Fallout 4 cat companion mod

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Oh, Fallout 4why can't we ever seem to quit you? Here we are, closing in on three years since launch -- and more than two since the last official story DLC landed -- but all those fabulous mods keep us returning to the Commonwealth wasteland again and again. Bethesda knows what's up, as the patches for this aging game keep on coming.

Fallout 4 cat companion mod

Fallout 1. It isn't entirely clear yet what that means, but it's a good bet that we can expect a bunch of pet options to arrive in the Creation Club soon. If you don't want to wait for those paid entries to show up, the amazing Fallout 4 mod community already has you covered as usual.

Fallout 4 cat companion mod

In the slides ahead, we cover all the best Fallout 4 pet mods currently available that expand out your options for Dogmeat, or even let you recruit a wide range of pets, from Fallout 4 cat companion mod to death claws! Get It Here. If you aren't sure where to begin with all the Fallout 4 pet mods available and want a nice comprehensive option that offers a huge range of creatures as companions, this is the place to go first.

The Creature Follower mod gives full companion dialog minus romance of course Sadly, that last one isn't useful for combat, but obviously the rest are very viable companion options that will have your back when the raiders attack! This fabulous mod works similarly to the one, but it's meshed into the existing framework of the game more smoothly and isn't so obviously breaking the core concepts. Rather than simply summoning a random animal companion, this one instead adds in a brand-new taming element where you have to capture creatures using the Wasteland Workshop mod's cages, then implant a control chip to teach them a language and give them commands.

Frankly, I'm surprised this wasn't included with the WW DLC to begin with, and it's a killer addition to that side of the Fallout 4 experience. Having Dogmeat as your faithful companion is the iconic way to play Fallout 4 to match all the original promo imagery, but there are a lot of aspects about giving up your companion slot for a dog that aren't exactly satisfying.

Making Dogmeat more like a real pet, this mod lets you call your hound from anywhere no more wandering around trying to find the little bugger!

Fallout 4 cat companion mod

Those weird, giant shrimp beasts from Far Harbor that seem like they are supposed to be the aquatic version of death claws can now follow you around after installing this simple, little mod. You can craft your own Fog Crawler follower at a chem station, then as it to hang out at a settlement if you really want that settlement to be a lot creepier. The mod isn't perfect, though, as the Fog Crawler is a modified version of a settlement structure, so they revert into odd shapes when dying.

Fallout 4 cat companion mod

A great option for when you don't actually want a new companion but just want the aesthetics of being followed around by animals, this nifty little mod gives you a nice list of creatures to hang out with in the Commonwealth. From those big, dumb brahmin to a floating bloatfly or scurrying molerat, these craftable pets will follow you around including with fast travel but won't interfere with combat or screw up your stealth attempts.

Adding in a way to make your pre-war home a little more inviting, this simple mod allows you to add as many dogs or cats as you want during the early segment of Fallout 4before the bombs start to drop. Have fun playing with all the little furry friends before the world goes to hell and Shaun gets kidnapped by a futuristic institute of synthetic beings. Of course, all those creatures you summon will horribly die about 10 minutes in, but that's par for the course in the Fallout universe.

Which of these Fallout 4 pet mods is your favorite, and did we miss any awesome ones for PC, Xbox One, or PS4 that should be added to the list? Let us know in the comments! Much like with Skyrimnearly every aspect of the Fallout 4 experience can be drastically changed with a little modding help.

Not sure where to start in the gigantic ocean of available mods?

Fallout 4 cat companion mod

Here's some more of the best you should be trying out:. Hardware Graphics Cards Peripherals Components.

Fallout 4 cat companion mod

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Fallout 4 cat companion mod Fallout 4 cat companion mod

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