Soapy enema punishment

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When she loaned me her boy-toy for the weekend, Judy explained the routine for any misbehavior: "Punish him right away. He knows the rules. No warnings, no empty threats. If he'd lied to his Mistress Judith like he did to me, she'd beat him with a strap. He's getting off easy. Nevertheless I steel myself for his ordeal.

Soapy enema punishment

You're not nice Kathy Aubrey, I lecture, but Mistress Kathryn, impervious to the likes and dislikes of all the handsome young men, even this one with the lifeguard body, toffee curls in the same color palette as his light tan, the wonderfully white buttocks rivaled only by the smile.

That alone should be enough to make it good. For me, anyway. Even if you do hate enemas, I bet you love the way they make you feel. I doubt that he understands the power his humiliation gives the mistress, and the way that power feels. I'm so wet I practically squirm.

Soapy enema punishment

Does she fill it all the way? The truth. Tawny green eyes meet mine in the mirror. Except one time she mixed it with flat Dom Perignon. I got really drunk, too. I've never tasted the expensive champagne, but Judy would get a kick out of squirting such a precious beverage into Travis's perfect bottom. When is that?

Soapy enema punishment

He clears his throat noisily, then replies, "When she wants to use the dildo or a strap-on. She doesn't like it when she puts in something clean and it comes back--not clean. Travis exhales through his nose. It's a good nose, short and straight, with a nice flare to the nostrils when he's upset. He drops his eyes and mumbles in the direction of his penis, Soapy enema punishment is definitely on the rise. When it's to punish me it's only half as much water, but hotter, with a big squirt of soap. His cheeks are pink, and his cock has revived fully despite his embarrassment.

Because of it? He apparently endures a great deal of discomfort and some genuine suffering in exchange for the pleasure of being made to feel this humiliated. It's real irritating," he says, his eyes on his growing manhood. This one time when I was getting the punitive kind, I was afraid I might--I made a run for the bathroom and locked the door.

That really pissed her off, because there's no key. When I came out, she used the strap on me. It's awful! Next day she was late coming home from work. I waited for her naked, on my knees like I am now, right in front of the door to the apartment, for almost an hour. She likes that, even though I'm always afraid somebody coming up the stairs will see me when she opens it. She took me straight to the bathroom.

Soapy enema punishment

He sighs. Anyway, I lost count of how many soapy enemas she gave me, but she'd shove the plug in and make me wait Soapy enema punishment minutes, watching me. I don't know what hurt worse, the plug or my stomach. My body was trying to get the water out and couldn't. My gut knotted so bad I cried. Then she'd give me another one, right away.

I remember Leno was on when she said that was enough to teach me not to get up. Even after she gave me two regular enemas to rinse, I felt queasy. His hard cock swings slightly, too. Of course. I can't quite believe I'm doing this. His eyebrows lift his forehead in worried ridges. A drop of pre-cum forms at his slit. I wish I knew what they were begging for! I wait just a moment, feigning impatience, and make myself blurt, "Please just what? Good, now reach back and hold yourself open. Yes, but wider.

Show me that anus. I turn on the water in the tub and test its temperature with my hand. I fill the enema bag half way, pretending I don't see Travis surreptitiously watching in the mirror as I hang it and squirt a little water into the tub, displacing any air in the hose. Judy says that's important. Although the nozzle goes in easily, he flinches.

When I release the catch, the tube emits a deceptively small gurgle.

Soapy enema punishment

In the mirror, his eyes open wide. It's cold The hose conveying this painful, yet harmless, discipline quivers with it. I watch with relish, aware that my lower lips grow slick--and that his penis stands erect despite his protest. His eyes squinted tightly shut, Travis moans behind gritted teeth.

More than once his exposed anus contracts spasmodically, jerking the entire apparatus. A heavy dewdrop glistens at the slit of his cock, matched by one I feel easing out of me. The rubber bag dances overhead as his whole body shakes hard. Effort not to have the ultimate accident? Simple pain? Deep body chill? I wish I knew. It feeds something in me. Something voracious. He hasn't said 'mercy,' so I don't.

I glance at the bag. Soapy enema punishment high to deliver the icy water with some pressure, its decreased bulge tells me it is already more than half drained. This is fun, playing sadistic ice queen to his cringing slave. Then we start over, because we're going to complete this punishment in one session, not in increments. It's a punishment. I deserve to be punished, I do, I know I do. I lied. God, it's--I'll never lie again, I promise! At once he releases his spread buttocks, straightens until he stands upright on his knees, and squeezes his cheeks together so tightly they look like a pair of grapefruits.

Eyes closed, Travis rocks his hips forward and back. The enema bag swings on its hook. I don't think he realizes the sexuality of his motion, or that his penis has angled so high that the wet pearl at the slit runs down the head. I rub it over the glans with my thumb. A single clear drop escapes and rolls down his thigh; it exhausts its water before reaching his bent knee. Judy sent it, and some of Travis's other 'toys,' in his suitcase. Part of the punishment is waiting.

Reed, Travis closes his eyes and nods both his head and his erection. Punish me for it. I take the nozzle to the sink and turn on the faucet marked hot. Under the sink I find the deep blue dish soap I use to wash my lingerie and sweaters. Holding it, I turn toward him. I feel giddy at the sensuality of my power as I wash the nozzle with the dish soap and hot water. So I turn to him, in character. His smile is tight. Oh, God, another cramp I don't know how much longer I can hang on. I point out that you didn't say ' MistressI'm sorry now. I'm sorry, you know I am, and it's fine if you punish me, but I just barely have any control here!

I have the control. It's only been--" I glance at my Soapy enema punishment. Not quite half the time Judy made you wait. How does it feel? God, let this end, mistress. Strap me instead.

Soapy enema punishment

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