True mutual masturbation stories

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My views about this beautiful act of sharing self love with someone special. And, a story about a unique 1st meeting with a sexy lady I met online. Although I like to write fiction, and feed my vivid fantasies, this story is mostly reality. It happened about 5 years ago. Like many of us, masturbation has been an act that has been a very real part of my sex life for many years. This was added to be a great foreplay activity when I was with my now ex-wife, and later with other beautiful, generous, loving, trusting, sensual, orgasmic, classy ladies.

It's something that brings two people together closer than they would ever think possible. Mutual masturbation is something that creates trust very important in bedencourages good communication even outside of sex, and helps eliminate the inhibitions that limit our total sexual fulfillment. It's also a nice way for two people to continue their sexual relations even after physical limitations restrict normal sexual activities, which I've considered as I get older.

True mutual masturbation stories

I've enjoyed both ways, each of us masturbating the other person, and masturbating ourselves in front of the other person. I'll always love that in my ex-wife. For introducing me to these fantastic feelings not usually experienced in conventional sex.

I consider oral sex as conventional, by the way. It least it has been in MY sexual life. And, mutual masturbation was an excellent way for me to really learn about the sexuality of women. The different ways to stimulate a women. After we split up, and I got with other women, I also learned that all women are different in the ways they like to be touched. Some like rougher stimulation. Some like it very gentle.

True mutual masturbation stories

I've been fortunate that all the women I've been with as an adult have been active self-lovers. It would be hard for a women to help me along in learning about her sexual nature if she didn't know it herself. There's no limit to the positions, or techniques that can be used during this act of love.

We are limited only by our personalities, trust level with out partner, and our sense of self-expression. A Mutual Masturbation Story There's a chat room I visit on a regular basis, devoted to the topic of masturbation.

True mutual masturbation stories

Inside, you'll witness all varieties of messages posted from many cultures, and persuasions. There's a lot of cyber sex going on there, too, with questions, great nude pictures posted, and just plain silliness offered, as well. Of course, many of the posts that have a woman's name are really guys. If you go to this site often enough, you can sometimes get a good read on who is who. Back when the internet was still young, I've developed a couple real nice friends there these are women I've had phone sex at least a few time.

I'll cyber with someone if I think she's really a she, and has some intelligent command of the English language. But, my wish has been to masturbate in person with a women I met online. But, the geographical limitations always seem to get in the way. One lady I met there was Stacey. Where she lacked in the creative process compared to some, she made up for in another area.

It turns out she lived only about 3 hours from me. I'll not mention any town names to make sure I protect all parties, but she lives in a fairly large town, about miles from me. Stacey is divorced, in her 30's about 10 years younger than meand has 2 daughters. We talked at the masturbation site for about 2 months before we started trading e-mail. Soon, we both hooked up with ICQ, a free instant messaging service on the Internet, and talked there every day. We also called each other for some hot phone sex sometimes.

We both loved that! She has a sexy voice, and sometimes she'll call to wake me up on Saturday mornings to get me all hard and horny. I like jacking True mutual masturbation stories when I wake up, and she knows it. It's one of her nice little treats for me that I love about her. We spent less time cybering at the masturbation site, and more time talking on ICQ.

Not always cybering either, because it wasn't too easy for her with 2 kids bouncing around the house all the time. She had the computer in her bedroom, and she would usually wait until the True mutual masturbation stories were in bed before diddling herself online. Sometimes, she would be able to masturbate with others at the site when her daughters were at school functions on Saturdays. At this point, most of our mutual masturbation was saved for the phone. It's so much more personal than through the keyboard. Plus, we get to hear each other cumming.

I like to listen as she holds the phone close to her sopping wet pussy while she fingers herself.

True mutual masturbation stories

Sometimes, she'll use a vibrating dildo. The noise it makes, along with her moaning really gets me off. I like to use a lube when I jack off, True mutual masturbation stories she likes to hear the squishing sounds my hand makes as it slides up and down my hard shaft.

We talked for weeks about meeting, and finally decided to meet at a hotel bar she knew of about half an hour from her town. We felt that was safe for both of us. I drove there on a Saturday afternoon, and after spending some time together, having dinner and a few drinks, we decided to get a room. She called her sister and asked her to go stay at her place with her daughters for the night, then we went up to our room. At this point, I told Stacey I had already reserved the room earlier in the week. She gave me a smile, and we hugged in front of the room door.

My cock was hard and pressing against her from inside my pants as I grabbed a hand full of fleshy ass cheeks. We settled in the room, then she jumped on the bed, and suggested we tell each other fantasies and masturbate ourselves as we listened to the other's story.

True mutual masturbation stories

We both thought it would be fantastic for us to only masturbate ourselves to start off with, just like we did on the phone no touching. We both knew that most of the stories we told each other weren't true, but that didn't matter. My fantasy was about to become reality, and I was as nervous as bride. I think Stacey was too, but after a long hug, and some reassuring words from each of us, we relaxed a little. A few drinks didn't hurt, either.

I started it off by telling her some of the fantasies I had about her mostlyand True mutual masturbation stories things I did in the past. Stacey slowly took her clothes off as I talked. Soon, she only had her pink panties on, and a smart lacy bra. Her body was nice to look at. Squeezeably plump. And a pretty smile. A damp spot formed in her crotch as she listened intently to the words I spoke. She seemed in a daze as she reached for her covered pussy, and rubbed it through the silky panties.

I continued telling her of my fantasies, and she continued rubbing her pussy from outside her panties, creating a huge, dark, growing wet spot. My cock was already hard in anticipation of things to cum. I stood up, and she sat there softly brushing her panty covered pussy that was now real wet. I asked her to tell me some of her fantasies. She thought for a minute before starting. As she spoke, I began taking my clothes off. I left on my under shorts briefsthen sat on the bed facing her. My pole was a distinct outline from under my shorts. And, a wet spot was growing larger by the minute.

We sat, looking at each other's bodies, while lightly stroking ourselves through our underwear. I leaned over and kissed her. It was a long, wet, tongue searching kiss. She was a great kisser. Her tongue circled my mouth, brushing my mustache each time. While we explored each other's mouths, she reached behind her, and undid the straps to her bra. We broke off our kiss, and she leaned back. Stacey moved her arms in, and her bra dropped down, exposing her pretty breasts. I'd say they were about a 34B. Maybe They were so succulent.

Her nipples were already protruding from her breasts.

True mutual masturbation stories

Damn, I wanted to suck on them. I stood up, and asked if she wanted to take my shorts off for me. She eagerly reached over, and slowly pulled the waistband down. My cock was standing straight up, and she exposed the head, which was dripping a river of precum. Each motion caused another pulse of juice to flow from my cock. Stacey looked up into my eyes, and said that she would like to touch it just briefly. Stacey gently grasped my cock, causing another eruption of precum to bead out. She let it go then pulled the shorts the rest of the way down.

My cock was throbbing, and bobbing, with a glistening stream of precum continued to flow for her to see. I squeezed the head, and a long string of unbroken juice trailed to the floor. Stacey stared with wide eyes while I bobbed my cock up and down by flexing the muscles.

True mutual masturbation stories

She cupped her hands over her mouth, looked up and me, and screamed with uncontrolled laugher.

True mutual masturbation stories

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