Hot female geeks

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The cliche is a dweeb in glasses who plays video games, collects comics obsessively, and no experience with people especially women. But the geek stereotype retains that all one has to do is slap on glasses to make a character look nerdy. The first few seasons of Buffy focus on high school life where Willow finds herself constantly picked on as a loser. A computer geek with a crush on Xander, Willow is shy and mousy when the reality is that Alyson Hannigan was always an incredibly beautiful woman.

Hot female geeks

She turned into a powerful witch when the truth was that Willow was always a steamy lady from the beginning. At first, Elizabeth Henstridge was rather dressed down and quiet to fit her lab duties. As the series has gone on, Simmons has gotten into the field more and shown a very hot side to herself.

She can handle herself in a fight and even dress up in some very fantastic fashions. This beloved cult comedy focuses on a pack of weirdos forming a study group known for their irreverent humor. She even got to show off in some steamy outfits in later episodes as others noted her beauty. Brie has gotten more fame for GLOWbut this showed her breakout as a hot geek.

Hot female geeks

Today, computer geeks love to mock this thriller for its very outdated views of the internet and hacking. It does still tell a thrilling tale of Angela as a woman so closed off from the world that it takes little effort to erase her identity.

This is a woman who is in a bikini on the beach typing, but somehow no one pays attention to her and she has trouble meeting a man.

Hot female geeks

Bullock may be an Oscar winner, but playing a convincing geek was a bit beyond her. She is clearly the smartest person in her entire family and when the series began, was in the shadow of older sister Haley.

Hot female geeks

Introduced in the second season of LuciferElla was a former street mechanic turned lab tech. Aimee Garcia is actually very attractive in just a t-shirt, coat and jeans. Even the Devil himself enjoys how this funny lady proves a Hot female geeks geek can be very hot. She spends her time-fighting everything from vampire puppets to talking apes and wears her geek love on the sleeve of her coat.

Her lines are great bringing up scores of movies and TV shows, while loving a night of video games over partying. Yet Natalie Morales is truly gorgeous, even making the uniform work right and a key reason why this series was a love letter to geek culture. She ends up becoming her aid in the wild tale including some steamy scenes. The TNT series focused on a pack of eccentric adventurers grouped together to stop various evil mythologies and monsters from attacking the world.

Hot female geeks

Cassandra is a woman who is utterly brilliant at math and can literally see equations to figure out solutions. Lindy Booth plays her as a quirky lady whose behavior is seen as too weird for people to get close to. That ignores how lovely Booth looks in the role and how she can be just as hot as co-star Rebecca Romijin. This gal clearly is no bookworm. The plot has Freddie Prinze Jr. NCIS made a big deal about Abby being a pretty big weirdo. From coming to work in her goth outfit to her over-excited presentation of clues, Abby was a geek through and through.

A great episode has Abby dressed as Marilyn Monroe for Halloween, oblivious to how every man is ogling her. The show has lost something since she left. That can explain her weird mannerisms and why she comes off so shy at first. Among his team is Becky, a goofy tech played by Nina Dobrev. Slapping on a pair of glasses and a suit does absolutely Hot female geeks to hide how Dobrev is probably the hottest woman in the entire cast.

Her babbling and quirky manner are downright appealing and she even shows her stuff in a fight. In Furious 7, t he gang are told they have to rescue a hacker who can help them bring down bad guy Shaw. The movie even had Nathalie Emmanuel show up in a bikini in a scene yet continue to play herself as some geek. Felicity Smoak was only supposed to be on one episode of Arrow as an IT tech Oliver goes to for help, but Emily Bett Rickards was so engaging in the role that the producers added her on as a regular.

Her wonderful humor and banter made her a fan favorite and the show continued to push her geeky attitude. Bernadette was a squeaky-voiced blonde whose job at a secret lab was hinted at being rather dangerous. She had a good relationship with Howard and the show emphasized how well she balanced his geekiness.

Of course, casting Melissa Rauch was a huge move as the show would find ways of showcasing her curves and sense of style. Thus, the female geek Hot female geeks outdo Kaley Cuoco in terms of hotness. Felicia Day is considered something of a geek goddess. From her online videos, to her book, to TV shows like The Guild, Eureka, and others, Day just has an amazing ability to mix nerdiness with sexiness. Fans were outraged when she met an ugly end but thankfully, an alternate reality version showed up to prove that a Charlie in any world is a wonderful thing.

The actress earned an Emmy for her work which is so amazing that fans can be fooled into thinking the clones are different actresses. Patterson her first name has never been revealed is the resident genius of this special FBI team who often delivers exposition via some nice sardonic lines. But Johnson has been able to show off more as Patterson gets into the field and her beauty makes her scenes all the better.

A wild twist was revealing her father as Bill Nye in order sell her geek credentials. Sources: TV Tropes, io9. By Michael Weyer Published Oct 04, Share Share Tweet Comment. Related Topics Entertainment movies television shows. Have You Met Ted?

Hot female geeks

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