Lucky rabbit muncie indiana

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Lucky rabbit muncie indiana

United States Indiana Muncie. Lucky Rabbit Tattoos. Lucky Rabbit Tattoos Muncie, Indiana. General Info. Please stop by the studio for any quotes or pricing questions, or us!

Lucky rabbit muncie indiana

We will not respond to facebook messages. I highly recommend coming to this place. Great service and amazing artwork. I'm coming back for all my work. And I live an hour away. Extremely clean and friendly. Very welcoming and helpful. Had a great experience! Quick service. Friendly staff. Loved it. I've been here several times for tattoos and piercings. Until my last visit I have been very happy. Do not let them push you to use a different artist. I always used Dan but the last time they didn't. I always used Dan but the last time they didn't even ask me who I want to use they just had me talk to a different guy.

Lucky rabbit muncie indiana

I gave him 3 different ideas and really didn't get any feed back other then the vibe he didn't really want to do 2 of them. We went over it looking realistic and in black and white and the cost. I specifically said I do not like color. First session went great other then the fact there was color. It wasn't bold and my family convinced me it looked fine even through it wasn't Lucky rabbit muncie indiana I wanted.

I paid the amount I was quoted for the tattoo and was told that I was paid in full. Second session came and I waited an hour after my scheduled appointment before I was seen and was told by the artist that he was already zoning out. Not what you want to here before someone is sticking a needle in you. I went ahead and let him finish the color since it was already there.

There was so much color. I thought it would tone down once I healed but it just keeps looking more and more cartoonish when it was suppose to be realistic. Now I will be paying to have it removed since I hate how it looks it would look good for other people but it wasn't what i wanted. Bottom line is fight for the artist you want. When you get a quote for a tattoo make sure it is for the full thing and not just a session.

Most importantly, go over multiple times what you are excepting your tattoo to look like. Read Less. Although, WHOA getting an inner wrist tattoo was the He shaded it perfected to where it looks like a gray ribbon, standing for Brain Cancer Awareness! V will be in there once she's 18 to get her ribbon on her wrist!

I just got home from receiving my second tattoo from Daniel at Lucky Rabbit. This is my 5th tattoo, but my 2nd from him. This was the first tattoo that I was somewhat scared to get, because of where I This was the first tattoo that I was somewhat scared to get, because of where I wanted it placed. It covers my entire inner bicep, and I had heard that this could be a painful place to get tattooed. I was firstly amazed by how light of a touch Daniel has i. Aside from that the light touch which was worth writing about on its ownmy tattoo has many straight lines and geometrically relevant curves, and the end result is razor sharp and spectacular!

Dan blew my mind yet again. The last tattoo I got from Dan was one he deed over 7 years ago. He hadn't seen it once in that time, but he recognized it right away as one he had done, and he asked how I have liked it. Of course, I have loved it, and it was awesome that he recognized it after so long. I couldn't be happier, and I would highly recommend both him for tattoos and his shop.

I have received piercings from Lucky Rabbit as well, and those experiences were equally pleasant. I am not sure why it took me so long to leave a Yelp review, but my experience was good enough today that I wanted to spread the word. Thanks,Brock Read Less. With such great reviews, I thought my daughters first tattoo experience would be "great", uh NO! I hate to do this to a seemingly nice person, but I'm highly disappointed in the tattoo that my daughte I hate to do this to a seemingly nice person, but I'm highly disappointed in Lucky rabbit muncie indiana tattoo that my daughter received for her 18th birthday.

She had been wanting a tattoo since she was 12 years old but the rule in my household is not until you're We scheduled a consultation with Daniel a few days before to discuss the tattoo. My daughter had a pic of one but she wanted it to be not exact, unique to her. Which is exactly what we told Daniel.

Lucky rabbit muncie indiana

Our scheduled appointment waswe waited for 25 mins past that. When we were finally taken back, he hadn't drawn anything! He used the exact picture that we had brought! I pointed that fact out to my daughter and being a very non confrontational person, she stated that it is pretty and she was ok with it being the same as the picture.

This to me showed laziness on the tattoo artist part. The process took only 45 minutes and when Daniel was done, he didn't even fully clean my daughters back. She had ink smeared across. It was left extremely messy. This was suppose to be a geometrically pleasing tattoo, simple black and the lines are not even straight! Highly disappointed in my babies first tattoo and of someone who presents himself to being a Christian, not to mention being the owner of Lucky Rabbit Tattoos!

Lucky rabbit muncie indiana

I would feel horrible if I scared a person for life and then overcharged them for it!! I guess some people have no conscience!! Looks like I'll now have to pay to get it fixed!! He delivered my expectations and more! I was impressed at what a light hand he had, I barely felt anything, also he made it so comforta I was impressed at what a light hand he had, I barely felt anything, also he made it so comfortable and I felt like I was visiting an old friend!

Definitely recommend! Just had my first session with Dan and I. Love the flower, it's way better than I expected, and such a light hand! I hardly felt any of th tattoo! My tattoo is very professional done. They were so nice and helpful since it was my first one. Got my very first tattoo here.

Lucky rabbit muncie indiana

The shop was really clean and they were really friendly now 10 years later and still have never had to have it touched up. I got my belly button pierced there when I was 16 and it didn't even hurt! Also, I got a sleeve tattoo of a hibiscus on my arm done by Daniel Stewart! It's so amazing!

They're a little pricey, but you They're a little pricey, but you definitely get what you paid for with such great quality! I walked in and was greeted with hello's and smiles! Great first impression! The studio was clean and very professional. Started out 2 weeks ago with the piercing of my daith. Great job Josh!!! A few A few days later, I took my daughter and got her daith pierced. Was very pleased with the confidence and support from the staff that I decided to go back for a tattoo. So Kyle did an awesome job on my beautiful butterfly! I am very pleased with this studio!!!!

I have told many of my friends to go for a visit! Thanks to all the staff of Lucky Rabbit for jobs well done!!! Great job! Josh did a great job, he was very helpful and knowledgeable! Highly recommend using him for piercings! Went to take my almost 16 yr old niece to get her nose pierced. This place wasnt crazy abt her having both parents, which is what we were having issues with.

I've had thirteen piercings and two tattoos done by the artists at Lucky Rabbit, and I truly can't imagine going anywhere else. This is an incredibly clean and professional establishment with trustwor This is an incredibly clean and professional establishment with Lucky rabbit muncie indiana and helpful employees.

Lucky rabbit muncie indiana

I have recommended them to my friends and family many, many times and have always had positive outcomes. I had a wonderful time getting my elbow and ditch done on the same arm in the same session. The artist i chose Kyle is amazing and does everything in his power to put you at ease. He will never know how much this tattoo means to me. I wanted my daith pierced and kept hearing Lucky Rabbit was the place to go.

I haven't had anything pierced since my ears in grade school. They were great!! Josh was super nice and got me through. It wasn't bad at all. I have already recommended them to other friends! Stopped by for a piercing and cannot give enough praise to the entire shop for its cleanliness and professionalism.

Josh was great, he took the time to explain every step along the way and made me fee Josh was great, he took the time to explain every step along the way and made me feel at ease the entire time. Very impressed and happy with the service! Extremely impressed with Kyle's artistic talent and professionalism.

Lucky rabbit muncie indiana

email: [email protected] - phone:(390) 375-1772 x 3063

Lucky Rabbit Tattoo Muncie Indiana