to them.

Not to mention there is a young ghost boy being chased by a hollow. That may disturb some viewers. Sex: Note: Kon comes in episode six season one. Why is this important because he is quite perverted when he is in ichigo's body Drink bleach anime jumps up to ichigo's class. He pays extra attention to the girls, and comments on how they are "hot".

Drink bleach anime

Then he looks at orihime and says wow su-er si-e. Drink bleach anime Written by mumsyamsy July 7, Was suprised While the story line is engaging and the violence isn't terrible, my major issue with this show was the derogatory and frequent cursing and the sexual undertones and frequent sexual talk in the series. Some adults feel it is perfectly acceptable and easy to overlook this and allow their younger children watch it but I was very uncomfortable allowing my 14 yr old son watch it.

We started the series but I'm thinking he will move on to another series because of it. This title contains: Sexy stuff. Adult Written by Sergio M. May 20, Bleach There is never sex, however, there a few sexual jokes, though nothing that big.

Some characters have suggestive outfits, though nudity is never shown. One of the heroes, Rangiku Matusmoto, is known for making fun of her own cleavage and wears clothes that are suggestive in nature.

Drink bleach anime

In one scene she approaches another female character naked and tickles her, although we do not see any of her private areas. One character, Shunsui Kyoraku, is known for flirting with girls but is often rejected Drink bleach anime his subordinate. A villain appears with a very feminine appearance, and appears to be inspired by drag queens. He later gains an appearance of a "magical girl" including high-heeled shoes and some questionable armour on his body. This mostly used for comic relief though.

One character who takes the form of a toy lion is quite perverted and goes crazy for women with large cleavage. Another character also shares similar traits but is more self-controlled. There are numerous hints of romantic relationships although none of which have actually gone past anything but subtle hints. The show is heavily focused on action-packed fight scenes that are often violent and involve characters being wounded and losing blood although few protagonists have been killed.

Most fights involve sword-fights or martial arts. Most characters use swords in battle which can take on different forms referred to as "shikai" or "bankai" forms. The swords have various abilities used for combat.

Drink bleach anime

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