Guy loses swim trunks

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This happened a while ago when I was 14, but it is still one of my biggest fuckups. My friend M invited me and two other friends to sleep over at his house one summer day. I was really excited because although I was socially active and had plenty of friends, my summer up to this point had been filled with family vacation time. Being 14, I was ready to slit my wrists.

So, the thought of going to m's house for a day away from the family turned my underpants into a tub of cool whip. I packed a bag and was on my way. I arrived before the other two friends. Me and M caught up and discussed things that 14 year olds would talk about boobs n' shut.

The other two friends showed up and we immediately got into mischief. We played video games, hiked in his creek, wreaked havoc at the local shopping center, we did it all. We returned home and ate dinner only to find out that we would be going to the local beach on m's sailboat.

Guy loses swim trunks

That's fine an dandy, but the three of us that were invited were not told that we had to bring bathing suits. We decided on just wearing athletic shorts and underwear. As we were preparing to leave, it was also announced that m's sister's friends would be ing us in this "expedition" m's sister was in 6th grade with 6th grader friends, we were in 9th Everyone seemed cool with that, and I had talked to her friends before, knowing they were chill.

So we drive to the sailboat and sail to the beach. It's around 6 PM at this point, so it was getting cold. I warned that the water would be cold, and was met with the equivalent of "Don't be a little bitch". If you die from the cold don't blame me.

Guy loses swim trunks

We found a spot to anchor and sat for a little with m's parents as Guy loses swim trunks 6th graders jumped of the side and swam. After a while we decided to swim to the beach. After growing accustomed to the water which was so cold it turned my grapes into super raisinswe swam to the beach with the sixth graders. We went our separate ways, doing different activities.

After throwing handfuls of wet sand in each others faces an having chicken fights, we decided to sit in the water for a short time. We got bored, and one friend W took his shorts off with underwear still on we all did the same and were just chilling in the water in our undies.

Everyone's shorts were floating, so I didn't think much of letting them sit in front of me in the water. I looked up into the sky to see the first bits of stars appearing, and I admired them for a while. As a 14 year old, it was rare that I called things beautiful.

Unfortunately, it was that same sky that caused the fuck up, so it's not so beautiful in my memories. I felt like it was time to put my shorts back on, so I went to grab them. Upon examining the scene in front of me, one thing was clear: my shorts were gone.

Quick side note: if you've ever lost anything near the shore of a beach in the water where you think you can find it, you're not going to find it. It is almost impossible to find what you've lost, especially if its in the dark in murky water.

Keeping this in mind, I told my friends to immediately start looking for my shorts. I stayed crouched under the water while my friends "look" running their feet on the bottom I knew those motherfuckers were Guy loses swim trunks so we gave up.

Remembering M's sister and her friends made me feel even worse. There was no way that I could get back on the boat without them seeing me in my underwear. I didn't care about being around M's parents or my friends, but M's sister and her friends That just made me feel sick. I sat in the water, thinking what to do, when the 6th graders start swimming back to the boat.

Well shit, now they'll have to see me unless they turn around. I did not want to spoil these young children's minds, but I knew there was nothing I could do. I started the swim of shame to the boat, and when I arrived, we shared what happened with M's parents, and they didn't seem to care. Their thought process was "it's cool, it was an accident.

Lets not make a big deal. I started to climb out, and M's dad told the sixth graders to turn around. They did, but apparently something was so interesting in my general direction that they turned right as the towel was handed to me, and I'll never forget the looks on their faces.

The rest of the visit went by Uneventfully, but I went home one pair of shorts lighter. TL;DR Lost shorts underwater with friends, but 6th graders were there, and saw me in my underwear. Mental scarring occurred. When the 6th graders turned around, did you maintain eye contact to assert dominance? Even as young as 12 I got used to my underwear being my swimming trunks.

Found the internet! TIFU by losing my shorts at the beach. Posted by 7 years ago. It was a long ride home in the family van. Mental scarring occurred Edit: spelling. Sort by: best.

Guy loses swim trunks

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Guy loses swim trunks

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TIFU by losing my shorts at the beach