Metal gear solid 5 shower scene

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Powered by neoforums v3. Thread title From Last replied Now searching Forgot your password? Remember me. Follow neoseeker. All Metal Gear Forums. Community. Options: Share Print subscribe. On The Jazz Elite Seeker total posts: neopoints: thread neolove: post neolove: since: Feb With, of course, everybody watching and oogling her.

Yay for video game sexism. It's just typical Japanese fan service, much like the oddball supermodel glam shots and 'wrastling' with Old Snake in MGS4, every time he defeated one of the female bosses. There's also a 'dancing in the rain' scene, where if you have Quiet with you in the chopper, and you get the message that rain is coming, returning to Mother Base will trigger this cutscene upon returning.

I'm sure there's a PC mod model swap of Ocelot in this scene as there are others. Raijinyou forgot to reference being able to have wobble wars going on with Rose's boobs in codec during 4. In contrast, Eva was oh-so-tame. Her feminine wilds were legitimately part of the plot arc as she was supposed to seduce Snake to get intel and make off with the legacy, but ended up actually giving a crap about him.

Quiet's just an uber flirt, apparently, and Solid Snake was basically abused and molested by crazy wimmenz. Also, to me, pairing Meryl with the idiot character, Sasaki, kid of ruined her character for me. She was otherwise a bad ass well in her own right and worthy of respek knuckles.

Man, I hated MGS4. True Addiction total posts: neopoints: thread neolove: 33 post neolove: since: Dec Don't forget that Kojima also thinks about the female gamers, and showing some male ass in the hospital scene.

Metal gear solid 5 shower scene

Aswell as the Dick grabbing scene, Volgin grabbing Snake's balls only to find out those are not the same balls that Raidenovich has. XD MGS2 had a Naked Raiden, there was also a poster in MGS2 with a male Body build torso, in which taking a picture of it gets a funny response from Otacon, same as you make a picture of the Colonel Scott Dolph, when doing it twice, Otacon suggests making a panel out of it, to hang over your bed. XD Also, Vamp, half naked Sexy looking guy licking his knife, stroking his knife holder.

Sure he looked a bit dead, but But yeah, Quiet is no exception for these awkward things to happen. There was also Old Snake's crawl anim that was neither practical nor well suited for a stealth profile. Dementia, I assumed. See I feel Kojima can get away with these things because the men are The crotch grabs, the ass shots, the nude torturing, the naked cartwheels So yeah, whatever, show me a nice scene with this hot chick.

Comics Peace, like charity, begins at home. Yet the game has heavy anti American message But they're more than happy to take out money and ape our culture and aesthetic.

Metal gear solid 5 shower scene

Cry s'more, Kojeems. Haha yeah, Japan does do its stereotyping, too.

Metal gear solid 5 shower scene

Street Fighter in particular And cowboy Ken, because apparently we're all into Cowboy Curtis' wardrobe over here. Red Dead Redemption 2. Featured Forums. Ryse: Son of Rome. Story of Seasons Super Smash Bros. S: 1 2 next». Yep you read that right. Article and vid Basically if you are all stinky and fly covered and come back to base with Quiet I'll check what her bond level is pretty sure it's not max like this was suggesting EXCEPT when Revolver is about to toss the bucket of water on you Quiet intervenes, walks away, you follow her, jump to her cell, and the two of you are under the shower.

Raijin Tumbleweed. I actually didn't even know about that. Waka waka! Manipulate the sticks during a codec. Fozzy Bear. Shake shake shake.

Metal gear solid 5 shower scene

Shake those boobies. Iscariot [ ltd activity ] category mod quality team Lounges since: May Stitch True Addiction total posts: neopoints: thread neolove: 33 post neolove: since: Dec Stitchyes, these are all true as well, but there's no denying that it caters much more to the male crowd. Storm R.

Metal gear solid 5 shower scene

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