Goku x android 18 fanfiction

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Alter Egos. Anyone else have this problem today? Must been all that pr0n that got. So here is my take on it. K18 one-shot, post cell pre buu. He was ready to get up and start the day off. Trying to wake her up while also exposing what they were going to see Bulma for. They were surprised to say the least when the couple found out 18 had a life growing inside of her. Once the cybernetic woman starting having repeating cases Goku x android 18 fanfiction morning sickness they were curious.

Many calls to Bulma and Chichi and a home pregnancy test, eventually led them to founding out the news. She had no idea she could bare and she was really nervous about it. Although she had no one to blame but herself. Keep reading. Alright man i gotta question. She literally kisses a girl in the dlc, why are people talking about it now?

And why are people shocked about it? Would they both have scars since they are both still part human or if their healing factor kicked in to cover it all. I think he experimented on 1 of them more. Maybe 17 since power differences but i dont know. Im just spitballing. Actually, given it was confirmed 18 was further altered to ensure she was weaker and thus perhaps more obedient…. I know some people hc that.

Vegeta was introduced as a villain who posed a serious threat to Goku, and has maintained that edge through his transition through anti-hero to hero. At his worst, Krillin was a friendly rival to Goku who was left in the power-creep dust long before high-flying beam struggles were a thing. The franchise has never even pretended that Krillin could kill the whole gang or take down the big bad on his own. Vegeta has been on both sides of that coin, multiple times. Up until that point, Goku never really had one, and the series readership and ratings were taking a hit because of it.

When Toriyama introduced the character, he breathed new life into the series, and it steamrolled from there. He also was a legitimate rival in facing Goku, as both at the time were very near the same level of strength and skill, Goku being a bit stronger naturally, and Krillin having the more tactical mind and being shown to be quite the quick thinker on his feet. It presented an interesting dynamic between the two as they progressed, and people were interested. The next issue is context of character and why that actually should play into how their respective arcs and deaths are viewed, but does not.

While there, he was frequently abused by teachers and students alike, and constantly made a punching bag, both metaphorical and literal. And because of that, he not only returned to face them stronger than ever, but eventually worked his way to becoming the strongest Earthling warrior in history. Freeza actually treated him quite well, allowing him to rise through his ranks, take missions of his choice, command the troops of his choice, which allowed him to group with his fellow Saiyans again.

One is a tragic character built around raising himself up to prove to himself and others he has worth. The other is a selfish character who seeks power Goku x android 18 fanfiction glory. Now bear in mind, at the time, the Dragon Balls are now useless to restore him.

Goku x android 18 fanfiction

Any death after this point will be, so far as anyone knows, permanent. Yet he still tries to further himself, he still faces enemies far stronger than him, he still puts his life on the line and gives it selflessly, again and again.

Goku x android 18 fanfiction

When Vegeta first dies, it was of his own doing. The next deaths?

Goku x android 18 fanfiction

Both tragic. One after the battle was supposed to be over, they were safe. His death was a painful one, the energy placed inside him expanding and growing, shredding him inside before finally breaking through and blowing him into ash and chunks of flesh and melting rubber armor. The other? The first sacrifice he himself had ever truly made, done for someone other than himself for the first time. It was a lovely narrative moment. But still, he does it. The third time for Vegeta was out of folly; he assumed the battle was over, and Freeza was beaten.

So he took the time to deliver one more taunt to his fallen enemy, leaving him with enough time to destroy the planet, killing not only Vegeta, but the families and loved ones of all his allies in the process. Now, to compare again: a constant underdog undergoes painful death vs enemies far stronger than he who he faces because he feels a responsibility to not just sit back and do nothing. But I digress. This is also not the case, as Krillin actually found himself in a position of impressing many other characters with the strides he made in power, surpassing Yamcha, Master Roshi, Tien, and so on to actually become the strongest among the Earthlings.

But he also found himself quite capable of facing and taking out enemies who were, at the time notably powerful. For example, he unleashed a blast that split into six beams, each one capable of taking out an enemy as strong as Raditz. He just fired off something capable of killing that guy six times over. And while Vegeta and Nappa were a lot stronger, even they saw fit to guard against it rather than just take it head-on.

Krillin also controlled and formed the Spirit Bomb via purely verbal instruction, and managed to damage Vegeta with it immensely, his sole saving grace at that point being the others were as banged up or more than him. He had Vegeta at his mercy, sword at his throat, ready to put an end to him. On Namek, he was one of the only three warriors to land any sort of ificant damage on Freeza, the others being Goku and Piccolo. And just now, he took on two opponents that had been strong enough to give 18 trouble, one even laying her flat out on her ass despite blocking, and still won.

Every other time Goku x android 18 fanfiction fought, we see him lose. Even after that, his last direct win is 19 and even that was vs an opponent even Goku should have been able to beat had it not been for his heart virus. The one time he really had the chance to kill the big bad, to really be the solo victor, was vs Cell, and there he literally gave that up for the sake of his own pride. He let his arrogance steal Goku x android 18 fanfiction W from him and turn it into an L.

Come on. They learn from eachother fluff shit. So here we go, my submission for K18 Day! Bear in mind, this one touches on some topics that may be sensitive to some of you physical and emotional abuse, loss of agency and does get a wee bit spicy near the end, but hopefully you can all enjoy it. As always, the links: FF. Posts Likes Following Archive.

Goku x android 18 fanfiction

Oh my god there was so much porn spam they nuked her entire tag…. You can use android18 but not android Thats something atleast. First k18 ff. Read it, they are the best dbz couple btw.

Goku x android 18 fanfiction

Anonymous asked: there are just some people uncomfortable with the idea that a girl can kiss a girl. It's not crazy to think people are uncomfortable with it. Anonymous asked: Why is it that Vegeta has died just as many times as Krillin but never gets made fun of for it every time he appears? Wait vegeta died three times?

Goku x android 18 fanfiction

Anonymous asked: How's 18 gonna react learning Krillin's such a virgin that he already died as one? More like the best. Well the first time he died he was like 8 sooo.

Goku x android 18 fanfiction

He was 16 actually. He was 16 when tambourine killed him? Recently Liked.

Goku x android 18 fanfiction

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