Fallout 4 curie cute

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So when you got vault 81 you find this research robot called curie. You can take her to travel as you as a companion and then transfer her data into a synth brain making her a gen3 synth. Thing is she has no idea whats going on above ground. So after you finish a fight she will say something like " Yes and now we put everything into little baggies and call the police non? With the cutest french accent. And then if you try to flirt with her after she is adapting to being a synth she will say :.

She is the greatest companion ever. And she's the best when you romance her, so many cute things. I really hope they put out additional dialog for companions. I only ever use Curie and i don't want to hit that point to where I'm annoyed that i've heard everything she can say.

Despite that, i've yet to discover all the locations, so there still some location centric dialog she has that i haven't heard yet. And when your in combat she's the MC running up guns blazing. Whenever she sees a DeathClaw she fist punches it.

Love her so much. I prefer maccreaddy,becomes one of the best when you reach good affinity with him. She's the most adorable companion in the entire Fallout 4 curie cute. Her backstory is also amazing.

Fallout 4 curie cute

The scientist dude in Vault 81 gave her her own terminal and got his two colleagues to treat her as an equal and as they would treat a fellow human so he sort of created a sense of humanity in her. I think that's why she's just the most interesting companion, because she has humanity even as a robot.

I'm in Hubris, and I hear ghouls Where did she even grab that!? If you didn't already have it, she had to have gotten it out of the locked case in the front Fallout 4 curie cute there. I'm pretty sure it was an advanced or master. As an aside, it always tickles me to see my companions using that axe because it's so ridiculous. Meeting Curie for the first time: "Heh, a French robot, that's interesting. After maxing out relationship: "Ugh. Now I'm gonna have to play without Curie while I try to get my relationship up with these other people. Yeah I used to really like Piper. Then I met Curie.

Now she sucks. I really want to like Piper more than I do, especially since the game seems like it pushes her to be the main' companion,' but Curie is just too great. Now that I think about it, the non human companions seem to be the best. Maybe I'm just a filthy race traitor :p. Piper is best girl bro. You take that back before I stuff a nuka grenade up your peehole. Found the internet! Curie is adorable.

Posted by 6 years ago. Obvious spoilers ahead: So when you got vault 81 you find this research robot called curie. And then if you try to flirt with her after she is adapting to being a synth she will say : "My eyes are malfunctioning""These feelingsmy head keeps spining and spining " Its the most dawww shit in the whole game. Sort by: best.

Fallout 4 curie cute

Curie is love, Curie is life. And her accent. I love her accent so much.

Fallout 4 curie cute

Continue this thread. I believe the term is Yahoo? Phoenix Order shall rise! She's got more humanity than some. But she's fucking Crazy! Sniping: Developing a Long Distance Relationship.

Fallout 4 curie cute

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Fallout 4 curie cute

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Curie is adorable