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The hottest video game girls are every gamer's first crush. As video game companies continue to work to bring gamers the latest in enhanced virtual reality, including the realiest virtual breasts, it's a good time to reflect on all of the hottest video game girls that have been part of many epic gaming experiences. Although there has been controversy surrounding the portrayal of women in video games for years, they still continue to kick ass.

Games starring female protagonists that are both resourceful players and absurdly attractive are hitting the shelves with more frequency. Some are femme fatales while others are resourceful companions or explorers, but all of these hottest video game girls are united in their undeniable ability to make gamers tick.

As virtual reality works harder to closely mimic physical reality, there is no doubt that the women of the gaming world are only going to get dreamier. Soon gamers may be able to rendezvous with Lara Croft in the jungle or be the one Hot girls from video games a crew member in Mass Effect. Although the medium is still very much in its relative infancy, video games have produced some of the most stone cold stunners in the entertainment world, even when they were just a few polygons on a screen. That means very little to the fans though, and as time goes on the amount of women being represented in games only become more realistic and more stunning.

These are our hottest video game girls. Image via Vahrkallas Video Games. The mysterious damsel from BioShock Infinite turned out to be a surprisingly powerful ally. As a being with the ability to travel to alternate realities and time, Elizabeth certainly holds her own. She proves early on in the game that she isn't dead weight.

She regularly converses with you and will throw you ammo or vigors in tough situations. In addition, she has the ability to manipulate tears in the fabrics of time and space, making her pretty formidable. It is also learned throughout the game that she is the daughter of Robert DeWitt, adding a nice circularity and emotional element to the game's world.

These small touches add to the depth of the game and breathes life in an A. These characteristics make Elizabeth a deuteragonist that almost overpowers DeWitt. This big personality paired with her coy smile are hard to resist. Image via Platstation All-Stars Wiki. Meet the surprisingly awesome protagonist of the gory slasher game, Lollipop Chainsaw. Everything about this bubbly blonde cheerleader should be enough to make us want to pull our hair out, but instead she invokes strange feelings of desire.

The contrast of seeing this adorable girl giggling as the flecks of blood from her latest massacre cover her revealing uniform can leave you wondering what exactly you feel for her. Juliet is badass in a slightly disturbing way, but that's what makes her so charming. Players meet the eighteen-year-old in her bedroom where she gives a sultry intro that walks the line between sweet innocence and subtly naughty. Not long after that, she's swinging a chainsaw and collecting zombie he.

What's not to love? Image via Dead or Alive Wiki. One of the original eight fighters in the Dead or Alive series and easily the hottest video game girl from the series. Yeah, there are other women clad in bikinis and playing volleyball on the beach, but Kasumi offers a level of depth underneath her massive assets. The deadly ninja has been with the series since and was the winner of the first Dead or Alive t ournament. Her traditional outfit is reminiscent of Chun-Li's classic uniform, but don't worry, she spends plenty of time in a bikini in Dead or Alive 5. Image via Metro.

She may not be considered a sex symbol in the traditional sense but damn is she sure sexy. Ever since the intergalactic bounty hunter came out of her power suit at the end of the original Metroid game she's been stunning gamers everywhere. Since that first game inSamus has been mostly depicted in her zero suit. She has been one of Nintendo's biggest mascots and helped revive the Wii U system with a new title in Although there has been little to no elaboration about her personality, gamers have rallied around the character.

Many applaud the Metroid games as being some of the most difficult classic games ever. Image via Marvel vs. Capcom Wiki. This is one succubus that would be invited to seduce us any time. An antihero from the Darkstalker's series, Morrigan is more complex then a typical sexual demon. She is not only super hot but has a compelling personality that exudes confidence, playfulness, and is super seductive. This royal demon is known for being a bit conceited and with good reason and can often be selfish in her hunt Hot girls from video games fulfill her hedonistic needs.

This translates into her spending a lot of time in the physical world trying to get it on. Where is the up list? Image via Game Art HQ. Another bad girl that's just too good to forget. Ivy Valentine was born into wealth and status with beauty to boot but was drawn into the dark world of Soulcalibur after discovering the Soul Edge had destroyed her father. Oh, she discovered this while studying alchemy, by the way. This knowledge led her to vowing to avenge her father in the form of wielding a snake sword and removing almost all the clothing material from around her breasts.

Maybe her sexy costume helps her kick so much ass? All we know is that revenge looks really good on this foxy fighter. Chun-Li's thick thighs and a mean high kick are just a few notable things about the female fighter. Making her debut in 's Street Fighter IIChun-Li was the only female character and the first to appear in any one-on-one fighting style game. Most noted for her agility and easy handling, Chun-Li soon became a favorite choice for players. Although she is not as physically strong as the other fighters, her ability to deliver rapid fire blows with easy to execute combos makes her a power player.

Her fighting style is a combination of ancient martial arts techniques such as Chinese Kempo and Taekwondo. The most famous move associated with her fights is her Hyakuretsukyaku which delivers kicks in rapid succession with great accuracy. Many are eagerly awaiting her return in the upcoming Street Fighter V. A tough woman with long strong legs is enough to have any gamer coming back for more. Image via PC Wall Art. The deadly Mortal Kombat princess and her legion of almost as hot assassins is literal video game royalty.

Although Jade and Mileena are largely similar to Kitana in appearance, their personalities and overall fighting styles can't really compare to Kitana's violent beauty. Kitana has been a steel fan wielding, ass kicking character with a strong running story and a really dark past since 's Mortal Kombat II.

That was until Mortal Kombat 9 when Sindel pretty much destroyed Kitana's soul in an epic and bloody fight. Now the poster girl of the video game series has risen from the grave and appeared in the trailer for the next title in the series. Even after her death in MK9it would be hard to imagine the game without Kitana. Lara Croft, the archaeologist with a knack for tomb raiding, has undergone many transformations since her introduction in Since then the franchise has seen expansions in the form of books, comics, and theme park rides. One thing that's never changed though is how ridiculously hot she is.

Known for wielding pistols and sparring with jungle animals, the character went from a trigger happy killer to an archer with deadly aim in the the most recent reboot. In addition to her prowess with weaponry she is also intelligent, resourceful, and graceful enough to quell the backlash of sexism in video games. Seriously, she makes killing and grave robbing look like an art.

Her proportions have definitely gotten more realistic in the recent Tomb Raider games; but Lara Croft remains sexy enough to bring gamers to their knees. Image via forwallpaper. Sure, Lara Croft has a lot more experience, but Tifa undoubtedly has more character. For a long time, Lara Hot girls from video games personality was defined by her prowess with a gun, but Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII has a story with high emotional stakes that are impossible not to fall for.

Anyone with a best friend from childhood that grew up to be so-attractive-it-hurts knows that there's nothing like history, personality, and maturity to make you rethink the relationship. Tifa was there for Cloud through everything, despite him being a confused and brooding womanizer.

Hot girls from video games

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