Panty thief anime

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Hide Up. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shuku Anime Series Discussion. Title Discussion. Recent Watched Ignored Search Panty thief anime. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! Episode 3 Discussion. Available on Manga Store. Last ยป. Only in anime would a thief skill involve stealing panties, and only in this anime would they have to fight flying cabbages of all things the writer must have been smoking some strong stuff when coming up with that one. What a surprise this show is turning out to be. Imagine dying from getting hit by a flying cabbage I lost it at the panties scene lol.

How can they be so hyped about fighting cabbage? I mean, it tastes really like shit. This episode is messed up but in hillarious way XD. Darkness is There's a loli molesting me--! Accelority said: How can they be so hyped about fighting cabbage? KaedeKyl9 said: there 1 adventurer that approved panty steal, look at his thumb up.

Love the idea how they got 3 big titles in their group but really First two episodes were kind of fun but nothing special, but this one stands out for me so far. This show is nothing amazing, however, for the generic setting it has, it's quite well done and bit fresher than stuff like Danmachi, with its cast of characters being colorful and fun to watch from the get-go.

I really hope it stays this silly and doesn't get heavy, because that way it will at least be solid and true to itself until the end, unlike stuff like DanMachi and Akame ga Kill that weren't able to put on a solid showing, trying to be something they weren't in the latter half. And this is one of my favorite characters by Sora Amamiya so far. Aqua is silly and upbeat but it doesn't feel forced at all. Masochist knight I really like Kazuma's VA. He's got a very good voice. On the other hand, Kazuma I really feel sorry for you, only hardships await you XD.

Hoh boy. Darkness really is I knew that she was going to be cooky, but not in that way. XD Also, those cabbages were pretty darn vicious. I cringed a little bit, because those hits looked like they really hurt. Urek said: KaedeKyl9 said: there 1 adventurer that approved panty steal, look at his thumb up. I need a gif from that scene. This needs to be my new sig.

DatRandomDude said: Urek said: KaedeKyl9 said: there 1 adventurer that approved panty steal, look at his thumb up. Cabbage invasion! I think this episode was quite funny. Although, i did find it a bit weird with how often the show alternated between "look, everybody is taking this serious, but it's just flying cabbage, hahaha! Also, i have the feeling that Doujin writers are gonna have a field day with Darkness and her The fact that our MC can learn new abilities just by watching them and then spending some ability points opens up quite a lot of possibilities.

I'll probably be following this show for a while. That's Fire Bomber. We don't know their past or future That's all there is. Enough Said! Best Skill! Another great episode. One of the better Masochist's I've seen. Really enjoyed the Mushoku Tensei reference. Panty thief anime of the best girls in any show. Enjoying this a lot, one of the shows this season I really find myself looking forwards to. RaiZero said: bobzanny said: Another great episode. The scene where Darkness was absorbing the hits from the cabbage was hilarious She's the perfect kind of character for this anime xD.

This show is hilarious and I love it! That thief's skill tho Panty thief anime faces they make in this show are priceless. I actually thought about panty stealing before he actually stole them. Sure, it was predictable, but that doesn't make it any less funny.

Panty thief anime

Especially when he started waving them around with a triumphant yell. Man I love this show. Anime List Manga List Reviews. Damn, I suspected she might have been an M but this episode clearly confimed it xD I'm definitely gonna read the LNs now.

I had them saved up since I skythewood started translating it. I love how all the guys in the guild were either giving a thumbs up or smiling, while all the women were looking at Kazuma like he was top tier scum. The best part of the comedy is that it really does punish characters for their flaws. Everything Chris and Darkness repeated at the guild was accurate. Chris might have sold it well, but he probably said all of it and said it with a maniacal look on his face :.

Panty thief anime

He got carried away and it burned him. Just like how Chris was cocky thinking she had basically gotten to take Kazuma's money without a fuss and he turns it around and uses steal to get her panties. This is just a fun as heck show. Easiest the funniest of Panty thief anime season and a definite favorite. The characters are entertaining and flawed, the setup is hilarious, it's just good fun.

Omfg, I laughed my ass off during the whole episode, it was just way too hilarious, LOL. Everything about this episode was just too good, and Ai Kayano did an amazing job too XD. All that references of Saber Slowly Kazuma is developing into Scumzuma. That "tanking" tho Darkness managed to crack me up every time she started talking. Holy hell this episode was hilarious. Kazuma's steal skill is too OP. Darkness already knows her fate if she were to lose against the demon king, to become an erotic plaything. Also, great masochist tank. So much lol's when Aqua yelled out "Bring Panty thief anime the mayonnaise!

Megmunin doesn't like being called a loli? I'm really loving this anime. The characters so so funny and likable. A blonde masochist to add to a pretty weird group it's only kazuma who disagree, but i'm sure he will enjoy it later,where does she got her name darkness anyway? Episode quite fun, Kazuma learned a skill that looks good to the his style, and even had a new girl ing the group, this protagonist seems a magnet for girls with weird personalities, I look forward to continue watching.

Yep, I think Megumi is my favorite character. I just love her personality so much. She also has some cool moments, and speaking of that, that explosion looked really impressive! DEEN is really showing me they can be good after all. Also the ending. I just. Laughed so much. Aqua watering cups and people?

Panty thief anime

Kazuma stealing cabbages? Not to mention his reaction to the whole situation was priceless. And then there is darkness lol. Gold show is still gold.

Panty thief anime

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Panty Thief