Street fighter 5 makoto

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I will be as thorough as I can. But basically she's super high risk, super high reward, most mixup heavy, disrespectful and dishonest character ever.

Street fighter 5 makoto

My name is Andre. I used to play at SFIV tournaments here in the Midwest but mostly did online stuff and was a prominent figure in the RindoKan community on the Shoryuken forums when it used to be popping. Lol… it was painstakingly crafted and we knew her inside and out. I created a multitude of video tutorials for her for our community over the years. If you are familiar with Vryu — I was one of his training and research partners, and yes our connection was stable even though he was in Switzerland I think lol.

Street fighter 5 makoto

My youtube still has 3 long sets we played vs each other in a mirror if you are interested in some SFIV Makoto mirror action lol. I also trained with Strider back then but only online. Makoto is essentially an All or Nothing character. She is not a character for the faint of heart. And is a character of patience. As an example, as stated a few times on here she is a very VERY slow walking character, but to compensate she has the fastest and probably furthest reaching normal dash that I can remember. This makes her incredibly mobile, but in a backwards sort of way.

All of it. It can be gone virtually in a blink. Think season 2 Laura in VTriger the whole match type of damage if lauras grab allowed her to continue a combo. On steroids. Its her walk! Her walk is just so fluid and deliberate. It is intended that she be a very accurate character. It should be noted that Makoto does NOT intend to fight fair one of her moves hits you in the nuts lol. Her style is that she wins by any means necessary. And the primary way she does this is by playing off of the opponents fear and mistakes.

Unlike in SFV, in SFIV you had more defensive options so there was a much more complicated decision tree when figuring out how to protect yourself. SFIV was about options… about choosing, not as much about guessing.

Where others rely on things like block strings, zoning or footsies etc to excel, her goal was to force you into choosing wrong. Manipulating her opponent and making you view that choice as a mistake, and shutting down. Lol she wants you to run! I saved it in case anyone wants to read all of that stuff. Just figured it would be Street fighter 5 makoto bit much for the OP for now. There are some drawbacks to her of course. They are few but BIG drawbacks. First, IMO, she is one of the top 2 or 3 hardest characters to play. In terms of execution its not super hard viper was much harder… seth was tough… makoto was maybe top 5 dificulty in proper execution but in terms of actually training and conditioning someone to choose to lose to her against their will There is A LOT to learn with her.

Like I said we literally created a bible lol. Because of this, Makoto can sometimes be a Street fighter 5 makoto to play casually or get out of lower ranks without proper patience. It should be noted that if you play her honestly and using only the basics then she will dominate lower levels.

All in all, she just has a wonderful de. I got a rush every single match playing with her win lose or draw. Her character has a firey hot personality. How can you not love that lol. My numerous losses when using Makoto were all worth it for those few, beautiful wins. Oh and the delicious salt lol. People were so scared of her and they hated her soul crushing skill set lol. I totally love her. Wouldn't call her dishonest since almost everyone has gimmicks in that game but its definitely fun qcb hk the shit out of waking opponents not to mention strangling noobs a couple of times straight with the command grab.

I've hated this character for almost 20 years in 3s and still do lol but the obvious love and passion you show here to write this much about her makes me hope you get her in SFV at some point. Man she can be polarizing, i know. Shes a PITA to fight lol. The community is strong, though. So i really hope shes next. I felt so much regret not playing her sooner, what a great character. Impactful moves, consistently great sprite, model and animations, a fun personality and a cutie to boot. I would love to see Makoto or my boy Hawk make it into 5, but I'm scared of what Capcom will do to her.

I hope they don't add Makoto, they're gonna gut her of all individuality like everything else see: ibuki, Sakura, juri. Predictions: No tsurugi, IA moves are too hard. No hayate cancels, too complex. Walk speed will be more normalized as will her dash, can't have her too different from the rest of the cast. Wouldn't be surprised if they removed all the advantage frames from landing a karakusa and turned it into every other command grab.

Damm haha you have no faith in Capcom huh lol. Jk i know where you're coming from. The makoto community just hopes for basically a direct port but yeah They could trash her if they wanted. Makoto Lite is already in the game lol so if they plan to tone down her tool set i agree She shouldnt be in the game. Just hoping for the best. Great writeup, I apreeciate the effort you put into this, but I'm gonna be real with you here.

I picked Makoto in 3S because she's cute. I still can't land a Fukiage, my Karakusa conversions are weaksauce, and I can barely string two hits together with her. I am not a good 3S player, but Makoto made me want to keep playing because she's fuckin' adorable. She's got a tiny little scarf and everything! I kind of wish I had more of a 3S scene at my locals, it's a game I'd really like to get into, but I'm not really prepared to go online considering I've nobody to play with. Thats not true at all lol.

Defensive options included calculated choices like crouch tech, focus back dash, DP focus, focus counter crumple, regular backdash inv frames various other OS and more. Offensive choices such as several OS worked to create high risk high reward options. You could focus any non armor breaker in footsies. While there are some one offs, virtually none of that is available in SFV. Options in general are limited in SFV. As an example, wake up options are basically rock paper scissors Block mash or throw lol.

This scenario presents itself far too often. Minus or even on block? Rock paper scissors. Plus on block? Um rock paper scissors lol. Its a guessing game. Not all of it But enough of it is guessing to degrade the games competitive quality. Jusy my opinion. Very well written, lots of a good information and you clearly shared you full of understanding of the character.

The problem that I see is Street fighter 5 makoto SFV will limit Street fighter 5 makoto just like they have with every character expect maybe Guile. For instance the dash, its hard enough to read and see dashes in this game. If they give Makoto the best dash, ability to mix up and add to that the universal high damage and in your face pressure which this game favors, I can see her being a real problem. Besides Guile this game does not favor zoners. Thank you very much for the kind words. I definitely understand the problem. I do agree that she would require balancing along the finest of margins.

Despite this, I think her translation to SFV would be a good one given that her primary weaknesses would gives her a really dificult road in the SFV world. I wonder what her VTriggers would be…. If they do her movement correctly she could be OP with her move set. Not a fan because she gets hit with the nerf bat a lot lol. Beautiful post OP! You mentioned many points of why Makoto is my favourite SF character. The rush of playing her when momentum is fully in her favour is an amazing rush!

I would like to see her return for SFV, but at the same time, I'm very weary because Capcom has proved that they love to make changes for the sake of "change". I'm glad you got some use out of the bible! A LOT of people worked on it. Found the internet! People keep asking about Makoto so here you go. Posted by Eat It Like Groceries! Just some background On to Makoto — Makoto is essentially an All or Nothing character.

Street fighter 5 makoto

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Street fighter 5 makoto

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