Tied up makeover

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When I was in high school I was a cheerleader for our basketball team. There was one time when the cheerleaders all came to my house for a party. My brother was still in middle school at the time and was excited about meeting all the cheerleaders at our home. I tried to get my mom to ban him from my party. Tied up makeover mom said since this was his home too, he should be free to eat some of the food and meet some of the girls. This is supposed to be for the girls.

I told her that it would be a whole lot less fun with my little brother around. She told me that it could be a whole lot MORE fun with my little brother around. She then told me that the girls could give him a make-over if we wanted to. She said that she would let us do his make-up and nails, and have him wear a wig. So when the girls came and we started playing games and eating pizza, and when I thought my little brother was making a nuisance of himself I asked if anyone was interested in giving my little brother a make-over. Oh, that sounded like fun. We took out the make-up and nail polish and started to work on him He started to make a bit of a fuss, but the girls were really good at making him feel comfortable.

When we had him done, I called my mom to show him off. She had a good laugh and took him off. In a few minutes she came back down and announced that she was successful in getting my brother into proper costume for the party. She told everyone to please be encouraging and not to laugh. Then my little brother was asked to come Tied up makeover. He was wearing my old blue satin dress with a petticoat slip and my mom's shoes.

The girls were giggling, but they tried to be encouraging. He was allowed to play in our games and be one of the girls.

Tied up makeover

We did his make-up over again, to make him more beautiful. Then we added a padded bra. He stayed dressed that way and mom was right that he made the party more fun. I put his hair up in pigtails and put lipstick and eyeshadow and blush. And I gave him a mani pedi with out painting his nails cause he wouldn't let me. I called him Christina the rest of the day lol! Best day ever soo much fun! More boys should let us do that i love it! Me and a friend did it once.

Tied up makeover

We put blue eyeshadow, bright red lipstick, pink blush, black eyeliner and mascara on him. Very poorly applied too to make it look even funnier. We also put sparkly purple fake nails on him with super glue and said they would come off with soap and water obviously not true.

He was soo mad when he realized we lied! Ha ha! Sorry Scott! When i was 5 i saw the picture that night i put glue on her brush and replaced her shampoo with hot sauce good times good times. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. August 7, thanh. Boy To Girl Makeover.

Tied up makeover

Yes I did that to my 13 yr old boy cousin. I did! October 10, thanh.

Tied up makeover Tied up makeover

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