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Escort Reports Printable View. Show 40 post s from this thread on one 62 of First Last Jump to :. I have been a big fan of Sydnee Capri for a long time and when I found her listed I had to take the plunge, and I an sooooo happy I did. There are only a few thing Sydnee capri escort she does not do for you that she does not do in movies. She won't do bare anything no kiss any kind and no cum in face mouth but that ass well thats another story. The cost is reasonable when you look at any porn star out let alone one as gifted as Sydnee I am not going to go to deep into what went down if you would like the details PM me and I will give all details and let me say yes yes yes I will not be seeing anyone else she's taht good and makes you feel like a million bucks when you are done.

I'm cautious when dealing with BP. Any suggestions from you guys would be great. I also prefer cute or sexy spinners. Don't waste your time. I am going to be in Vegas for a medical conference in a few weeks and I was curious if any of you know of a good escort who enjoys BDSM? I want to find an escort who will provide full service AND bondage, etc. I understand this will be a bit more costly, but I am ok with that.

Sydnee capri escort

I am a younger good looking guy, and the only time I use escorts is for this type of fantasy it's very hard to find girls with the same tastes I have. I read through the rules and I don't think I broke any rules in my post, but as this is my first post I could be wrong. Thanks in advance!

Sydnee capri escort

Just because there are no reviews here should not discourage you from continuing your search elsewhere. This is Vegas, and I am sure there is plenty available for your interest. I recall someone here mentioned they once ran into 2 women in a Vegas casino, and after chatting with them for a minute they said that one of them was blind. She did not have a white cane and was depending on her friend.

So if there is someone Sydnee capri escort a blindness fetish reading this, there is at least one lady in Vegas. I have seen for other tastes like midgets, albinos and even women that are disabled or amputees in Vegas down the years. I personally do not mind a strong, athletic woman, think Venus and Serena Williams or a female Olympic sprinter like those sexy Jamaicans, especially Veronica Campbell- Brown. Real deal guys. East European in a good way. Very slim. Small chested with a firm booty. Very flexible and takes direction well. HAs done her homework on making the most of your time together.

Would certainly repeat. She does visit Vegas from time to time. If fate has it that she is in the same town at the same time as me, that girl is mine. Her pussy is probably normal sized, unfortunately. She said that no one started calling her until she left so she said she won't be back for a while call her to get an update. I'm visiting from the 50th state. Hooked up with this Black chick at her incall in one of the major Strip hotels. Very pretty face without makeup in the ad, she's all dolled upbut it is her.

Awesome, and i mean really awesome set of what appeared to be 36D natural tits with NO sag. Real nice Sydnee capri escort that is tight and sticks out like it should. Very clean girl. Medium complexion. I'd say about 5' 9" tall. Only con is that she had a roommate who was fixing herself up in the bathroom while we were getting it on. All covered. She's a sweetie. Her name is Veronica. Awesome, and I mean really awesome set of what appeared to be 36D natural tits with NO sag.

Plus I googled the and got several other girls using the same. Something doesn't add up. I contacted them multiple times and never heard back. Luckly I was able to meet up with sexy seven she was very cool and fun, kinda skinny both worth the money.

Will be staying at the Hilton Convention Center. Senior member from out of state and am looking for something fun. Any ideas? Did anyone try this escort? I'm from Germany and visit Las Vegas next week. All times are GMT The time now is All rights reserved.

Sydnee capri escort Sydnee capri escort

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