Guild wars 2 reset training

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Guild wars 2 reset training

Posted by: Ohoni. Posted by: GummiBear. Posted by: Linken.

Guild wars 2 reset training

The game spent points without my permission, I want to spend them on other things. Posted by: Ayrilana. I suggest going to do a few hero challenges to get the of hero points that you need. Posted by: Bobinhood. No screw that. They spent my points without letting me choose. At least The Old Republic got that part right when they replaced the skill system.

Posted by: Aerlen. I have two eles both specced in Earth because of this. Happy with the other traits for other classes they picked but…. Posted by: DestinyEdge.

Guild wars 2 reset training

Same here. Leveling them will be hard. I got lucky. Every other under 80 toon got traits that suit them or can be worked with. Great anet — insta 80 me then. Posted by: Vayne. Posted by: Artemise. I guess I have to grind 60 hero points to even enjoy my two underleveled eles. Posted by: Teleniel. Your points were spent to make a nearest approximation to the current build you had when the patch went live. If you are level 80 you can buy everything and likely to spare.

Posted by: McWolfy. Well, in the short term that might work out, but either A: The Hero points are an entirely useless system and they should remove it entirely and just unlock everything, or B: there will eventually some point to the Hero points, so that even if you have plenty left over after hitting 80 and maxing everything out which is true on my main, at leastthere will be something useful to do with them. Posted by: IndigoSundown. They all have enough points to buy anything I want. ANet basically gave us a system that requires us to choose where to allocate points to get the build we want.

Then they took that choice away from anyone without a surplus of Hero Points. They made choices for me — using an automated system — that I did not want. Unlike those whose only Guild wars 2 reset training with a non max-level character is to be level 80, my goal is to enjoy the process of leveling.

This includes again for me the ability to evaluate choices and pick what looks interesting to me. And why? Sorry for the kittens which I typed out as kitten. Posted by: Jinesis. The points were spent on the traits and skills you were equipped. So actually you chose them. Not always. On my level 53 guardian, for example, I had points in all five lines, because I had none of the majors unlocked and that was the best way to spend my points under the circumstances.

The game arbitrarily picked two of them to master, two that I would not have chosen and had not indicated any particular preference for. Posted by: Rasimir. Are you going to address how you forced characters to train into builds using their hero points without their consent? Because so much had changed this was our initial plan. Here are problems it ran into. Here were some discussions points around that:. At the end of the day we wanted to ship this build so we had to decide. Based on instinct we erred on the side of helping people we thought would be more overwhelmed by the opposite choice, and I would make that choice again because it has less edge cases, impacts more expert users, and leans towards over unlocking for free to benefit most of the edge cases anyway.

It actually breaks everything. The point of a system with more Guild wars 2 reset training that points to spend is to allow players to both eventually unlock everything and to bank for future unlocks. If you take a system like that and allow people to refund in it you break both of these fundamental reasons for the system existing. There are two ways to go with any system that has points spent. This new system actually contains aspects of both of these.

On the build side of things and this is a general principle of GW2 we went with a make choices and refund system. The choices being which skills, specs and traits you select and the respec process being basically free once everything is unlocked. Posted by: Bowdon. I think they should have let people spec up how they want.

Also this new system is majorly lacking in explanation too. The idea that you should have to go out and complete more skill points, well. Posted by: Tarnicus. Understandably, many are upset about this. On my main character level 39 guardian I had 33 skill Hero points before the patch, and have the same afterwards.

On my alts, they appear to be the same. We were saving our skill points for the most part until we had a better understanding of game mechanics. I seem to have been rewarded for saving mine whilst she has been punished. Yes we are both low level and can easily get more hero points through levelling and doing skill challenges, however we cannot understand why our characters seem to have been affected so differently by the patch. Posted by: Muusic. So now it has been decided that I shall always remain a turret engy until I earn enough points as i level.

Guild wars 2 reset training

My build was decided on the skills I had equipped, not the traits I had selected. Releasing a new trait system and at the same time deciding to spend most of the points was a horrible idea, it removes the players ability to customize their toon. Posted by: Teufelaffe. Prior to the update, I had specced in Air, Arcane, and Fire. I had chosen specializations that gave me speed when equipped with daggers, increased damage when low health, and extra damage when downed. Posted by: zardozzardoz. Posted by: BrunoPuntzJones. I was pretty disappointed to see where I was pigeonholed too.

Necro with no minion skills gets Death, etc. Saying it would take that much more effort to allow both seems completely false, too — one NPC that resets Hero Points is too much work? They could just have them around for a month, or until HoT drops, or whatever, something to let us actually choose what to do with our points. Posted by: Gibson.

Guild wars 2 reset training

Resetting everything and letting people choose where to put their points was going to be too confusing to most of the players. So Mommy ANet approximated our builds for us. Posted by: Astralporing. You did choose, in a way — what was unlocked was based on your build on the patch day. In GW2 you can respec, because at level 80 at worst, and most likely well before that point you will have everything unlocked. Posted by: Arlee.

Guild wars 2 reset training

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