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Hi Karen. I'm sissy Janet. I love being feminized. Tits, lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, foundation, pantyhose, pink nail polish, jewelry and a wig. Sexy sheer ruffled blouses and swishy silky skirts. A vibrator in my pussy for the most of all feminine experiences. Thanks for being my sissy friend.

It's such a thrill being feminine isn't it? Being dressed and make up like a woman is so special. Women have so many more things they can do to be pretty and so can we. I love being feminine, it's the most sexy thing I ever do. The feminine life is the Sissy schoolgirl tumblr life isn't it? Oh Karen, I am so amazed at how much I look like a girl when I dress up!

Makeup, tits, see through blouses and short skirts. Pantyhose, nail polish, jewelry and a wig and poof, I'm a girl! I walk down the street and no one suspects. So much fun I can't imaging not being feminine and no one else can either. My pronoun is "sissy". I love wearing sexy girly clothes, see through lacy blouses, ruffled skirts, jewelry, makeup, pantyhose, wigs and tits. Love a vibrator in my pussy. Having a great day today, hope you are also. I like to get high when I'm fem. Do you? It just makes being fem that much more real!

There is just a connection there, having tits and being high. You probably think I'm high right now and maybe I am. Maybe my little clit is hard and my pink fingernailed hand is stoking my tits. Just have fun fellas, being a little sissy because I am. Well usually put on female clothes when home alone. Reblog submissive sissy slave. Yes I did. Anonymous asked: Hi Karen. It just makes me feel so girly to have a nice hard cock in my mouth.

Anonymous asked: It's such a thrill being feminine isn't it? Yes baby it does feel great to be feminine. Anonymous asked: My pronoun is "sissy". Anonymous asked: I like to get high when I'm fem. Well I have not been high Sissy schoolgirl tumblr dressed yet. I do love having my finger and toe nails polished. Always in panties. Recently Liked.

Sissy schoolgirl tumblr

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