Ryse son of rome nudity

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Its a gladiator movie. With Gore. Dejected Jeff Silly goose It's nothing like God of War. GOW3 was actually one of my favorite games on ps3, I think both games are very different but hey if people want to consider Ryse a clone then so be it All that matters is if its a good game then it will make its own name.

Its Ancient Rome--I would almost be disappointed if there wasn't. It probably won't be near as bad as we assume but depends on how "authentic" they want to go.

Ryse son of rome nudity

Spartans were Greek. Dead family is an ancient backstory. Revenge is as old as mankind. Nudity's everywhere. Narration's everywhere too. People are just immature, and ignorant. Haters are gonna hate. Let them hate all they want. While we are enjoying the game, they can still continue to hate. It's not going to change anything. They aren't trying all Ryse son of rome nudity "it sucks compared to Spartacus" -- which had been running the past 4 years, comments are coming.

Not that this new Gow clone had promise to begin with. It's not a god of war clone. And the person you play is not a god, he's a man that is only capable of doing things an actual roman soldier was trained to do. Yeah totally just like god of war. Ye comparing it to god of war is an insult to god of war its more like Dantes Inferno. You are clueless or a troll or have never played god of war to make such a troll like statement. People had no problem with calling Dante's Inferno a God of War clone.

And its theme was pretty damn different. Ryse: Son of Rome Xbox One examiner. The story is too old to be commented. Ksar d ago Getting better and better. Agree 23 Disagree Agree 17 Disagree Lalanana d ago Lol. Agree 1 Disagree Eonjay d ago But what is this game about? Agree 0 Disagree 4. Agree 16 Disagree 4. Godmars d ago Eonjay:??? Agree 5 Disagree 5. Agree 4 Disagree 0. Belking d ago Edited d ago yep, just God of war did Agree 13 Disagree 1.

Ryse son of rome nudity

MyFeetHurt d ago ahhh, i guess well have to wait for the sequel for that anticipated roman pedophilia Agree 2 Disagree 1. Agree 1 Disagree 1. Agree 3 Disagree Gr1mmyshadows d ago was that your attempt at trolling? Agree 10 Disagree 3. Eldyraen d ago Its Ancient Rome--I would almost be disappointed if there wasn't. Agree 14 Disagree 0. XboxFun d ago Partial nudity and sexual content!?! I wouldn't expect anything less! Agree 3 Disagree 0. PSnation4 d ago spartans, dead wife and kid, vengeance, partial nudity. Agree 8 Disagree Agree 5 Disagree 0. Agree 7 Disagree 0.

Gr1mmyshadows d ago God of War clone? Agree 11 Disagree 0. Agent1 d ago People are just immature, and ignorant. Agree 0 Disagree 0. IcicleTrepan d ago It's not a god of war clone. Agree 9 Disagree 3. Agree 1 Disagree 3. Agree 1 Disagree 2. Agree 1 Disagree 0. Sonyslave3 d ago troll lol that funny I play the who saga n rygar was release in way before god of war. Agree 0 Disagree 1. Sayai jin d ago x5exotic - Explain how this game is a God of War clone?

Genesis d ago Kinect intergration included in sex scenes? Agree 0 Disagree 2.

Ryse son of rome nudity

Agree 3 Disagree 2. Plagasx d ago Next gen. I'm in. Mixed Related New. Unearthed Ryse prototype reveals how the Xbox One launch title looked as an Xbox game d ago. Is Izzy Moving to Heavyweight? Load more Top games Top games. Top Users Top Users. Abriael RaidenBlack TechRaptor FallenAngel N4G Forums. Turn DarkMode On. Show me footer Hide footer

Ryse son of rome nudity

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