Isabella valentine feminization

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Regrette Etcetera. This may be accomplished by traditional hypnosis suggestions in this case generally delivered by audio recordings and filmmetaphorical stories, or intense visualization while under hypnosis. Feminization hypnosis is a controversial type of hypnosis, occasionally classified as a type of voluntary brainwashing, and is generally regarded as fraudulent by registered or professional hypnotists.

These currents can be found to echo throughout the Feminization Hypnosis materials in subtle yet nefarious ways. Instead of having male and female atributes in conflict with Isabella valentine feminization other, learn how to the forces of your mind and body — and have them work together to achieve a gender balance and harmony. This CD or MP3 recording will even complement your existing feminization regime — so add it to your feminine box-of-tricks today!

For those who self-identify more strongly as a woman than a man, they may seek outlets for their female side including cross-dressing, gender reasment surgery and, increasingly, hypnosis. Feminization hypnosis can play an important role in helping to prepare or complete gender reasment surgery.

Isabella Valentine www. But surgical operations can only change the outside of your body, it can not make you feel like a real woman, because inside you are still a man. Instead, hypnosis breaks down the psychological barriers that prevent a man to become a truly woman. An under-explored area, Feminization Hypnosis is a recent phenomenon that has been gaining popularity, mainly online. The of dedicated femmehypno sites has risen from 8 in to 94 inthe of products available from 30 to over respectively, according to sitetrend.

Some sites boast high s of visitors. The producers go about establishing authority in the usual manner- Satisfied customer statements, repetitive assertions of their veracity, efficacy, vie expert testimonial etc. Narrated in the flat, monotonous tone commonly associated with hypnosis, and often with a pervasive boredom bordering on contempt. The more professional works contain jingles, music and standardized branding motifs.

Or is that first nature? Trans: Isabella valentine feminization Proclivities of Transfemme identities to Hypnosis according to associated literature:. In the context of a domme-sub relationship, forced feminization is a relatively common form of sexual play. Femdom and sissification are key areas in the production and reinforcement of gender stereotypes. Hypnosis can enhance role-playing in these situations, and brainwashing techniques may be used by the dominant.

Isabella valentine feminization

The sessions may or may not include an experience of sex as a woman. In the case of a series of such recorded products by Isabella Valentine, a well known female dominant using hypnosis extensively, brainwashing includes high volume, tremolo binaural brainwave patterns played very rapidly, alternating beats in each ear, white noise, high frequencies, drones, whispers and static to achieve ificant confusion Isabella valentine feminization the listener while suggestions and subliminal suggestions are repeated for effect. Some providers offer feminization hypnosis sessions by phone.

Specifically in relation to feminization hypnosis, such techniques are often used to feminize and thus disempower a captive, source, or population- replete with a deliberately invoked range of cultural phobias around gender, sexuality, menstruation etc. This facet of femme hypno, extending the use in Sissification and FemDom settings, is a fertile area of investigation and experimentation for the Fauxists. See the aforementioned documents for more information.

Ray Blanchard, Etc. This is popular especially among those who want to let out the inner women within them… They are doing this in order to break away from what they see as a lifelong trap — being in the wrong body when they feel like they are more like women than men.

Isabella valentine feminization

Why are we motivated to change our sex? Is it due to genetics? Living in a plastic-surgery-obsessed culture? Such questions represent the intellectualization of objectifying transsexuals. That is, until psychologist J. The premise of the book is that all transsexual women transition for purely sexual reasons — either to attract straight men or because they are sexually aroused by the idea of being or becoming female.

A deviance in each causes gender dysphoria, and in extreme cases ultimately causes transsexuality.

Isabella valentine feminization

To what extent does such a claim tacitly reinscribe the very logic of temporality that it seeks to negate? And to what extent does a perspective sensitive to gender issues either affirm or complicate the thesis of the end of history and the end of sex? Epochal change or paradigm shift accompanied by worry, patrol and fascination with category-troubling. Many theorists note the pervasiveness of images of transsexuality within much postmodern and poststructuralist thought.

Isabella valentine feminization

This fate is transsexuality. Transsexual not in any anatomical sense but rather in the more general sense of transvestism, of playing with the commutability of the s of sex … we are all transsexuals. The media visibility of such celebrities as Madonna, Michael Jackson, and La Cicciolina becomes symptomatic for Baudrillard of a fascination with the exaggeration, parody, and inversion of ifiers of sexual difference which pervades the entirety of contemporary Western culture. Two of the most influential feminist theorists of recent times, Donna Haraway and Judith Butler, have both sought in different ways to break out of the prisonhouse of gender by reconceptualizing masculinity and femininity as performative, unstable, and determined.

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Isabella valentine feminization

You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. Feminization Hypnosis??? Am I missing something here? By for my fascination about it is that I am 61 and have always wanted to be a female. So I am frustrated and subject to depression being in the wrong body. I meditate but Feminization Hypnosis does not work for me. But for some it does. Anything that is repetitive like this works if you do it enough because it gets to the subconscious. But like all things there are people in it just to make money and their files are nearly useless.

There is a correct way to make Subliminal and self hypnosis files and most are not doing it correctly. Do not try it one a week for a kick. On a legit HRT regimen either from a Dr. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google. You are commenting using your Twitter. You are commenting using your Facebook. Notify me of new comments via. Notify me of new posts via. Fauxist Associated Project by Regrette Etcetera. Rate this:. Like this: Like Loading Kevin Williams said. Gypsy Shepherd said. Leave a Reply Cancel reply comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

required Address never made public. Name required. Blog at WordPress. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by. From Mona Blu. And you feel this deep hypnotic resonating being. Hues in various shades of pink and purples. So very very soft, so very hypnotically soft, Isabella valentine feminization and lace in perfect harmony, and you feel so very hypnotic.

Isabella valentine feminization

Prolonged visual directives guide you towards a feeling of sexual fulfillment and gender identity. Focus is completely lost as you simply allow intensive post hypnotic triggers to embed themselves deep into your psyche.

Isabella valentine feminization

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