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Two things a beginner motorcyclist needs to decide is what type of riding do they plan on doing and what style of motorcycle do they want to ride. For example, there is the cruiser style of sitting relaxed with your feet forward and lower to the ground. Or the dual-sport motorcycle which is equipped to be ridden on the street or the dirt. And then there are the sportbikes. That is stereotypical as not all riders on a sportbike ride in that fashion, they just prefer that style of motorcycle.

Girls on crotch rockets

And some have the opinion that all beginner riders should start out on a cruiser style motorcycle. That is not the case, as it is the riders decision on the style of bike they are comfortable starting out on. Most important for the beginner rider is to be comfortable on their new ride and to enjoy the freedom felt when riding a motorcycle. The Kawasaki Ninja is the perfect motorcycle for a beginner learning to ride. It is smaller, Girls on crotch rockets, and does not have a ton of power that can get away on an inexperienced rider.

The lower seat height, Kawasaki pulled the Ninja from some markets in The Korean made Hyosung GT sportbike was introduced inand is still considered a fairly new motorcycle. The Hyosung GT is built on a frame similar in size to the Hyosungwhich makes it the largest cc motorcycle. The Hyosung GT shares the same brakes as the Hyosunggiving it incredible stopping power. The Suzuki GW is an affordable option for those new riders who want to test out motorcycling.

The GW is the naked version Suzuki offers, while the GWF sold in came with a fairing giving it the typical sportbike look. Inthe Ninja made its debut and was extremely popular with beginner riders, and some experienced riders. Even so, still manageable by a new rider. The CBR was introduced by Honda in It is a reliable, light, nimble motorbike that has plenty of power for a beginner rider learning to ride and does not want to be overwhelmed. The CBR is a very affordable option for a rider just starting out. The light weight R3 has the same advanced forged piston de as the Yamaha R6. The R3 comes with cc which is plenty of power for a beginner to Girls on crotch rockets out with.

The seat height is a bit higher than other brands in its class, at inches, but still manageable for most riders. The RD is now a Classic motorcycle which Yamaha manufactured from to It is slightly heavier than and not as nimble as the modern day sport bikes in its cc class, but it is still a great beginner option. The RD is powered by an air-cooled, two-stroke parallel-twin engine and is relatively easy to work on for mechanically inclined riders. The It is on the lighter side making it easy to maneuver around for the beginner motorcyclist.

KTM saw a possible issue with the brakes, so in the front disc brake was increased to mm. Kawasaki debuted the Ninja for the model year, being the successor to the Ninja Since the Ninja and have gone by the wayside, the Ninja is now considered the entry level model.

Girls on crotch rockets

Even so, the Ninja is still a good beginner bike due to its light weight, seat height, and ease of handling. A Classic motorcycle as well, it has retro lines, styling, and colors. Powered by an air-cooled, two-stroke, parallel-twin engine it would not be overwhelming for a beginner rider. Considering the age of the bike, great Girls on crotch rockets should be able to be found for the beginner rider.

For a rider with a larger stature the CBR offers more legroom, more power, and stability on the freeway while still being easy to maneuver. The Ninja EX held the position of top selling sportbike for a of years. Produced from toit became popular with beginner riders for a first motorbike, and veteran riders for its affordability. The cc parallel-twin is still light enough to be easily handled by a beginner rider anxious to get out on the road. The typical opinion is that a is too much bike for a beginner rider. The Suzuki SV is one that begs to differ. If a beginner rider wants to grow as a rider with their first bike, the SV is one to consider.

It offers the right balance of enough power to get through traffic and passing, but not too much to get away on its rider. The Kawasaki Ninja is another option for a beginner rider who is taller and confident in handling a bigger motorbike. The sporty looking Ninja is stable in handling, and has a more upright seating position for taller riders. For the affordable price one can be had, the beginner rider is getting a lot of bike and value for their money spent.

The Ducati Monster is a motorcycle choice that will suit some beginner riders and not others. If you are familiar with riding a standard vehicle, or have ridden dirt bikes, or are of bigger stature, the Monster could be a comfortable choice for you. It is an eye-catching light motorbike that offers a comfortable ride and a bit more get up and go. Sources: topspeed. Share Share Tweet. Related Topics Motorcycles Motorcycles.

Girls on crotch rockets

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Girls on crotch rockets

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