Should you masterbate everyday

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Should you masterbate everyday

Another QTND question that never dies. See below. Don't fret about succumbing to the urge unless of course you happen to be in church. On second thought, never mind that last warning. Go ahead and "burp the nephew. See Should you masterbate everyday Mr. Sticky Fingers. However, I have addressed this question numerous times before and will post some of these responses below for your edification. Do spread this information on to the other kids in your class, OK? Well I have been masturbating alot recently and my penis looks like is has shrunk. Doctor can this happen?

Your dad said what???? That masturbation would cause elephantiasis??? Your family seems to have size issues when it comes to Mr. Listen up, masturbation is completely normal and healthy. Years of scientific research have not found any negative side effects from burping the nephew masturbating. Your dad is wrong. Maybe he just wants you not to spend so much time locked in the bathroom staring at the Victoria Secret or Calvin Klein underwear. I'll reprint some information about masturbation from the archives below. There are absolutely no medical reasons you should not enjoy your "home entertainment center" masturbation and you can tell your dad I said so, OK?

Your friends told you what???

Should you masterbate everyday

Are your friends pimply pusses themselves? I would guess either 1 your friends are pulling your leg, trying to make you feel guilty about pulling something else or 2 your friends come from very religious read: sexually frustrated families and are enrolled in a Bush-sponsored abstinence-only sex education course.

Either way, your friends are shooting you a load Should you masterbate everyday misinformation about shooting a load. I'll repost some questions about masturbation from the archives that address the acne connection as well as other myths about choking the trouser snake.

You can use the information to educate your pals so they can stop stock piling Clearasil Ultra just in case! What is the truth about side-effects of Masturbation. I heard people saying that it might stunt your growth, etc. Masturbation stunting growth??? Gosh, if that were true, I'd be two feet tall and working as part of the Lollypop Guild, welcoming folks to Munchkinland. The only side effects of masturbation are feeling great and having sticky fingers. It will not turn you gay.

You won't run out of semen. You won't get hairy palms. It won't make your eyesight go bad. It does not cause acne. It won't cause your penis to shrink. Masturbation is normal and it's healthy! Also what are the side-effects of masturbation. What are the "side effects of masturbation?

Should you masterbate everyday

I am really involved in masterbation for the past 5 years. Can this enable me to get children in future? Is there any Should you masterbate everyday related to this? You've got stamina! Palm and her 5 daughters" in order to produce offspring. Are there "any effects related to masturbation? For instance:. Your questions do point out once again the astounding failure of our current sex education efforts!

You can't give yourself something you don't already have i. When would you have time to contract a sexually transmitted illness when you spend so much time by yourself burping the nephew? I'd suggest you put mini-me away for a while and spend some time reviewing the wealth of information on this site and related links that pertains to how HIV is and is not transmitted.

But go wash your hands first, OK? Can you get Aids from masturbating from the wrong way. I put my hand into a cylindrical form and then I do it. Am I in any danger. Your questions once again dramatically point out the consequences of a "bad education in sex-ed.! Bush's "abstinence-only" sex-education is producing a dangerous information gap that can have disastrous consequences when horned-up kids begin having sex despite their virginity pledges and have no idea how to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies or STDs!

Questioner retuning to you now, the answer at all your questions is a resounding "no! I'll re-post a few samples below that address your specific concerns. Well, I was researching on masturbation a little and I think you might want to reconsider your stance on masturbation causing no harm.

Those two links have many more links. Even JackinWorld supposedly the best resource on masturbation on the Internet confirms that semen has large amounts of nutrients. And most people if not all ejaculate by masturbation.

Should you masterbate everyday

What proof??? I see nothing in those posts or on Jackinworld that would indicate masturbation is harmful. In fact here is a direct quote from Jackinworld: " Is masturbation healthy? Masturbation is a healthy and normal practice, like daydreaming or napping. Even masturbating several times each day is completely harmless. You may encounter people, books, or websites that say masturbation is bad or harmful; this is just plain incorrect. As any reputable medical doctor will tell you, old myths about masturbation affecting the eyesight, causing permanent fatigue or insanity, etc.

In fact, recent studies suggest that ejaculating regularly isn't just fun, it can actually help prevent a certain kind of cancer later in life. Next, the nutrient loss in a load of baby batter is indeed trivial. Spunk is a completely renewable substance! You don't run out of pee from taking a piss or snot from blowing your nose, do you?

Should you masterbate everyday

Well, the same principle applies to burping the nephew, except it's way more fun than taking a leak or expelling boogers. Masturbation is normal and healthy.

Should you masterbate everyday

So just "grab your dick and double click" onto a more "stimulating" Web site and enjoy your home entertainment center without worry! Wanking is way more fun and healthier than worrying! In fact I may just take a sticky-fingers pause that refreshes right now! Does masturbation cause tiredness and exhaustion? That depends on how often and for how long you choke the chicken. Generally speaking, spanking the monkey is not in the same league as doing triathlons.

How can you "become fresh again without sleeping? Give your home entertainment center a rest or you'll wind up with carpal tunnel syndrome. After all, you don't want to wear the little fellow out. He's got to last you a whole lifetime. By the way, not only do you need to sleep, but you also have to eat, exercise, work, change the kitty litter box, etc.

Should you masterbate everyday

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Is there such a thing as too much masturbation?