Peanut live 215 christmas

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I have used this for years and it is very good; much easier than the traditional method and tastes just as good. Grease a baking sheet, and set aside. In a glass bowl, combine peanuts, sugar, corn syrup, and salt. Cook in microwave for 6 to 7 minutes on High W ; mixture should be bubbly and peanuts browned. Stir in butter and vanilla; cook 2 to 3 minutes longer. Quickly stir in baking soda, just until mixture is foamy. Pour immediately onto greased baking sheet.

Let cool 15 minutes, or until set. Break into pieces, and store in an airtight container. All Rights Reserved. Microwave Oven Peanut Brittle. Rating: 4. Read Reviews Add Review.

Peanut live 215 christmas

Save Pin Print Share. Gallery Microwave Oven Peanut Brittle. Microwave Oven Peanut Brittle arrowsx10 ymail. Microwave Oven Peanut Brittle Segermonster. Microwave Oven Peanut Brittle Sahra. Recipe Summary test prep:. Nutrition Info. Ingredients Decrease Serving The ingredient list now reflects the servings specified. Add all ingredients to shopping list View your list. I Made It Print. Full Nutrition. Reviews Reviews. Rating: 5 stars. I have an watt microwave and following Linda's recipe my brittle burned after adding the nuts.

Peanut live 215 christmas

I tried it again lowering the time and this is what worked for me. I prefer it at 1 minute instead and it is gold like the photo on the original. I liked the hint posted about spraying the pouring edge of the pyrex bowl and also the wooden spoon with Pam and I used parchment paper to line the cookie sheet.

You can re-use that several times and the brittle is not greasy. Most helpful critical review Cammy Kinstedt. Peanut live 215 christmas 3 stars. I have been making a similar recipe for years. I make a ten minute or so brittle putting the nuts in at the five minute point, then add the butter, vanilla, and soda at the end. I followed this recipe putting the butter and vanilla in at the earlier interval and was not so happy with the.

I think I will stick with my recipe. I also put in more baking soda which all of my elderly relatives prefer as they say it makes the candy easier on their teeth! Reviews: Most Helpful. My wife and I have made two batches of this, and they both came out perfect! Guess what everyone's getting a tin of this Christmas? We've been making it in one of those glass 4-cup measuring cups. You know, the clear ones with a handle. They work great for handling it and pouring the mixture on the cookie sheet. You can get them at Wal-Mart for about 4 bucks. Oh well, that's all for now. Thanks a bunch for the recipe!

Rating: 4 stars. This recipe was great. Like others, I was grateful not to have to be stirring and stirring this on the stove!!! I had to try this a few times before it turned out. The first time it burned a little. Wanted to pass along what I did just in case it helps others. I live in Colorado - so high altitude might have affected this a little. I also have a watt microwave. I cooked the sugar and syrup for 6 minutes.

Peanut live 215 christmas

Then added the peanuts, salt, butter and vanilla. Then added the soda. For those of you who like thinner brittle, here is a tip. Put your cookie sheet sprayed with Pam in the oven at degrees for a few minutes while the brittle is cooking. Then remove the cookie sheet when the brittle is done. With the warm pan, it allows you more time to spread it out - as thick or thin as you like. I have made no exaggerating dozens of batches-it makes a great gift!

The mixture stiffens up some but will then soften when you cook it again-that way the nuts don't burn at all. Keep adjusting the times for your microwave-it's worth it! Also plan to waste at least one batch because there is one unknown in this recipe: your microwave. I had to tinker until I got the timing Peanut live 215 christmas everything right. Once I did it was like clockwork! I made 6 batches of this in 2 and a half hours! Not bad considering I didn't have to break an arm stirring the whole time! And it really does taste exactly the same as the stuff done the hard way! After the first 2 batches I just started leaving out the vanilla.

You can't really taste it and it's not worth the extra cost IMO. Overall an incredibly easy fast fun recipe! This recipe is good! It's way better than average, but in nmy opinion, needs more salt. Here are some tips for the people who keep burning the recipe, who can't get their mixture to firm up, or for those who, for the life of them, can't find corn syrup. Mix everything together before putting it into the microwave.

Also, keep a close eye on the mixture.

Peanut live 215 christmas

Don't go away from your microwave. This will reduce flavor transfer, but at least you won't have "burnt nut" aftertaste as your flavor! This gives a different flavor, too, some might say it tastes a bit more "old-fashioned". You decide! When you add the butter and vanilla, check for soft-ball stage I have been using this recipe for many years and it always comes out perfectly. The glass 4 cup measuring cup is a real key for ease in making this recipe. The original recipe I use calls for a can of cashew pieces and this makes a fantastic brittle! Everyone I give it to wants the recipe.

I also experimented this year with topping the brittle with a thin layer of chocolate. Let the brittle firm up a bit, but while it is still very warm sprinkle some semi-sweet or milk chocolate morsels on top and the chocolate will start melting almost immediately. Just spread with a knife or utility spatula and let cool. I usually do half of my batch with chocolate and half without. This recipe is a winner for gifts for friends and neighbors, and it is extremely quick and easy. I used a microwave peanut brittle recipe for Peanut live 215 christmas, then lost it.

Peanut live 215 christmas

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