Prostitutes in gta san andreas

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If you want to ask a question for this game, please use the ask a question box which is above on the right. Accept submission terms View Terms. Drive up to a prostitute honk your horn and she'll ask if your lookin for a good time, you'll have to reply possitively -Sparx Storm. Something that really works is you get a lowrider and then do some moves with hydraulics and she will ask sooner.

Just drive up to a prostitute and honk. Then she will ask for a good time, let her in the car, and drive off to a private place. Then the magic will happen. Drive up to one and she should say "do you want a good time honey? Drive to a secluded place and she will say "this seems an ok place Horn at her and when she asks you if you want I good time press right button, then take the car on grass.

Drive up to a chick,honk your horn or go in front of her in your car,she will then say want a good time honey? You have to drive near a prostitute, either the blonde one with a mini top on and a really short red checked skirt with high socks on or the brunette with the short hair and only wearing a metallic bra and a skirt and then drive to a place with no one there, like a field or behind some shops, and then she'll say "This seems and ok place. Stop enywhere just wait.

Never longer than 1 munite. You will know when there prostitutes. They look very 'sluttish' and show lots cleevage. While still in the car whether subtitles is on or not you will see subtitles saying 'you want a good time hony? Now go to any place where there's ecceptable ammaunt of people closest to none about 30 metres of no people she'll say 'this seems like an ok place' the car will rock left and right. Sometimes she Prostitutes in gta san andreas but sometimes not. Sorry if you don't want enymore posts.

Prostitutes in gta san andreas drive your car up to the prostitute then honk your horn she will walk up and ask you if you wany her you click yes then you drive in a ally way and there is three different choices I would advise you to run her over and kill her after she gets out so you can get your money back. Heyy guys Honk the horn and then press the d-pad right to reply positive and press the d-pad left to reply negative.

You just get a car make sure you have a few hundred dollars and stop next to a prostitute looking woman and when she says looking for a good time honey you press the positive button the right button when she gets in you drive to a quite place and off she goes don't try too look it won't let you.

Prostitutes in gta san andreas

To get money for prostitutes the cheat is r1 r2 L1 x left down right up left down right up Just get a car go up to a hooker, honk, shell sau you lookin for a g good time honey? Then you reply positivley. She will get in you drive to a place where thre is no peeps. Then the car shakes because they are having SEX!!!

Verry easy first get a car next make the sex appeal:code of the sex appeal:circle,triangle,triangle,up,circle,R1,L2,up,triangle,L1,L1,L1 next a prossitute will prompt you inside in your car and you click RIGHT darts thats it all. Just drive up to her in a car Prostitutes in gta san andreas stop next to her. She will ask "Looking for a good time honey? Just drive by a prostitute honk you're horn or drove around hert hen take her somewhere quiet wnd there you go.

You make your sex appeal increase than pull up to a girl and honk at her then she will get in your car. Things such as fancy clothes, haircuts, muscles, and certain tattoos will increase your sex appeal. Your car can tremendously increase your sex appeal. For one, cars like the infernus. We will only use this address to the confirmation for this question. This site is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft, Sony, Sega, Nintendo or any video game publishers. Privacy Policy Terms of Service.

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Prostitutes in gta san andreas

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Prostitutes in gta san andreas

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Prostitutes in gta san andreas

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Go to one in your car honk your Prostitutes in gta san andreas, she will ask you something and you should reply nicely. You find one first honk a couple times and for ps2 you press the right on your dpad. Why are you reporting this question? Comment on your question. Please do not be rude to others. This is to report a problem with the comment to the staff for moderation. It does not reply to the comment.

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Prostitutes in gta san andreas

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