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Goddamn, I miss her smile so much. Her smile alone gave her so much personality. But braids are definitely looking good as time passes to say the least. Always ended up settling with short bob or pixie cut hairstyle instead. And it looks better with a white background. So I made this…barely any difference than her usual getup lol. In-game model is cute…the render on the other hand…oighh. Sadly most of the programs I found were either outdated or no longer available for download. Still learning how to use Xnalara but the rigging is just darn complicated. The more I search for classic tomb raider, the more I yearn for old school 3rd person puzzle platformer, namely the ones made by Core.

Oh how I miss Core De. Sure why not? Laura Cruise. Another thing to note is how the game is pushing onto realism. I never wanted to be her or relate to her. And the character itself, Lara was fun and charming. I like to think Lara was left-handed apart from being ambidextrous eventhough in TR1-TR3 she was all right-handed. Classic Lara always had that kind of personality except she can be clumsy af. Actually it does matter at least to me. I remember in an interview of the Tomb Raider movie, they had to make customised hand gun for Angelina Jolie because she was left-handed.

Imagine Lara was left handed and the dual pistols were custom made specifically for her. How cool that? Well, she can use any gun scattered around the map when standard firearm usually favours right-handed. So basically, she have to adapt to using things made for people Lara croft smile are right-handed and I know not every left-handed can do that.

Some even struggle to use a pair of scissors. I thought it was rather Lara croft smile. However, she did became sort of left-handed in TR4 and in Angel Of Darkness most of the pick-up animations were Lara using her left hand. Also this….

Lara croft smile

Well, then, feast your eyes on this stunning display of shallow stupidity. For context this was what I found going the through the comments on a post for Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It also lets me one up this bitch right out the gate. He says Lara had no human struggles… um… disillusion after the events of Tomb Raider 4? The struggle of finding herself amidst a stifling upbringing? The likely drama that resulted from her leaving her home in disgrace? The complicated relationship she had with Werner, the man who taught her how to adventure, but also fought against her in the field? How are those not human struggles?

I myself have felt variations of all of these, despite leading a life that could not be more different from Lara if I tried. Says she has no character, the personality of a British stripper… good lord.

Lara croft smile

She has a passion for adventure, and danger. She loves to explore the world, and feel the freedom she gets isolated from the world in the ruins of these ancient civilizations. She loves the danger, but also finds peace and fulfilment in it. How is that not personality and character? Chris perfectly explained everything.

People like this will call classic Lara to be a slut because they just want to see her like that due to her big boobies. It gives a clear picture of how morally low they are. Oh imagine, she dares to have big tits! She must be dumb then. They cannot see past it. And do you know why? Because she is much more complex and developed than their beloved Laraboot. Her story was not served immediately with the starter; we had to wait a bit to get the best for dessert.

Unlike with TR games these days that are just shallow. Third Lara croft smile out and what fans get again - a girly Rambo killing half of the forest so that this predator can be, again, shocked 2 minutes later for killing one guy wanting to sacrifice a boy. And what more, she fucking wonders for the third time what will she become!!! If you like it, good for you, enjoy it. We will keep our Lara Croft, the one that truly made her own mark and left us in You know, no Lara croft smile how much we try to discuss and reason with this people, they will never get a thing.

Bulimic or stripper are things that no one can put next to the words Lara Croft. Originally posted by clairesail. No one that has played the classics and paid attention to what they were playing can get such an opinion of the character. My conclusion is that they have no idea about who is Lara and how her spirit was. Hell, not even the Tomb Raider movies, which I personally hate, give that image of Lara. All you feel before Angelina Jolie is respect and reverence. Because to me nowadays people have to be spoon fed every step of the way. It was beautiful conveyed by her attitude alone.

They played it safe and it worked for them. And sorry, that girl forever will not be Lara Croft. I missed the actual date but still wanted to draw for the birthday. This is how I picture TR community. Yeah being nice is cool and all, but fighting out of love for one another strengthens bonds better than anything.

I have to be honest here, my impressions are not positive so far. Real quick, I think this game is boring as shit. The problem is the alien can pop up anywhere at random, in the middle of doing story objectives, and hiding from this big dumb creature takes forever. If it sees you, you are dead, reload save. Sit through all the same exact dialogue over and over, have alien spawn right behind you, reload save again.

Lara croft smile

All tension is gone after the first encounter, the alien is just an annoyance, threatening you with repeating the same short segment of the game yet again because the only trick in its book is to bore the player into making a mistake out of a desire to finally progress in the game. The objectives themselves are very repetitive and tedious, having you backtrack all over this space station to turn on hundreds of power generators while avoiding said alien and probably reloading saves due to cheap deaths.

While the story itself is decent, the gameplay feels like all padding, all the time. Oh, also, there are human enemies to fight, because those are never shitty in an Alien game, right? They can be dodged or avoided, but they can also be fought in very spongy combat, though beating the white not-blood out of one with a stun baton is very satisfying. While exploration is discouraged due to the threat of the alien being able to find you at any time, the only real enjoyment I got out of this game so far is exploring the space station.

The sound de is also excellent. The game does have some bad bugs too, like on occasion when paused, the game will no longer respond to commands from my gamepad so I cannot load a save or the game or quit or anything, while the mouse still works this is definitely not a problem with my controller as it never did this in any of the other games I have played with this controller lately, like Halo MCC. There Lara croft smile also some missing sound effects, like Ripley relo her flamethrower in silence. At least it was free. Posts Likes Got questions? Ask away!

Lara croft smile

Originally posted by clairesail No one that has played the classics and paid attention to what they were playing can get such an opinion of the character. Realism killed Lara Croft and the franchise. See this in the app Show more. Recently Liked.

Lara croft smile

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