Katie holmes booty

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After divorcing Tom Cruise, her husband of five years, and settling into a new home in New York, Katie Holmes is keeping all of her options open. Katie Holmes' Allure cover shoot: Behind-the-scenes video. But it was always my goal to make it back to the stage. And as far as giving daughter Suri a sibling one day? There Katie holmes booty been rumors that the actress was looking to acquire a law degree, which Holmes didn't wholly dismiss. I like the practical thinking of attorneys.

Katie Holmes: Her style timeline. If there's anything Holmes is willing to take a stand against at this point in her life and career, it's being "mean. Only white people or black people who never ever seen an actual butt, would called that a butt let alone big if that. Now the reason he slapped her, because he thought he can; because the way she show and present herself as being disrespectful. When I was in high school and freshman in college, I didn't know any better I was dressing in booty shorts, I was getting slapped by black men and white men; but now since I am too curvy like a video vixen that the butt can move all kinds of ways and I am little bit matured and wiser now; and now that I dress respectfully.

I see white men and black men starring hard at my behind and they don't dare to touch, because of how I carry myself with class. Here he don't look at Beyonce as a respectful young lady, because of the way she carries herself. Come on people! Our mothers always taught us, the way you carry yourself is what people deemed you to be which is so true. So women that get groped when dressing inappropriately and put themselves in the mist of the situation gets no response from me, because they know for a fact what they are doing to draw attention to themselves. So really people should know better period.

Her only talent is her rear end, and she's offended when a Katie holmes booty responds to it that way?!?! Give me a break lady The headline is misleading. Granted the guy shouldn't have slapped her butt, however, she should have taken the higher road and just gotten back on stage an made a joke at the guys expense. Methinks she is a little to full of herself. You voted for Romney, didn't you? I can tell. While not all conservatives are racist, all racists are conservative. I bet it took like an hour for it to stop wobbling after he slapped it. Like Homer Simpson's belly.

No wonder she got mad. Too bad he didn't slap her in the face. I think it's pretty lousy she had him escorted out though. Will never understand why media considers her a great beauty. She leaves me cold with her bland features. She's like custard, kinda sweet but no real strong flavor. Well she is good looking and entertains well, the fan just got of control in all of the excitement, no harm.

Katie holmes booty

She felt bad cause maybe she is pregnant and dont want to be touched. Dont blame her, keep plugging away Beyonce, tell JAY to come to Toronto, I need to chat with him regarding a cricket league. Interesting, maybe she should have left him at home. That's wrong, but damn! I don't blame him! In our beautiful country we are used to bubblelicious butts and thus refrain from slopping or pinching, but in Europe? It was wrong but she needs to stop dancing like she's in da strip club. Respect others n change da way u dance. U got a lovely voice tats all u need.

What does the s lut expect.

Katie holmes booty

If you put it out there then don't complain when you get harassed. Maybe if she and certain media didn't focus on or promote the fact that she has a big bubble ass this wouldn't happen. She should be happy that someone besides Sean Carter would even touch it! Aha,,NOW she's offended! Perhaps he was merely wiping a rogue corn niblet from her buttocks, a remnant of a pre concert poop. Queen Bey? Your kidding me with this right?

Katie holmes booty

Certainly no queen in this world Artist saturation in it's finest hour. A double negative! That means he should have slapped it! But no. I wouldn't touch that thing. I'd give that big ole booty a slap if it meant I got tossed from the concert — hell, I only tolerate her for her looks. Playfully slapping someone's booty isn't a very serious Katie holmes booty. Probably the only good reason for ejecting the fan is worry about the consequences of allowing the precedent to be set.

If she was touching fans, then it was in some faces. I would have touched it to see if it was real. Curiosity does that. I don't care if she's a celebrity or a woman on the street, if she has a big ass or none at all. It is not ok to violate personal space. I for one have had enough of Beyonce! She has an incredible voice I think it's time to stop shaking that big fat ass in our faces already! CNN welcomes a lively and courteous discussion as long as you follow the Rules of Conduct set forth in our Terms of Service.

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Our daily cheat-sheet for breaking celebrity news, Hollywood buzz and your pop-culture obsessions. Daft Punk lands first No. May 29, at am Report abuse Reply Post a comment Name: required E-mail: required, but will not be displayed. If it's only for one person, you can get away with a small basket or box. If it's for a couple, you should make sure there are enough snacks for two people. Actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are having a hard time convincing people of their sudden hot and heavy romance.

Why is this romance such a hard pill to swallow? Doesn't anyone believe in love at first sight anymore? You can never go wrong with groumet food and drink gift baskets — not with so many to choose from! These combinations are far more affordable, but Katie holmes booty just as eloquently to your good taste, which people will want to associate themselves with. Some of the people here are paid to postand put together idioticconversations They meaning more that one Look at there language, sounds the same old thing I am not concerned about how she looks.

I am concerned that she sounds mentally disabled. It may be the "article", but really get some "balls". The stupid girl thing wears thin. Take it easy there.

Katie holmes booty

She's playing it cool, she did just turn around on Tom Cruise for gawds sake.

Katie holmes booty

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