Is master p son gay

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Is master p son gay

What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Install the app. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Master P Weakest Rapper There Is, but Goddamn, this guy is rich! Thread starter dj spotlight Start date Sep 24, Damn, what doesnt this guy do?

I read a music magazine, and I see him and his gay son advertisin their P Miller ature clothing line I read a shoe magazine, and I see him advertising his shoe line as well which are pretty much rip offs of other popular Nike shoes with his logo on em I read a car magazine, and I see him selling amplifiers and subs too!!!

And rims as well!! Goddamn, is this guy rich or what? PBoyProducer New member. DaOriginalBlade You're Forgiven. They all sucked to me even when they first came out. But I wouldn't mind having his bank by any means. Master P is a very good business man and I'll always respect him for that.

Is master p son gay

His record label is a different story though. However I used to like Fiend when he was on their label, and I thought they used to have some very nice production thanks to beats by the pound. Yeah P is a cool business man, do you know the points he got on his first major deal?

Yeah when he first came out it was a different style and he ventured away from that because he was trying to presue his basketball career and was trying to break the rapper image at the time. Ever since the second tru disc it hasn't been the same, Mr Serv-on was the last disc I bought. Then like my man said Cash Money came on the sene which they were big in the N. O and Baton Rouge for a long time. Yeah P is good business man but he has his hands in too much right now.

Have you seen the Potatoe Chips????? I Is master p son gay hate'n but I don't like when people tell a bold face lie. Yeah, I respect him as a businessman and I like a couple of his and No Limit's classic songs. I just despise his poor taste. Nevertheless, I personally won't go as far as saying he's a weak rapper because he obviously captured the audience he wanted.

Believe it or not, not everyone wants to hear some deep, lyrical rap shyt that gets you thinking. Some people just want to hear a nice instrumental that knocks in the car system and some words spoken in a rythmic fashion in a manner that they can relate to. Click to expand Last edited: Sep 24, GamezBond Banned.

Master P sucks now as a rapper, but back when he did his old stuff he was probably one of the best rappers on No Limit, besides Mystikal. When No Limit was big, his songs were the best ones they were putting out.

Y'all don't remember "Bout it Bout it"? He fell off after he made all his money. Beatz4DaMasses New member. Zer0PointEnergY New member. All I got to say is "Mr. Ice Cream Man Did you say Master P amps? Do you really want a Master P amp? I don't.

Is master p son gay

Oweboy New member. Master P's a businessman if I ever saw one. He took advatage of a time when rap wasnt really goin n e where and sold millions of records back to back. ILuvbeats New member. He is so rich, he don't care about rap skills he can eathis kids can eat, they kids can eat, they kids can and they kids canget the picture. Respect comes now for how much money you get? What about the kind of person you are? Man, a large percent of yall done fell into a trap. Just because a couple of nutty wig wearin slave owners invented the paper doller, yall think you "need it" to survive.

Last time i checked foodwaterand clothing sprang freely from the earth. Yall think because you do work to keep this control going, and they reward you by letting you survivethat your men. But dont respect the qualities of the most high in a personand he gave it to us for free.

Is master p son gay

Damn, thats cold. Noi dont hate Mister P, i just dont respect him. And I dont know about you Kaliyl, but last time I check, respect did come from how much money you have Our world and society thrive and rely on money Sorry to say Kali but your wrong, its one huge cycle and if you cant realize that then maybe you shouldnt be here. Yeah I agree that money should not make a manbut at the same who are we to hate and say that if you got money you ain't real or keepin it real, everything cost, but I feel what some katz is saying peace of mind is better than peace of cheese, with money comes fake people and problems but at the same time you still want to be comfortable and live well, but if you don't stay humble when it all gets taken away and stripped from your grasp ,you will not have anybody, trust me i know first hand.

Is master p son gay

If You can't live with pappertry living without it ,reality will set in quickrespect don't pay bills money does. So if I was yaw I would get it how you get, but stay humble at the same time. But everybody has the right to their own opion in life style, I just will never want to live broke. It messed up that that is the way world is made up but its not nothing new, currency has been around since the beginning of time.

Think about it, but we all have right to be here and express our views and opinions that is what make this a great country, even though it has its problems. And my opinion is that time is the most precious commodity, more than diamonds, gold, and money think about it once you spend time you can't get if back and you can never have enough of it, so be careful what you do with it once its gone its gone, you only live once, spend each day like its your, last you are not promised tomorrow so live for today.

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Is master p son gay

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