Where does messyourself live

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Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Corona Column 3 Use these free activities to help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and take action. Parent reviews for Markiplier. Common Sense says YouTuber can be funny and weird or shocking and crude. Based on our expert review. Based on 27 reviews. Based on 98 reviews. Add your rating. Parents say 27 Kids say Adult Written by kenzie04applepi October 16, This title contains: Positive Messages.

Positive role models. This review Helped me decide. Had useful details.

Where does messyourself live

Read my mind 4. Report this review. Adult Written by Sam M. November 24, Just adorable This review Adult Written by tiktokblicbloc May 21, Helped me decide 1. Had useful details 1. Read my mind 1. Adult Written by bluntreviewer February 13, Mark-ing my opinion What is great: He was a person who had a bad past, but is using his power for good and charity instead of himself. What is not so good: You need to be a certain age to get the humor between mid-teens to adult with some exceptions. Would I want to meet in Real Life? Read my mind 2.

This title contains: Language.

Where does messyourself live

Read my mind 3. Adult Written by Coolparentlove1 October 23, I still let my 12 year old Where does messyourself live 14 year old watch him. He also talks about sex in some videos. Funny in small doses He has a great sense of humor for the most part but does swear quite a bit. Adult Written by The current guy April 1, Funny and nice This you tuber can be crude at times but is extremely funny.

When you watch his videos you can tell he is a nice guy. Adult Written by DanteKanakry August 21, Pretty Appropriate A lot of people are exaggerating. If your used to swearing Which you should be by 11 Then go ahead and watch Markiplier! Adult Written by Cinci April 10, Not for everyone Markipliers videos are profane and feature suggestive humor. He also plays many M-rated video games, that being said his videos are positive and light hearted. The more adult humor is simply used to entertain. He does many charity events and seems to have a very good community. This title contains: Positive role models.

Adult Written by sml fan September 19, Veary funny Very funny and does not curse that much.

Where does messyourself live

Parent of a year-old Written by Meghan A. April 25, Some episodes I have allowed my 11 year old watch with me because they were cute and had nothing inappropriate but many have a lot of swearing and sexual innuendos. So I think it would be fine for an older teenager to watch on their own but younger kids like preteens a parent will have to review the episode first to decide if it's ok. Markiplier is really funny and he does a lot of charity fundraisers.

Adult Written by Georgia P. April 14, An Angel Literally one of the sweetest human beings on the planet. Does a lot of charity live streams. He does play a lot of horror games and his channel is not meant for young children. A must watch channel if you like video games. Adult Written by Minimom September 4, Not a good influence for younger ones Now before you go on reading this I do want to make one thing perfectly clear, Where does messyourself live am speaking about kids 16 and younger. Mostly the ones that are very young, and I am speaking on my own personal opinion in my own parenting style.

With that in mind this is my personal opinion about whether or not younger one should be watching this. He mostly curses instead of talks, I have not seen many videos of him where every other word wasn't a curse word. With that in mind the thing that I do not like the most and this is specifically why I will not let my younger ones watch this. Is because of the bits where he is either insulting himself his friends or other people. I am completely aware that this is a joke but I personally do not think that it is necessary for my kids to believe that it's okay to go around insulting themselves or others all the time even if it is a joke.

Now let me be clear he does not do this once in awhile, he does this all the time in all his videos there are always insoles being thrown out and I just don't think that it's a good straight to have in an individual. The other problem I have is that in a lot of his videos recently he has been giving commentary about his opinions on things that are happening in the world things out side of politics as well and he likes to make other people I feel like they are being idiotic, or they are wrong for believing something else.

I do not like my kids growing up with the idea that what they're believing is wrong if someone else they like to watch agrees with what they don't. I think it's an unhealthy precedent to believe that you are wrong just because somebody else thinks so. Those are my thoughts or Markiplier I do not recommend your younger ones watching him. But I also do want to make one thing perfectly clear, I have seen a lot of reviews where parents are yelling at him for making their children a certain way.

At the end of the day he is not the parent you are the parent you decide what's good for your kid and what is not he should not have to care about whether or not it makes you uncomfortable it is his channel freedom of speech exists and it should exist in every sense of the word.

Like I said I personally do not let my children watch this for those reasons. If you agree with me then I hope I've helped you at least avoid videos that would make you uncomfortable for your kids to watch. If you don't that is completely fine and absolutely you're right. I do think that teenagers could learn a lot from him because he is an extremely hard worker he is Where does messyourself live intelligent man who is very creative and really makes you to his own.

Where does messyourself live

I do believe that there are lessons from that I just don't think that kids younger should be exposed to this for a while until they developed their own personalities and become confident in who they are. Especially because of the insults that are constantly being thrown around I just think it's not good for self-esteem. Anyways hope this helps, you guys be safe out there and thank you. Read my mind. Funny Markiplier was born in and started making YouTube content in Sometimes he plays horror games and swears and makes sexual jokes very occasionally but he is pretty PG Adult Written by Jakkoni August 16, Yeah he's solid.

I have known Mark since like the early 's and honestly, he still holds up as a gaming channel. I think the only thing that makes him more different now than before is that he just gets in front of the camera and rants more, almost at random. But he is a super honest persona behind the camera and his videos still hold up.

Where does messyourself live

I'm 20 and I recently found myself wanting to dive into some random horror games just for a thrill, I figured I'd find some niche Horror titles by watching Mark play a few. He never fails to deliver on finding underground titles that are really well made. If your a parent looking for good channels for your teen to watch if they have an interest in video games. Your first pick is almost always going to be Markiplier.

He does swear, and sometimes more than I am sure even he is proud of, but he has never said anything about anyone with specific ill intent and that's what I like about him. He likes to banter, but he isn't toxic like most gaming channels. He also puts on a character but not to an unlikeable fake extent, its more of a genuine undertone. I like Mark. He's stuck with me since I was a kid, and honestly, I'd be ok if I saw my own kid watching him.

Cause I'd rather my kid grow up with actual meaningful content to watch than absolute mind bending garbage on tiktok. Adult Written by gaming wit zane May 18, Where does messyourself live NOT let your kid watch!!! Adult Written by AuxServers April 2, Depends on the environment If your child has had unrestricted access to the internet for more than a month, I guarantee anything said or done in these videos they have already seen.

Where does messyourself live

He strives to and goes out of his way to make the content suitable for most ages, but still entertaining to older groups. I think his content would be ok for 10 and up as long as you think your child is "mature" enough to watch it. All around a good role model, and a genuine person.

Parent Written by Apersonthatdoes February 24, Good Violence 4. Adult Written by oswaldos August 4, Expresses himself as a vulgar teenager If you want your teenager to talk trash, you should definitely let them see this. Go to Common Sense Review. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Print. Personalize your media recommendations. How old is your kid? Have an ? in.

Where does messyourself live

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