Gym class sucks

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As the title says, I believe students should be required to take PE every year. The class should be more than just playing dodge ball or kick ball, and should be more focused on activities that are actually beneficial, like jogging for 20 minutes straight. Not getting pegged in the face with a red ball. Students should also be graded on a basis of effort, not just if they changed into a white shirt and blue shorts.

People with disabilities or special circumstances are exempt, of course. EDIT: Performance based grading seems to be a little bit confusing for some, and I'll admit I didn't put forth an effort to really clarify what I want. Let me give an example. We are required to take an art class in public schools, at least I was.

I have no artistic talent when it comes to a pen or a brush, so everything I made looked like crap. I was still given a good grade because I put forth the effort to make something, even if it was terrible. I basically want the grading to be based on whether the student exerted himself and tried his best. If the muscle bound jock decides he wants to walk around the track, dicking off, he gets a poor grade for the day. As opposed to the overweight nerd who Gym class sucks breaking a sweat, who would be given an A for the day.

It would be a pass or fail situation, no D's, C's, or B's. Do or do not, there is no try. At the end of the class, every student should be tired and sweaty. At the end of the class I took called "Strength and Conditioning," which Gym class sucks basically PE on steroids, everyone was dead tired and sweaty. I was probably the least fit person in the class but didn't feel self conscious, because I worked as hard as everyone else. Sure I couldn't bench my weight, but I did the most I could.

Also, we had showers and used them. We wore bathing suits. I think they would be necessary for this idea of PE that I have to work. Before high school, I agree with you. Kids should learn how to keep themselves fit. However, by the time they get to high school, plenty of kids are preparing for their future; they're taking classes that interest them more and more, and getting the academic background they need to qualify for the colleges they want to go to. By this time, they should know how to stay fit if they want to. Many high school kids are enrolled in sports and get plenty of exercise that way.

Plenty of kids stay fit on their own without wasting a class period to do so. High school customarily allows at least a little bit more freedom in regards to how you spend your time learning; there's no reason to reverse that trend. The kids who want to stay fit will do so, and those that don't likely can't be pushed into it with a mandatory gym credit. Either way, as I mentioned before, kids should be able to focus on academics in high school if that's their prerogative.

Those that prepare properly can avoid wasting time and money taking intro classes in college; imposing arbitrary fitness requirements would interfere with that, to the detriment of the academically inclined student. I can agree with that, but I think you should bump it up a little bit to 11th and 12th grade. My first 2 years of highschool were basically math, science, english, history You Gym class sucks, the usual.

Gym class sucks

I'm also having a hard time reading your comment with the bolding and italics. For someone like me, who is jacked up on adderall, it is really distracting. Now, it's not that I don't like physical education, or I don't like physical activity. It is specifically this class, which is precisely the kind that you proposed, that made me dread it and completely disassociate it with fun. In one of my high school years, I failed gym class, which was graded based on "effort. But I wasn't perky and enthusiastic and excited all the time. I hated it, I was bad at it, it was awful.

So I had to go to summer school, at a different school, with a different teacher. We never "jogged for 20 minutes. The teacher recognized that that was pointless, boring, and unstimulating. She wasn't interested in being paid to make kids run around in circles. We played the usual games like basketball, soccer, and discus. All of which I was bad at.

But I felt really proud in other ways. I never had to stand around or look like I wasn't doing anything. I didn't have to do pointless things. There was always something I could be doing, whether attempting to shoot hoops, or practice bouncing the ball, or what have you. We also had to write a paper about some form of exercise and its cardiovascular benefits. I was able Gym class sucks actually be really good at something in physical education class.

Making kids run around in circles for 45 minutes twice a week isn't going to make them physically fit. I had gym class twice a week all throughout high school and it didn't do a damn thing. Kids at the first school, an expensive private academy, got an average of 9.

Kids at the other two schools — one in a village near Plymouth and the other an urban school — got just 2. No matter how much P. Gym class doesn't translate to more movement. Instead, you just teach fat kids to think that "exercise" is this thing that's painful, boring, and humiliating. The way my high school did it, you had to take P. I think that's a fair exemption; if you're in soccer practice every day after school, why should you additionally have to be in a class to do Gym class sucks Exercise helps a bit, but it won't be the deciding factor.

Further more, make something an obligation, and many people won't want to do it. From personal experience, I can tell you how much a narrow view on exercise school imposed on me.

Gym class sucks

It was either running or sports. I hate sports, and I suck at running. Nowhere near that time did it occur to me that there are other ways that might suit me better. Nor did it ever crossed my mind that there'd be any reason to exercise other than to do sports, or pass that subjects. So, while I agree with your general intention, you should not only look at the physical consequences of this, but the psychological ones, how those impressionable and often rebellious kids and teens will view physical activity.

I think it's better to try to teach and educate on the importance of health and caring about yourself enough to stay fit. I agree with most of this, except that I don't think it should be purely strength and conditioning and cardio.

Gym class sucks

Sports and games are important, because the biggest lesson you can teach someone about fitness is that it can be fun. I despise jogging. Yet I spend about an hour a week in total jogging. Because we do it as part of several warmups for my krav maga class, and I love krav with an unholy love. If all I knew about fitness was that it required jogging, I'd stay on my couch all day.

Gym class sucks

Introducing people to sports and activities that they might enjoy is a way to keep them fit after they leave the class. Some people love weightlifting, but others don't. Those people might turn out to love soccer or climbing or kickball, though, enough to do them on their own outside of class. Lifetime fitness is a lot more important than a couple semester's worth of bulkier muscles and better cardio. Being physically fit is not a requirement Gym class sucks be successful in life. Why should a student who aspires to be a video game deer a profession requiring no physical excellency have his GPA hurt ificantly by his inability to jog 20 minutes?

We live in a society where people are more valuable if they have more firepower in their brain. An intellectual is more valuable to society than a competitive lifter. What you're proposing is reducing that intellectual's GPA, and thus their chances to get into a better university, while overvaluing a competitive lifter, who contributes near nothing to the advancement of the human race.

Gym class sucks

The trend of increasing obesity in America has almost certainly nothing to do with high school gym class. Did they stop Gym class sucks gym classes in ? I think not. The first instinct is to say, "Well, we're all on computers, duh. Meanwhile, Germany's got an obesity problem, as well. Unhealthy and high-calorie you can still get fat by eating healthy if it's calorically dense enough!

A big reason for that? Aggressive US subsidy of corn in comparison to healthier crops. Edit: What I'm saying is, if you want to target American obesity, target its' cause. Our athleticism hasn't saved us so far and there's no reason to think it'll save us in the future - just get us hungrier. My main problem with gym class is the same problem I had with my gym class: How can someone properly grade 'effort?

I had minimal trouble staying in the top 5 people who ran miles anytime my class had to do it, so does that mean I would have a C in the class even though I was outperforming a large chunk of the student body? Every other class is based off performance, and tangible. Trying Gym class sucks argue that a class should be based off a subjective grading system sounds utterly ridiculous to me. What you describe is literally what I was put through for 1 hour every day of the week for my entire public school career, and what it came down to was kids walking in circles and doing a very half-assed jog when it came time to run.

Throw in some half-assed sports play and you have a course description for what I dealt with. The problem however is, there's no way for teachers to objectively grade you on effort. So long as the kids follow directions and do exactly what you tell them to do, you pretty much have to give them a B or higher.

In my high school, we had a system very similar to this.

Gym class sucks

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